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supper-fish and sweetcorn
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Is it cruel to send a childhood obesity DVD to someone who has an obese kid?
I came across a free DVD about combating childhood obesity and the first thing I thought of is my 8 year old sister in law. She is extremely short for her age and she is over 60 pounds. I sent the DVD to my Mother in Law's house. I cannot stand my MIL and how she doesn't do anything about her obese daughter's weight. She received reports from school about how high her body mass index (BMI). She continues to feed her daughter 2 or 3 servings (adult servings) at each meal. So maybe she'll get the clue from an anonymous source. Is that cruel or much needed?
Additional Details
Well my mother in law thinks that by purchasing those "100 Calorie packs" for desert, that it will help her lose weight. It does no good when the kid eats 4 or 5 of them at each "snack." Plus, every time I see this kid, she's eating. She usually eats double of what I eat at each meal. I'm concerned yet peeved by their ignorance. It is slightly out of anger towards her mother, because she is aware of the problem, yet ignorant in trying to stop this problem. Maybe she'll watch it, or maybe she'll wonder why she was sent something like that, but it might remind her of the developing problem in her home. It is worth a try I guess?!?

I miss Thailand!!!!
I totally agreew tih what you have done.....if more people would follow in your shoes, we'd have less obese children out there...which there are ALOT of!

Kent M
I wouldn't go by BMI, I'd just look at appearance. My 11 year old daughter's BMI is high as she's 5'6" and weighs just under 170 lbs - but she's not fat, she's been in sports since she was 4 and has always had a high protein content in her diet - she's going out for football next year.

2-3 adult servings at each meal is not right for a child. My daughter doesn't have that even though she does an adult workout almost daily.

Also you need to look at what's being served. Dessert is not supposed to be an every day thing. Even every week is pushing it in my view, depending upon what dessert entails. There's a big difference over the long run between whole grains and white flour, between high amount of lean protein from various sources and hotdogs, between fresh fruit/veggies and fruit-y snacks, between whole grain cereal and count chocula, between yogurt and pudding, between skim milk and 2%, between beans+rice and mac and cheese, between whole wheat pasta and white pasta, between herbal tea and coca cola, fresh carrots vs occasional canned carrots (some canned food is ok and we're not all well-off enough to buy everything from whole foods).

But specifically to answer your question - no it is not cruel. How old is the kid, and how close is she to you or your kids - maybe you can talk to her directly?

EDIT - my ex-wife did the 100 calorie pack thing too. I've cut them back on those. It's OK to have 1 for school, or possibly even 2 for camp, in your lunch, when you need something quick and, in camp you're burning calories left and right by swimming twice a day. It's not for dessert though. Dessert should be a piece of fresh fruit - you can cut up an apple and serve it with peanut butter, or even, very infrequently, I'll let them dip the apples in honey (we get a jar every New Year but it lasts a good 10 months). Fresh fruit also helps them digest the meal better.

Another "trick" is to serve in courses and start the meal with the vegetable - if you're still hungry after the broc, carrots, squash, then there's also some chicken and rice.

I think it was ok to send it over. I have a niece who is obese too and she's like 6 years old. Her mom is just too busy with her life to try to get her to lose weight. So she just feeds her fast food ALL the time. I can't figure it out either. You'd think that they would want to spare their child from all the terrible issues that being obese can bring. But I don't know......

Nina Moore
from your point of view it's not

no i do not think that it is ultimately cruel...... what u are doing is being upfront and giving her tough love... something the mother needs to do..... its better that u do this now, then in say 3 years from now when she is double the size and problem.. do what u have to do... no sense beating around the bush.. sometimes it pays to be brutally honest....


I first wonder about your intentions-are you taking your anger towards your mother in law out in this manner? It is sad that parents do not try and get their kids to be more active or to choose healthier snacks and foods. Parents, especially these days are not even allowing their kids outside to play! Drives me nuts. However, a DVD is not going to change your mother in laws mind. You could try telling her that you love your sister in law dearly and that you are concerned b/c obese children can get diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, struggle the rest of their life with the weight issues, etc. But, I am guessing that even that will not work.

If she ignored the school reports, she is going to ignore the DVD.

It may be difficult, but perhaps you and you husband need to meet with her and express your concerns. Be respectful, even if you are told to"fvck off and die."

i think its cruel if the kid knows about the video. just make the mom watch it. i can't stand moms like that either. why would you put your kid through that? that is what's cruel.

Sew What?
Well you've already sent it. But, if notes from school won't inspire this mom to change how she feeds her child, I doubt the video will.

