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Kelsey W
What do you think of junk food for every meal?

3 words: YOU'D GET FAT!

Fuzz ~~


I think you are asking for future stomach problems!! Please understand that eating out all the time can result in digestion problems! Fast food is not health food for your body. It may satisfy your hunger but, it is wreaking havoc on your stomach and your digestive system!!

I know this from personal experience! Because I got so caught up and busy with my life, I opted to eat out more than cook at home! As a result, I now have a hiatal hernia and diverticulitis! Both are not fun and actually controls my life at times...when acting up badly! Now, my diet is limited due to these and it is all because I made a bad nutritional decision!

Be smarter than me and eat healthy!!

lover of lyfe
I think u will constantly be hungry, because ure body will be searching for the nutrients that u need each day...

If you want to knock YEARS off your life expectancy, then go right ahead -- it's your choice. But don't say later that you weren't warned!

I tried it for two weeks at the beginning of last term - I felt terrible and I ended up with a cold that I swear I'd have never got otherwise!

Do you really need to ask a question like that? Do you not have your own ideas on the subject?

You should give to your body many breaks from eating junk food, otherwise it will soon break down

It may sound good, but it would get old after a while.

Everyone has different philosophies on life. If you want to live hard and fast, go for it, but don't be surprised if you burn out fast like a shooting star before you're 30!

I find a balance of mostly healthy, good tasting food with a little junk mixed in, makes me the healthiest and the happiest.

Hope this helps...

Kimmy Monster
No way that's unhealthy =)

I think its bad unless you want to gain alot of weight

that is not good for any one to eat

sparkeling beauty.
i dont really think much of food i feel as long as it is real food taeste good looks good and fills you up its great.
but i dont think i could eat the same for every meal excpeacilly not junk food it isnt very healthy.

mmm...junk food...WHA?! oh its very very bad this is a bad way of eating

Unless it has like no fat and sugar it will make you gain so much weight. unless you have a fast metabolism

ur gonna get xtra fat

Josh D
Junk food for each meal isn't a good idea. You need to eat some healthy food like carrots, peas, corn, and many more. Healthy food is good for you and junk food isn't good for you. Try eating healthy food and only do junk food some times.


Personally i think this would be a very bad idea.
For one thing you would get fat.
You would not be getting all the nutrients that your body needs to function properly.
Have you ever watched the film by some american guy who lived on mc donalds for a full month, 3 meals a day.
He ended up very sick at the end of his experiment.
Sorry but i can't remember the name of the film.


pin ball
its the same thing as putting dirty fuel in your petrol tank. you will be slow sluggish and useless.

·will¹ªm ºn vacation!
think of acne and pimples when you are young.

think of acquiring atherosclerosis later on.

not a pretty picture.
but, it would be okay every now and then, but i wouldn't have it for dinner. you know what they say it goes straight to your thighs. for breakfast, i'd enjoy one or two here and there, you know. lunch, too, but i would gulp down loads of fruit juices like my brother would, and he's very healthy. i got that idea from him. he likes pineapple juice the most.

Wise One
Not for every meal but I could go some about now, you doing the run? I'm hungry here.

It will make you stupid, violent, obese, constipated and depressed. Not good for a peaceful and healthy life.

Fine if thats the way you want to live. Its your body, who are we to advocate?

paddy m
Sounds good to Me.

what do you think about having a waist? junk food daily = no waist, junk food = expanding sides!

junk food has nutrition too.can't be all bad. just do keep fat instead of keep fit

I think it would get very boring...not to mention unhealthy.Your body needs variety of all the food groups to remain healthy.

I'm a junk food junkie. But I like to stay healthy. So, junk food for every meal is a no-no. Once a week wouldn't hurt. We pig out at our house on Saturday nights either eating out or in.

Violet Pearl
You are what you eat. Garbage in, garbage out.

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