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tears of pain
Plz answer truthfully...am i fat?
im 15 5'6 and 104 pounds. i think i need to lose weight wat do u think?

tanya j
are you crazy if anything you need to gain some weight

No, you're fine :)

ηobody special
WHAT? I'm 5'2 and weigh more than you, but not that mutch so don't call me fat!

NOOOOOO!! Let me tell you a little something that I didnt know when I was 15. Why does it matter so much to us? Because we see the magizines with the anorexic women in there and we want to look like them?? What if they want to look like you? Because we think guys will like us better if we are really skinny? That definatly isnt true guys would rather have a healty woman, even a little over weight, than a skinny one. 15 year old girls make fun of the pretty ones to the point that the pretty ones think they are ugly, only because they are jealous that they dont look like you. Love what you were born with. Everyone is beautiful they way they are!

104 pounds is skinny.
Sounds like you have body image issues.

NO WAY-your average weight is about 130lbs.

have you ever heard of anrexia?? You could be suffering from it!

Not at all If anything you should watch that you don`t lose weight. Eat healthy and do sports / physical activity.
Underweight means unhealthy. Plz, be careful!
Ask a doctor in any case. He is the best judge and adviser

i am 5 1 and 130 lbs and I literally have to beat the men off me with a stick. I still have not figured out why completely.... I am curvatious not fat. A little like bridget jones or something. 15 is hard....i get that...but you are pretty thin my dear. You do need fat to be healthy. Just eat healthy fats...and learn to love cooking. Also learn to love your curves.

Mrs. J
Look in the mirror, its really about what you think not me.
Its all about how you feel.

hopeful for change
I think you're fine the way you are! Don't lose weight or you'll disappear!


No way are you fat. Actually I think being that height & only weighing less than 8 stone you may be a bit too thin.
Guys sa y they like thin women but they really like a soft, cuddly, well-rounded girl they can hold onto. A girl that is too thin has sharp edges (her hip bones etc.)
Have a cheeseburger, stop worrying about what you weigh. You
can be careful about your wieght by monitoring how well your clothes fit. When something you like to wear gets a little tighter just lay off the sweet/fatty foods for a couple of days.
Do not obsess about it. Lifes too short.

what? no way.

you are in the 15th percentile for your age, height and weight. meaning that 85% of people weigh MORE than you do. you are very skinny.
In fact, probably underweight.

im afraid so you cow

Fabe says vote 4 change!

El Kabong
You at it this way.. The body is 75% water that means that there is only 25 lbs you and 4 lbs poop. Take a poop dude you'll feel a lot better and look great.

Hell no! Dont let society or their opinion run your life or your way of thinking! I'm 5'9, 190lbs, thick and beautiful in all the right places, and very happily married, and also healthy.

old school
You do not need to lose weight.

Not at all. Sounds very slim.

You really need to gain weight.

Why do you care so much about what other people think?? No one would have these issues if they started living their lives for themselves and stopped caring so much about living up to some image that other people have of them... eat some damn cookies and forget about it.

i think don't need to lose any more weight.

i say don't loose the weight because its true you will disappear

hay ur that crazy emo dude again ugh now i haff 2 break out my bad grammer agin so u kin understand me n e wae ya u r huge y don'y u just go kill urself mate k? bibi

no, your weight is perfect for your age and hight.

I think you're crazy but I forgive you because you're only 15. Hopefully in 10years you'll know better!

You need to gain weight. Stop looking at all those skeletal celebrities. They are a bad role model. Have a cheeseburger and be happy!!

You won't want to hear this, but you're a tad underweight.
Why don't you simply take good care of yourself, learn this now for a better adulthood.
Find something healthier to concern yourself with. Like enjoying your youth. It's gone before you know it!

You need to GAIN weight.. the thinnest you should be is like 130

nope. not fat at all

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