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Kelly s
In your general opinion, do you think women who are plus size are lazy and eat alot?
I was curious. I am plus size and have a hypothyroid problem. I eat very healthy, never eat fast food period, have a very active lifestyle and am very healthy in my general health. When I started taking my pills I started losing weight. In fact I went from 275 to 200. I have never used diet pills and have never changed my diet or changed activity to lose this weight. But, do most of you think that people who are overweight or obese are inactive? I was just curious as to your opinion.
Additional Details
They hypothyroid problem was undiagnosed for sometime and they did not know what was wrong.

Florida Gal
I have to admit that sometimes I do think like that. I'm a size twelve and I know I could be smaller if I excercised and ate better, so I think, yeah, I bet they could be smaller too. But now Im seeing that that isnt always the case. That some ppl really just cant help it.

Oh Suhnny Day
No, some of the large women I know do the most dancing and other activities. Mostly I think it's metabolism, age, genetics and of course diet and exercise do a play a role. Of course i know MANY skinny women who eat all day and sit around doing nothing!! Go figure!

Being honest, and I guess this is what you want... Yes.... I think they are lazy and have bad alimentary habits.... EXCEPT those who have problems with their thyroids or other problems (there are many others)... in those cases they can't do anything about it and it's not their fault, like you, you eat healthy, you are active, but... it's not up to you.. but keep the good job, you know your heart and your whole body will thank you.

No, i don't think that everyone who is overweight is lazy! However, i think if someone is highly obese they must be doing something to contribute to it.

Do you eat "organic food only" do you do acupuncture, do you detox? Do you spin?

I have done some research and found some unusual and interesting ways of loosing weight in a safe and natural way.

Check it out if you like:


Nothing is for sale...

Bridget J. ♥

Staying Quiet
no, that's not my first thought/impression when i see a heavy person

like how? some people cant help it.

no, some people just simply struggle with weight more than others. It's genes.

When I see an obese person (medically obese, not just a little overweight), my first reaction tends to be pity, because I assume that they have some sort of gland disorder, which making attaining a healthy weight difficult, if not impossible. hoever, I don't think this excuses them from *trying* to maintain an active lifestyle and doing whatever it takes to combat their condition.

There's a difference, of course, between obese and just overweight or plus-sized. I tend to feel that overweight people are more in control of their situation, and are therefore more responsible for it - ie, they are more likely to be inactive and poor eaters, so I tend to have less patience with their moaning of their weight.

But I also know that sometimes you just weigh what you weigh, and it has nothing to do with your actions. I have a plus-sized friend who is a far better athlete and more food-conscious than I could ever be, and I on the other hand am rather underweight, which is due entirely to genetics, and does not fluctuate with any amount of exercise or food.


One Weird Dude

To be honest, I don't know that many, but those I know are ethical, hard workers.

not all but some you can tell.trust me, i was just saying that i'd rather be ubderweight then overwight, but if you look at some celebs, like nicole richie, they are going to die!

moe h
no, not at all

I would say the majority of obese people do eat too much. But not all overweight people are obese and not all obese people can help it if they have Thyroid problem.

Not at all. Sometimes obese people are like that because it's genetic and yet they lead very active lifestyles and others may be ill and unfortunately a few may not be able to move around due to their illness.

It doesn't matter what other people think. What do you think? You know that you have to eat well and exercise to be healthy. If you are doing that and are still plus size because of your health issues then so be it. You can still be beautiful and no one should tell you otherwise.

Nope, and good for you with your weight loss!

I am not a plus size women and I don't think that everyone who is overweight is lazy. I think that people who are overweight can exercise or be active. I do think that they eat more that they even tell themselves. Anyone who isn't over eating may be slightly overweight due to a health issue, but not way overweight.

well I don't no what hypothyroid is but, I do think some of them
are not active. Because sometimes if they do try to excersise
they might mess up there heart rate. But plus size are great to me I have friends that are plus size. There regular people. That
sometimes it is hard to go from a bad habit to good one though.
Usually being plus size is sometimes stress full to some. I am
not plus size. I'm just speaking my mind.

