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Ashley H
I am 21 and i am 80 pounds. i dont eat much. i only drink water.?
some of my really good friends tell me that i am to fat. so i started throwing up all the water, and the some food i eat. how many pounds should i lose to not be fat anymore?

Please do not listen to your friends they must have eating disorders also. 80 lbs is not a healthy weigt for anyone that is 21 years old. My son is 10 years old and he weighs 111 lbs and he is not overweight. Please get some help...you need water to survive,you need food to survive,please don't listen to your friends. If you look in the mirror and see a fat person, then something is really wrong. I know this may not be what you wanted to hear but when I saw your question, I just had to make a comment....please take care of yourself and good luck.

um wow. get some help NOW!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, go see a doctor. Your to skinny. My arm weighs more than you. Your body probably looks disgusting. We could probably see your ribs and what you ate yesterday.

Sexy gyal
Okay your only fat if Your like under 4 feet.

Amy B
are your friends nicole ritchie and kate bosworth?

WOW, just an hours or so ago you were 18 and 7 months preg by a 52 yrs old man!!!! ( check question history on profile ) 3 years sure pass by fast. Yes you ARE FAT, You should lose 80 pounds to not be fat!!! Go to sleep, is way pass your bedtime......

Who cares what they say if you don't eat something your going to get anerxic and get sick.If you want to you can have bread with your water.

21 and 80 pounds...it doesn't sound healthy. Especially since you admit to throwing up water and food you have ate. You need to seek medical attention now. I don't know what your height is so I can't advise you on what your weight should be, but I do know that you sound as if you are in trouble with bulimia. Please seek help before it gets worse.

your friends are just messing around with you.
take it as a joke (:

If this is for real, stop whining and think of all the people who are starving areound the world. You live where there is food aplenty, act like it!!!

um why do we care that you have an eating disorder and want attention? Throw it all up and get it over with!

andrea a
u must be joking ur Anorex u need some help.Right away.

You didn't say how tall you are, but you sound under weight to me. It is not healthy to do this to your body and you will suffer for it later. I didn't drink enough milk as a child and my bones are very brittle. Please think about what you are doing:-)

emily jones
you better pray you don't die soon.

Hilla <3
none. you need to gain some weight you dont want to die early or be in bad health.
which you are at risk for, for being so skinny.

sweetie your are not fat i am 16 and i weigh 120 pounds and i dont look fat and im not fat either start eating before you get real sick

tammy g
oh my gosh,,do you realize what your doing to your health?you wont live to see 22 if you dont get help.i was anorexic for yrs..almost died several times,i had a heart attack at 30 yrs old because of strp throat,,my potasuim was only 1.5 which they said dead people have higher potasuim than that.your body will not be able to fight off any infections. if nothing else eat a banana asap.without potasuim your heart cannot pump..you need to quit hanging around people telling you your fat,,please wake up.if you need to talk to someone let me know and il give you my email address..take care

kristen seashells. xD
you might be at risk of dying at early age if you continue to be anerexic and being belimic. im alot younger than you, yet i weigh much more than you at the same time! i reccomend you maybe get some help if you can't stop. start to gain some weight, this is very unhealthy for you.

your anorexic, get some help!!!

Age 21 and 80 pounds is dangerously thin. See a doctor immediately so you don't die. You are putting immense stress on your heart and major organs by not eating. Your body requires food for fuel. No fuel, no life.

aren't you going to feel like an idiot in 10 years when you're living with the irreversible damage you're currently doing to your body and brain because you listened to a a gaggle of "really good friends" (translation: toxic fools).

Your not fat your under weight and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

never do that u r already to thin! 80 pounds throwing up thats not healthy u would be better of fat!

your not too fat your wayyyyyy too skinny. your anarexic! get help now!!! but if your short then i guess thats fine you should probably loose about somewhere between 5 and 15 lbs.

Get some new friends too. Anyone who is 21 and only weighs 80 pounds is going to end up very very very sick. Your kidney will shut down as will your liver, pancreas, you will have irregular heart beats, muscle wasteing, saggy skin that looks pasty, stringy hair, your periods will stop and may never start again....want to know anything else about the results anorexia/bullemia? Oh yea, your teeth will start loosening and falling out....

Brian H
Urggggh! Geez! What's wrong with women like you anyway? You all seem to be hell bent on losing ridiculous amounts of weight, and it shows. 80 pounds is on the verge of death! Eat more!

You should loose 0-- ZERO pounds!! As a matter of fact you should gain some weight! How tall are you, 21 and only 80 pounds is not healthy. Have you been to a doctor and has he weighted you, he will tell you that you are underweight!! And you should not be throwing up water and food that you eat. Besides not getting any nutrients, you can ruin your esophagus, it will get scar tissue and maybe erode. You need to see a doctor right away. And don't look at fashion magazines or at the movie stars -most are too thin and unhealthy. You are not fat you are far from it, very far from it! Get help before you kill yourself, also if you get too thin you can loose your ability to have children, or the ability to live. Do you want these things to happen to you!

With all the news and information available about these eating diseases, how they destroy your health and then they take it, how could you even consider doing this?

Besides the malnutrition, the destruction of your esophagus, your heart and the rest of your body AND YOUR MIND you are destroying those around you that love you.

Please, do your homework and then get real honest. Your friends aren't your friends if this is how they are guiding you.

Good luck and get some help.

In your other question, you said you were 18 and 7 months pregnant by a 52-year-old man. Why don't you just throw up the baby? That will get rid of most of the weight you need to lose and you won't be fat or pregnant. Yay!

do u want to die ? are u asking for it. eat, and then eat some more. rly skinny anorexic girls r gross

we really need to know your height to determine an appropriate weight for you

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