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Helen C
To eat or not to eat...?? help?
my boss has put a lovely box of chocs out for the staff.. I think I am actually a little addicted to choc, I have managed to resist all week and it is starting to slip (not eaten a single one yet, but they are definitely calling my name...). Words of encouragement from yahoo friends would be very welcome.. any one got tips which I could put into practice, short of wiring my mouth up...

Think of how it can make you break out. But if you can control yourself to just one then go for it

chris c
one isnt going to hurt you if your feeling guilty about it do some exercise to feel better youll be alright good luck

Dawn M
just have one chocolate and really take ur time with it, just put it in ur mouth and let it melt. if you let urself have one ur less likely to gorge urself on them

Chelsea C
Wow this shouldn't be hard for you if you are an adult im a senior and i can even resist something I like alot like it depends are you on a diet ? are you over weight are you trying to lose weight if not then go for it eat it but if you are then just bring something healthy to eat well those are just my words of advice i help kids out with handling there diet for a school YMCA program and we run into things like this all the time good luck

Mrs. Noo
A little bit of what you fancy does you good! Sorry that's no help.

Enjoy feeling angelic and exude self control - then feel smug!

Chocolate in small amounts is actually good for you. It's the milk, cream and sugar combined in chocolate that are bad for you. That's why it's recommended that you only have one or two pieces of chocolate per day. Remember, everything in moderation...having a couple every day is OK but don't go overboard on them.

Life's to short hun, go on have a choc.

Bom Chicka Wa Wa
a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips! lol, only kiddin. just get to the gym cos you will get into a healthy lifestyle and not even want to eat stuff like that! and if not then maybe electocution therapy?

A box of chocolates are still there after a week? Is EVERYONE in your workplace on a diet? They wouldnt last 5 minutes in my office !

You have come this far why spoil it. Especially so near the weekend you will only regret it. Keep up the good work

when i start i can't stop myself so just keep the cold turkey goin- it'll work out in the end. Grab a cup of tea/coffee, bit of fruit, even a nutrigrain bar or something good luck x

Chew gum... that's what I always do when I start to feel that little temptation. Or better yet, brush your teeth if possible. That mint flavor will keep you from eating sweets.
Try to delay eating the chocolates by 15 min. Then another 15 min. If you feel you really need to get chocolate, distract yourself with work, or take a walk around. But if you really feel you need some sweetness, get one! You deserve one if you haven't eaten one in a week. :)

Meh, I bet they're not really all that good anyway.

Try to associate it with a food you dislike.

It depends on what kind of chocolate it is. If its some really expensive stuff, go for it and eat one (with added emphasis on ONE). If its some cheap stuff he/she picked up from a place like Wal Mart or Target, then let it go; once they are all gone you will feel the pride in knowing that you have some self control.

I think that if you ban any food you are bound to want it more. Hence why you are now struggling not to eat the chocolates.
If you let yourself have chocolate as and when you fancied it you would be able to take or leave it.
I used to be the same, always cutting stuff out, then pigging out on it. now I allow myself chocolate when I want it, but hardly ever actually fancy it at all. It's weird but true!

i reckon eat one, no point, one's not going to be a problem, just make sure you dont carry on lol enjoy it!

You're depriving yourself, even with words of encouragement, you may wind up bingeing on it!

My advice - take ONE chocolate. Take one SMALL bite. Savor it. Throw the rest of the piece of chocolate away. Then tell yourself that losing weight and being in shape 'tastes' better than any chocolate!

Good for you. You have alot of self control. You have several options here. You could chew gum or have a healthy snack so that you will not be hungry.

Mr. Peachy®
Eat to live, don't live to eat. That way you'll live a longer, happier, and healthier life. (I'm diabetic... I learned this the hard way... at the School of Hard Knocks)

One won't kill you or make you gain 50 kilos in one day. Just don't go on a binge or anything. That would be bad. And also your boss will notice that his chocolates are gone.

tell yourselft they're poisoned lol

Sweaty N Ready
if you can do without it....then do without it

One is not going to kill you! Just do it! Quit obsessing and do it! If you obsess much longer likely you could have a breakdown and consume the entire box!

Ow, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

Dont eat

Juat have one to satisfy your cravings. That is what I do. I by chocholates and they last me up to 3-4 months.


i got excitement in my life
just eat one its not like you are going to gain 50 pounds from one chocolate

Tomorrow, reward yourself for you will power by having ONE chocolate. We can't deprive ourselves of the foods we love completely or we'll have a complete breakdown eventually and go binging!!

Why don't you have one tomorrow to celebrate the fact it's Friday - that way if you are trying to be good you won't feel too bad!

I have the exact same problem in my office, though perhaps not the same restraint as you! If you really don't think you should eat chocolate, then keep up the willpower -- I always find that as soon as I have one, the urge to have another is much much stronger and less able to restrain.

On the other hand, unless you're on an intensely serious diet, then a few chocolates won't help. Though they can be like that little crack in the dam wall that causes a mass flooding.

My advice is to think hard about why you're not eating chocolate, and consider the benefits of your long-term goal as opposed to the short-term satisfaction of eating one. Perhaps even write this down and look over it ever time you are tempted.

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