When I was younger I thought so. Now as an adult and after developing a Thyroid problem I now know that just because someone is overweight does not mean they are lazy. I put on 60 pounds due to the hypothyroidism. The Thyroid meds did nothing for weight loss. Because of the weight I gained while being hypo, I developed insulin resistance. The insulin resistance made it impossible for weight loss no matter what I did for exercise. Once I got that treated and continued with exercise I lost 35 of the 60 pounds. It's a start I guess. I now don't assume anyone overweight is that way because of overeating. Because of what I have gone through, I now try to answer any hypothyroid questions I see on yahoo answers in hopes of helping someone.

As an overweight teen, i get stereotyped a lot. People say I am lazy, that I must eat fast food for every meal every day, that all i do is watch TV and sit around.
But, I do not eat fast food at all. I exercise in gym class (3x/week for 1 hr) and speedwalk twice daily (30 mins each). I drink 2 cans of pop a WEEK. And more than the reccommened amount of water per day. Generally I am healthy, besides a sinus condition.
The medications I am on have caused me to gain weight, and since I am still on them, it is hard to lose it. I have lost a bit of weight, but it comes off slowly.
However, I do know overweight people who do not exercise, or eat good food. And do fit the stereotype. It all depends on the person and their situation. It may be medical (condition), or a medicine, their genetics, or some other legitimate reason for it.

Lady in Red
Not all. I think a majority of the overweight population (men and women) could fix their problems by changing their diet and exercise habits, but there are some people with legitimate problems such as yours. Same for people who are too skinny. Some people see people who are way too small and say, "they must be on meth" or "they're anorexic", but that's not necessarily true. Some may have a hyperactive Thyroid.

No, only the ignorant will think that way. People are built differently and some people are just big.

No, not necessarily.

i dont jusge people i mean some people cant help it like you and my mom...or theres just weight they cant lose...medical problems are probably what most of america's obesity is caused from...its not MCdonalds or burger king

[email protected]
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!! I was always very lucky, petite, 5' tall, wore size 2-4 petite, ate like a truck driver, never excersized, couch potato that read alot. My mom was 5'3, at tops was 275 lbs. She worked as a waitress and short order cook, kept the house immaculate, and ate normally. I clearly remember as a little kid noticing people making fun of her weight.

I think today, with more education and information, only a very ignorant person would judge an overweight person like that. Also, recently there has been alot in the news and fashion and health articles about the extremely underweight role-model models.

It's about time. Like "Real women have curves" and Hanes commercials that use real women in their ads.

And I thank the good lord, because I am now over fifty, and guess what? I'm not skinny anymore. (Not Fat, but definitely nowhere near a size two anymore. But that's life. Good luck with you Thyroid problem. Also, some medications cause people to gain weight without eating more( I know, I'm one of them)

So Bless your heart, and I was so relieved to see that the majority of people who answered before me appear to be well educated on the subject and don't look down on heavier people!

not always .. it depends on the women herself ..
p.s : i think heavy ppl are funny and really have sense humor

Gen•X•er (I love zombies!)
Yes and no. Inactive doesn't necessarily mean "lazy" but lazy definitely means "inactive!"

Also, amounts you eat are all relative--it's about metabolism. You can eat the same amount of something as a person with a higher metabolism, and they will burn it off faster.

I don't think so unless the woman is really fat. Maybe the person has a low metabolism. Everyone has some fat on them these days.

Congrats on losing so much weight btw!!!

Judge Judy of Y/A
I honestly do not think plus size people are lazy or eat too much. I have always been really thin and people accuse me of being anorexic and it makes me mad because I've never dieted, I eat junk food like crazy and I never exercise yet I still can't gain weight. So, I know that a person's size doesn't necessarily have anything to do with their eating habits and/or amount of exercise.

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