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Grape F
I hate white milk but I want strong bones. I do love chocolate milk though. What should I do?

ewwwwww i hate white milk! but love chocolate, just drink the chocolate milk, milk is milk! enjoy. sides its the Calcium not the milk. just go buy some Calcium!


ummm, drink chocolate milk. only problem with it is the added sugar intake. it still has all the Calcium, so just lower your sugar intake somewhere else.

Trader S
You're supposed to hate milk after the age of 10 (tops). It is dairy industry propaganda that "milk builds strong bones". Your body will absorb and utilise more Calcium from a serving of spinach than a quart of (ugh) cows milk.

Miriam M
then you can drink the chocolate milk or you can take Calcium supplements that will help with strong bones, Tums are a gr8 source of calcium

I hate white milk too, if you research it isn't even meant for adults.
Eat good cheese every so often and you'll be ok. Give up on chocolate milk too if you want to stay healthy.

This site: http://dietary-supplements.info.nih.gov/factsheets/Calcium.asp#h3

has a list of foods that have Calcium, and gives the amount (in mg).

You can use this list to help you decide what foods you want to eat for Calcium purposes. Also, you can take a vitamin supplement.

africans dont have the high degree of osteoporosis like the west does, yet they dont drink milk and we drink truck loads of it, and they have good teeth as well. its not about how much milk you drink, but how much crap you eat that will determine the amount of Calcium you eat in food gets absorbed. avoid coffee and junk, and your bones will be fine.

There is Orange Juice with Calcium,, a lot of other products have Calcium added just shop around!

At the store you can find Calcium and vitamin C pills, and just take those every day or as directed!

Grow chocolate bones.

I believe that if you're not worried about the fat and sugar in the chocolate milk, that it would be okay to substitute. I feel the same way - I don't like white milk or eggs or yogurt, but I do drink Ovaltine, which gives me a few more vitamins and minerals than regular chocolate milk, but tastes good. Maybe try that?

The next time that you go to the store, put a white milk label next to your chocolate milk label and compare them to see where the differences are - probably just fat and sugar.

Take Calcium supplements. They have some now that are like chewy candy in different falvors and are your daily recommended value.

Chocolate milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products will be good substitutes. Though, watch the sugar intake of chocolate milk.

Another thing you can do is take Calcium supplements.

White chocolate won't do it for ya. Get some good Calcium tablets and make sure you get each and every day, 1200 milligrams of Calcium along with 800 mgs. of Vitamin D. Also keep physically active. Weight bearing exercises will build stronger bones. Don't be a couch potato. You will build your best bone strength in your younger years, but if you stay off that couch, you'll be able to cruise through your later years without any risk of osteoporosis.

Chocolate milk has the same as white milk, just tastes better, other wise get those Calcium chews...

Actually, you get your best source of Calcium from leafy greens, but they are highly under rated, probably due to the funding the dairy council supplies to the healthy eating guides. Anyway, make sure that however you get your Calcium, that you are also getting a good supply of Magnesium too, as they need each other for effectiveness. And don't drink soft drinks or eat anything that has phosphate because it damages your bones.

Drink chocolate milk. Also, you can eat other things with Calcium like cheese, cottage cheese and other things that have added Calcium. Take a Calcium supplemental vitamin too.

Eat you greens babe milk is really not so great for bones.

Jeremy© ® ™
Drink Chocolate milk then.
Damn why do people waste bandwidth just to answer there own questions?

Lady Butler
Believe it or not, your body only gets a small percent of Calcium from milk. We get most of our Calcium from veggies like broccoli. If your really concerned about the amount of Calcium you get, try a Calcium supplement.

You don't have to drink milk in order to assist your bones.

A good Calcium & Magnesium vitamin will provide the same benefits as milk without all of the fat, calories, and carbs that are contained in milk.

If you buy bottled chocolate milk, stop. You should buy white milk and a herseys or nesquik syrup/powder to add to the white milk to make your own chocolate milk. This way you still get the Calcium and good stuff in white milk

peter j
ur very stupid to ask that question .... and im sooo stupid that i will also answer u a stupid answer .... how bout drinking ur own peee ... it will motivate u to start using ur brains when u ask a question again.

chocolate milk is white milk with chocolate, whats the problem again?

drink chocolate milk, milk is milk. Really it's not the milk that makes your bones strong it's the Calcium, you can go out and buy Calcium pills and take those.

[email protected]
Take Calcium supplements.

Drink chocolate milk.

drink chocolate milk and take vitamins daily

♥ ♥ drink the chocolate milk ♥ ♥

Eat cheese!!!

Get your Calcium from a different source. Humans were not meant to drink milk for the rest of their lives. Doesn't it seam weird that humans are the only mammals that do this.

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