I think your intentions were good. And at least you did something. Yet your MIL could see this as you non minding your own business. She would be right about that. There's not much you can do about your little sister in-law anyway.

I do understand where you are coming from. An obese 8-year old has a difficult road ahead and she's been taught terrible eating habits. In an 8 year old fat is fat.
It's isn't baby fat that going to magically melt away when she turns 13. Geeze.

Childhood obesity is a very "odd" thing. Some kids can be obese as children but thin out naturally as they grow older, while others will be fighting the "disease" for their entire lives. I applaud your good nature and willingness to help, but I honestly think taking this route is somewhat harsh. Your mother-in-law may not be your favorite person in the world, but perhaps she is clueless, or has no idea how to fix the problem. I would try hard to talk with her yourself and truly try to make her see that you are worried about here daughter (or perhaps have someone that she sees more eye to eye with talk to her). I don't think the DVD is necessarily a BAD idea, I just think sending it through the mail to her is a bit unpersonal and may offend her...coming from a loved one and hearing the hurt and heart in their voice I think would get the point across better.

Do you honestly think a DVD is going to make a difference? The child's mother isn't blind and she knows the child is fat. I heard one mother of a fat child say, "I don't care what people think; I'm not going to let my child walk around hungry." The child isn't hungry after her FIRST serving and the reason she continues to eat is because that's what is expected of her. Ever hear the statement, "Eat all your food, honey, you know there's thousands of little children starving to death." It makes me want to ask, "if she doesn't eat it, are you going to send it to the starving children in Ethiopia?"

While I hope you meant well by what you did, it still remains none of your business. If you are truly concerned, why not discuss it with your husband and ask him to talk with his mother about the problem? You need to stay in the "neutral zone" in order to maintain peace within the family.

It may not be cruel, but I think it is the epitome of busybodyness. Your sister-in-law knows the kid is overweight, the kid knows she is overweight, the school is harping on the matter, so what do you think sending the DVD is going to accomplish?

Lusty Lush
send it annonymously

Creme De Cocoa
As long as your heart is in the right place, I don't think it's cruel at all.

No, it's trying to help so it's not cruel. Calling her names or continuing to feed her and ruin her life without anything good intended would be cruel. I used to wonder how some of these huge people got so big when they can't walk to the store for their food but there's always somebody bringing it to them or feeding them.

they might take affence but do what she said send it with no name on it

lighting goddess
if the intentions behind it were cruel...than it would be...but you are worried and that means its out of love.

my question is...do you think your MIL will actually be awakened by this?

good luck

yea, she needs to wake her butt up and take a stand. this is probably one of the best ways to go about it. I wouldn't think it was cruel if i was in her position.

Ron-Ron Smitty
your action could save someones life. i would send it, life is more important than someones feelings

It is much needed but it is also cruel. You stated you didn't like her so that tells me you did it more for anger than for the health of the child.

If you are that concerned then you should take the child once or twice a week and teach her how to eat less and exercise. Bypass the MIL completely and just focus on the child.

Beach Girl
As long as you send it with "genuine concern" and not a holier than thou attitude it's okay. I take it you've already sent the DVD so whether to get involved or not is a done deal. Follow up with a phone call or note that you saw this as educational and you hope it will help. Offer your support as well.

In this case I don't think it's cruel considering you're the only person who seems to care

Send it!
God knows, it cant hurt.
She might actually watch it and get a clue!

R.T.G (really tall guy)
Yes send it anonomously please for the child's sake!!

Joanna S
I think you did the right thing. Hopefully your MIL will wake up and realize how unhealthy her daughter is.

fruit luvs nut
no i dont think it coz they can just learn from

if it's anonymous then that's great for you to do, otherwise that would really bite you in the butt.

I think that you are a very caring sister in law and that what you are doing is not cruel at all. You want your husband's sister to be better... so, go for it!

I don't think it's cruel per se, but I think you might have wasted your time.

Most likely, she'll take it as one more piece of junk mail, and toss it in the garbage along with all the other useless mail one gets every day.

Mam, I applaud you. I wish someone would have sent that to my mom. I grew a fat kid because my mom served me 2 servings each meal because I was a "growing" boy. Now I'm overweight and have been struggling with it for my whole life.

Antwan DUBBA U
Much needed, the frickin kids these days are all going to die @ 50, Look around there are so many fat kids. The problem is the parents tho. Yea its great to feed your kid a good meal, but you gotta make your kid be active. Otherwise your kinda killin it. But id say anonymously send it GOOD LUCK

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