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Is this enough exercise?
Hi. I'm a 15 year old girl. I've always been skinny, or like, normal, but I'm really scared of getting fat. When my mom was a teenager she used to be too skinny but when she got older and didn't exercise she got a little bigger. I'm scared it's going to happen to me (but I'm not too skinny). I like my legs except that there's like an ugly layer of fat on top of my thighs, my inner thighs (?).
Okay, so on mondays I do one hour stepping, wednesday 1 hour pilates and 30 min running, every other thursday I do one hour yoga and the other thursdays i run for 30 min, on sundays I also run for like 30 min at least. I do situps, lunges, pushups and that kind of stuff every morning before I eat breakfast and then again before I go to bed (and I do real pushups, not girly ones, I've done pushups almost everyday since I was 10). I try to only eat candy and stuff like that on weekends, I drink a lot of water and I eat a lot of fruit. Do you think it's enough? Thank you :)
Additional Details
Thank you soo much for all answers, wow, I didn't expect so many haha. You helped me a lot and I feel better about myself now, hehe. Thank you =)

If anything that sounds like TOO much excercise for a girl your age. Your only 15, your body hasnt finished growing yet, doing too much excercise at young age could have serious affects on your health.


no no your doing good on the exercise. but that extra layer of fat is natural. allmost ever girl gits it, except for the really skinny ones. but its normal its there for when you have kids your body will have the nutrision. its all a part of puberty. and if your thinking that a little fat on you will make a guy not like you thats wrong. most guys find a little fat better than extremly skinny say like 95 pounds thats just now natural. lol. just keep up on the water eat brackfast because you well have a better chance at loosing wait than gaining it if you eat a good (healthy) brakefast.

Christopher J. Phillips

Dj S

I'm Old Gregg.
Apparantly to keep healthy and maintain a healthy wait and shiz,
you need three 20 minute sessions a week,
where you get your heart up a bit, your good.

Yeah I think by what you've said your fine.
Don't worry about getting fat.

i think its enough :] just dont worry to much about your weight, i barely do any exercise and my weight hasnt increased at all, meaning im still pretty skinny xD

I think it's absolutely enough. It's good to develop healthy exercise and eating habits when you're young to carry you over into adulthood. Just make sure you don't overdo it.

It sounds like more then enough! You are way to young to be stressing about your weight- live, laugh and love; that's all that you should be doing at this time.

Nooooooooo! of course thats nawt enough!!!

Stupid! Of couse thats enough. Stop being such a sped about it. Relax. If you work your self out you could actually go nutts!!

So tone it down a bit?


You sound awesomly healthy, just dont push it.

Ashlee B
Yes! I'm 15/110lbs and I do way less than you do! Def enough. DOn't worry about getting fat yet!

Ashlyn H
that is enough. ur fine :)

id say definitely enuff. youre way more active than 7/8 of america, if not more. if ppl could be more like you, we wouldnt have an obesity crisis.

turn your thermostat down 2 degrees...it makes your metabolism burn faster

You're abosutely set. I turned 15 today, and I'm also normal/skinny, so I asked my trainer at the gym.
He said that's more than plenty and you're probably in great health. Plus, once you exercise on that schedule for more than three months, it will become a habit, which is really a healthy habit to have. Good luck, keep exercising and eatig healthily!

Double You
You are healthy. but with running, instead of just doing 30 everytime, go for speed and distance rather than time and build up to doing more.

yeah it sounds ok - I wouldn't do anymore though! It is quite a lot but if your are enjoying it then I think it's ok!
I do think that you don't need to worry about getting fat! If you eat healthily and do light exercise you will be ok but don't make it your life or get obsessed about it - enjoy your life, don't get hung up on things that don't really matter!

Good job, it sounds like you are wiser than most of your peers. Keep up the habits and you will age better than those around you.

Yes that is plenty exercise most kids don't do that much in a year!!! So you are good. :) Well I hope I have helped you some.

15 years young dont worry

yes..it is good..eat more food, but be healthy, and have the right amount. if you burn more calories than the amount that you eat, then you will have really bad health, and might end up in the hospital.

your theighs::everybody has that, its loose muscle. when you tighten it, (make your leg straight and tight) there will be no extra skin. if there, is then keep doing your lunges.

Jaclyn L
yeeahhh i think you are soparanoiddd.
i am 15 and i run track every day but after running im so done, ofrget push ups and sstuff like that ig o on the computer and talk to my friends.
how can you enjoy life? seriouslyy you need to relax you don't get fat over night
if you eat good foods then you won't get fat but to keep a healthy heart and body it is awesome that you exercise but lighten up on the routine you are going to give yourself an ulcer at the age of 20 lol, worrying about getting fat so muchh.
you exercise wicked good thats amazingg you must be a wicked good athlete and a ton of musclee.

so just relax a little on the regiment, you are fineee

sounds good enough to me, just wait till the parties start to kick in though.

Kenton C
yes, that is enough exercise.

firstly i think your panicing and a bit obbessive hun,your only 15 and still developing hun,i think your doing too much to be honest,walking is the best form of exercise and at least 20 mins a day is healthy enough for u right now,enjoy the thingd=s u love to eat in moderation.dont over do it hun because u could get very ill.i would keep up the exercising but tone it down a little and learn to relax as your only 15 yrs old you have yet to grow and develop more,good luck darling.x

Basically you have a fast metabolism. There's no need for you to freak out about getting fat: get into a healthy routine that you can keep and you're set.

I think you're doing just fine. EVERYONE has fat on their inner thighs. Ever see a thigh without that layer of fat? Disgusting.

I have just ONE concern: how long can you keep this up? If you can keep this routine up for YEARS, go for it! However, if you can't then slow it down. You won't get fat over night. Watch what you eat and just do 30-60 minutes of exercise a day. That's it. No need to go too crazy!

Sandra W
Yes, I think that is more than enough exercise. If you don't eat a lot of junk food, and continue eating lots of fruit ( good for you for drinking water instead of carbonated drinks), you should stay slim, and healthy. If only more teenagers took up your healthy lifestyle, we wouldn't have the obesity problem we have in the U.S.

Mooooooooore than enough!!!

The Entropy
Basicaly, as long as you keep active and eat sensibly you'll be fine.

If you want a tip, don't eat or drink any alchahol after 9pm, or it'll(eventually) all go to your hips.

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