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tessa g
Why can't I gain weight?
I'm 5 foot 6 and I weigh 110 lbs. My friends call me anarexic (I don't think I look anarexic, I mean, I not like flat or anything) since I'm skinny and I always forget my money so I rarely buy lunch at school.

I want to gain just a few pounds, preferably not in my stomach lol.

I just started playing tennis and I'm a vegetarian but I eat all the time at home. Do you think I should gain weight or be happy with what I am?
Additional Details
My name is Theresa, I don't know anyone named Mariel. Sorry.

ya, you just have a fast metabolism. its a blessing that most people dont have. so enjoy your ability to eat and not get fat. but if you really do want to gain weight, with out getting fat, then you would have to eat more protein which is found in meat and beans. but you really dont have much to worry about

Be Happy with what you have, I was like you and I have a good metablism and every body said the same thing. I am 26 now and have 3 kids and I think I look pretty good after have 3 children I am not 112 any more but I am happy with myself now too. What I am trying to say that your young and you look good so don't try to change yourself

be happy. ure tall and skinny. thats a gurls dream. ure friends are mean :/

girl, i wish that i had your problem. but maybe you need to eat more carbs. but don't over do it because when you get older the weight might just pop up one day. i know that dairy make people gain weight on their hips. but just be happy the way that the good Lord made you! i am sure that you are a beautiful person and if you are happy with yourself then forget what your friends say. who knows they are probably jealous.

There are differing metabolisms. No one is the same, and you must have a very fast metabolism. I would second what the others say. You should probably talk to your doctor, and get checked for metabolic disorders. Your current BMI is 17.7 which means you are underweight, so should probably gain a few pounds, especially if you are unhappy with the way you are now.

sassy is sad
i am 57 wiegh 120 i cant gain wieght either i eat alll the rtime but i think its cause i have high metabolism

The fact that you already workout makes my suggestion an excellent one!

Buy a protein shake (with at least 40g of protein per scoop) and drink it immediately after each workout or at least 30 minutes after each workout.

Also invest in creatin, but do not abuse it and drink lots of water whenever you take it.

Do not Over eat as some people will tell you to do or you will gain weight in your stomach area!

good luck! ;)

if you want to gain weight there a milk shake in the gnc call weight gainer.

Ultimate Fighter
If you are happy with your weight, don't worry about trying to please others.

You probley have a hight metabolism! People who have this can eat all day everyday and not gain a pound!

Laura J
It all depends on what you eat. A vegetarian is confused with eating just dairy and bread or vegetables with mac and cheeze and this is the wrong way to eat if you are a vegetarian.

You have to food combine to get enough protein as a vegetarian, also, you have to eat many more calories than a meat eater to gain lean muscle and bone density. Otherwise, you may be causing heart problems at a very young age.

I sure hope you know what you are doing.

i think you should gain weight, first off you should eat meat or some other sort of protein if your going to play tennis. but if you wanna gain weight to gain weight, quickly! to the McDonalds!

If you're 110 naturally, then be happy with the way you are. You probably just have a high metabolism, and as you get older it will probably slow down a little. But if it's unusual in your family tree to be so skinny then it might be a good idea to get checked out.

I agree with the suggestion to go to your doctor first. Have them check you out to make sure there's nothing wrong medically that's preventing you from gaining weight.

If you want to attempt to gain weight then take a look at your daily calorie intake. You could be eating tons of food but if you're just eating salads and stuff you're not eating a lot of calories. Add more rice and beans to your diet. Together they have protein and carbs, two things you need to gain weight. Cheese is good, too.

So, try to increase your protein and carb intake. Make sure you're eating the right amount of calories for your age and activity level. And make sure you're eating a wide variety of foods so you're getting all the nutrition you need, especially since it seems like your body burns off the nutrition as soon as you get it.

And please please please try to eat more regularly. Skipping lunch isn't a good idea, whether you're looking to gain weight or not.

Good luck! :)

Girl u should be happy about who u are!! I mean your friends need to like u 4 u!! everyones got there own size, you have yours I have mine, somebody else has theres, its a BIG WORLD, And nobaody can tell you that you aren't good enough.

Stop forgetting your lunch money. Eating 3 healthy meals a day will bring most people to a healthy weight.

all you need to do is gain muscle mass if you want to be alittle more built and all but not bigger try doing some weight lifting and stuff that can build you up alittle look up weightlifting for teens on google to get some suggestions.

be happy. you'll gain weight as you get older, so no worries there. You are probably perfect, so keep exercising and trying to eat regular healthy meals.

Alexa R
this is a tough answer well you could gain some weight and since you are a vegetarian you could eat cornbread and tht goes to your lower body since tennis players usually hav nice looking muscular thighs that will help also cardio workout help you gain muscle mass. Just remember its not what your friends think its what you think

i dont see where gaining weight should be an issue because it sounds like you are still pretty young. Maybe eating lunch would be a good thing. But weightwise i wouldnt be too worried.

you have a very high metabolism or you are eating not alot of fattening foods

if your healthy you shouldnt worry about it, but if your playing tennis, that will burn alot of calories, and since your a vegatarian, you should eat more potatoes... they will help you put on a little mass so your at least filled in a little

I think you should remember your lunch money. If you are comfortable that is all the matters. My sister is the same way she is 5'11 and a toothpick. I don't know why she can't gain weight. I wish I had your problem.

Try to be happy the way you are.......but make sure you've had a good physical, to make sure you're healthy first. You could be like my sister, she just CAN'T gain weight and found out that it's a Thyroid problem. She's 88 pounds and 5 foot 4.....she's learned to love it. She can eat whatever she wants to, while the rest of us have to watch what we eat. :)

Be happy with the way you are.

Card Shark
Gain weight... you'll still be happy with who you are.

Be happy with what you are.

being a vegetarian is ur first problem, and genetics are prolly not on ur side ether, work out, tennis is good, like u gotta get more protein intake so u can bulk up

lou l
You will start to gain weight if you eat more carbs.

maybe u have a high metabolisim

talk to your doctor. she will probably do some blood tests to make sure you dont have a metabolic disorder.

For one you are young, two you are active, three you are a vegetarian and four you are thin enough you don't need to put on weight because somebody is jealous and mentions it all the time. I am pregnant at the moment and I used to be 106lbs at 5'5'' and I was anorexic and bulimic. At one time in my life I was the fat kid (160lbs), but 3 friends died all within a year and I ended up getting an eating disorder. Which I'm happy I got but am now over. I raised my weight to 110lbs, which is still underweight for my height, but it took years to stabilize and exercise was the key in recovery. I went to therapy too.

Gaining a few pounds when you don't need to is not worth it. You may be able to tell (I can tell even if a pound extra is on me), but honestly no one else will.

Be happy you are thin and healthy, putting on weight by eating extra to please other people isn't healthy. Neither is anorexia or bulimia or complusive over eating. But I'm not one to judge, I've been there and done all that.

I'm just glad I can handle my problem and be the best pregnant lady I can be. It's hard at times, I hate being large, but I know I'm healthy... I'm 6th months pregnant I can only be big. lol And atleast it's not EVERYWHERE that I am big. Once you've had an eating disorder you are 100% likely to relapse even if it's a short little spurt of it. I've been able to hold my own, I'm a determined mommy.

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