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Malak H
I need help! am i fat??????
ok im 11 years old and i weigh about 70-75 pounds and im about 57inches i no im short but am i fat? if im not how much do i have 2 weigh??

just PMSin
try this site


it will tell you if you are overweight calculate you BMI and it will tell you

Liz M
Believe me you aren't fat. I think I weighed around there when I was 11. But there is no specified weight you have to weigh, just be happy with you :-)

seriously, don't worry about that stuff. you're pretty skinny, so don't worry about how fat you are.


Here is an ideal body weight calculator. Hopefully this will help!

Team Depp-Cullen[=
no here's wat you should weigh

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

the lowest amount you can weigh w/out being underweight is 85.5 lbs ( that would put you right on the 18.5 mark)

Joe Tea
11 years old? geez,, go learn personal hygiene first, then worry about whether you are fat or not. And, start at home by asking your parents, I'm sure they will answer you.

You're 11, you've still got a LOT of growing to do.

This sorta helps you determine your ideal weight:


no your not fat you the average wheight of an 11 year old

your not fat. Your normal. Dont be worrying about your weight at that age. Just forget about it. but for the record, your not fat!!

line writer

i would say no but u can go to this link if you want to find out more


your not. Ur average weight is about 6 stone. Enjoy life

Tyler H
you dont HAVE to way anything. 70-75 is actually the size you should be. girls all across america are worried that they are to small, or to fat. dont let it take over your life. :)

I ‚ô• Ray

dont worry u r only 11 years old.

El K
No, you are actually skinny.

your 11 don't worry about your weight for about another 5 years your still growing your perfect

you're 11, why are you worrying about your weight?! and to answer your question no you aren't fat. there's no reason you should have to ask, you should be more worried about your next spelling test and trying not to trip on the playground, not things like this

i think that's pretty normal . just remember to eat healthy everyday , and stay away from a lot of sweet food .

‚ô•! I LOVE SCRUBS !‚ô•
oh my god






you're 11. you don't need to worry about that yet.

are you depressed? is life getting you down? or are you just plain dumb??

Joyce <3
omg you are SKINNY actually o-o;

Luv nick jonas!!!!!ily
no way ur actually pretty skinny


you're 11 what the hell are you doing on here. go outside or do something!

Blazin Viet
Omg you are not fat.A girl that weighs 70-75 pounds is in fact too small.I think you don't need to worry about your weight at all.

Mariya, Smiles
NO got ur actaly the right size

Just like me :)

Alot of girls always think there fat its life.

But your not so no worrys!

The avrage weight it realy about 80-90

But your 75 would round up to 80 so thats ok!

Hope that helps!!

At 11 years old you don't need to worry about losing weight!
You are still developing.
You still need to make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet but don't worry!
Hope this helps...
(best answer!?!)

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