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supper-fish and sweetcorn
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Star B
I'm really fat...please help?!?!?!?
I walk more than a mile a day (1/2 mile home from the bustop, +walking around my humongous school all day) and when I get home I usually dance, do situps, pushups, and squats.
I'm 13
5'3 1/2"
99 pounds
Today to eat I had some white pasta, no sauce, with brocolli (well, actually, I haven't had it yet, I'll have it for dinner-and I don't want it, mostly because it's not whole grain, but my mom will make me eat it)
I don't have time for breakfast, and I never eat lunch or snacks...just dinner (about 200 calories) + lotsa water.
Does anybody have some great motivation/ excercise plan that could really help me. I'd greatly appreciate it please!
Additional Details
I'll have about 1/2 cups of pasta

you honestly don't sound fat to me.
99 pounds?
i'd kill to weigh that.

God, you are weird!
You are not fat!
Your probably 5 ft 3 from being malnourished.
Excercise plan?
Open the fridge and Eat!!!!
Seriously, you'll back at photos of you in 20 years and think, 'God, is that ALL i weighed?'

Are you serious or just trolling for responses? If you are serious, you are anything but fat. You're actually are probbaly a little too thin. You defintiely should eat more.

Scott R
First off you should ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST. this kickstarts you metabolsim and will help you burn calories for the rest of the day. There is a reason why you hear the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".

Second off, you should do some running. Just walking won't really get your heartrate going and get the cardiovascular workout that you need. I recommend at the very minmum 20 minutes of cardio per day.

Third off, ask your folks to take you to a nearby fitness center where they have weights. Talk to a fitness trainer and see what they have to say. There is also a lot of info on the web. Get involved in sports or some kind of organized group like a dance group.

Eating one meal in the evenings and walking are not going to cut it.

First of all...you are NOT fat.
Also, you are 13 and still developing...you do not have the body you will have as you get older. You've barely even gotten into puberty...give it time. Your body will start changing on it's own very soon!

um,,,,, i dont see what piece of info about u is "fat".
it seems like ur body shape is normal...................

oh my god
i think you are an idiot.
you're not really fat...YOU'RE NOT EVEN FAT.
you only have 200 calories a day?????
you need to gain weight and you need to go to a therapist.
does your parents even care about you starving yourself?
you're 13, you don't need to be eating like that, measuring your body, and eating something with only 200 calories.
seriously, you need to eat PROTEIN.
you're gonna die if you starve yourself even more...

Stop it!!
not a damn thing wrong with you... dont let anyone tell you differently.. be safe.

99 Lb's and you call that fat... The help you seek is needed from your parents so that if they feel there is a need they can have you see a doctor.

tim s
i suggest being a child and enjoying your youth. 54 and 99lbs is not heavy. you are fine youl will grow into yourself just stay active.

you are dangerously thin.
Weight Chart for Women
Weight in pounds, based on ages 25-59 with the lowest mortality rate
(indoor clothing weighing 3 pounds and shoes with 1" heels)

Height Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame

4'10" 102-111 109-121 118-131
4'11" 103-113 111-123 120-134
5'0" 104-115 113-126 122-137
5'1" 106-118 115-129 125-140
5'2" 108-121 118-132 128-143
5'3" 111-124 121-135 131-147
5'4" 114-127 124-138 134-151
5'5" 117-130 127-141 137-155
5'6" 120-133 130-144 140-159
5'7" 123-136 133-147 143-163
5'8" 126-139 136-150 146-167
5'9" 129-142 139-153 149-170
5'10" 132-145 142-156 152-173
5'11" 135-148 145-159 155-176
6'0" 138-151 148-162 158-179

If you are like 13 99 pounds is to thin. An average 13 year old weight is like 120.

you are not fat! you know most guys actually find the girls that obscess over their weight to be less attractive than the average girl who is confident and spends more time hanging out and chillin than complaining about weight. you are underweight for your age and height. eat more food!

Pam H
5 3 1/2 and 99 lb is skinny.

It sounds like you're really active and you eat healthy. However, your problem might be that you're only eating one meal a day. Our bodies metabolize things according to how frequently we eat. Since you're only eating one meal a day, your body has adjusted to that, and it digests that meal slower and tries to store and save that energy from that one meal so it'll last longer. It's like your body metabolizes that meal slower because it doesn't know when the next meal might come, if it does. It's a natural body function. If you eat frequently, like a snack occasionally, every three or four hours, and if you eat two meals instead of just one, your body will metabolize faster, and really, you'll lose weight, instead of gaining more weight or staying the same weight because your body doesn't feel the need to store up all those calories from the one meal you ate. The key is to eat small, like really small (an apple will do) snacks and such, more often, rather than just one meal. Make sure the snack is healthy too of course. But really, for your height it doesn't seem like you'd be overweight. Also, since you're thirteen, your body is going to be less likely to lose weight due to the fact that you're hitting/are in puberty, and your body needs to store those extra calories so it can develop.

As for motivation, I stick a picture of some one who's body I totally wish I had (haha usually a vs model) on the fridge and pantry. Ehh it sounds lame but it works. And brushing your teeth frequently. You're less likely to eat if you JUST brushed your teeth, you know?
Good luck.

200 calories is definately not enough for one day! As a nutrition and dietetics major, I must tell you that if you don't at least 1400 calories a day, your body will go into survival mode and conserve every ounce of energy you have. You are in the correct weight range for your size and age (if not underweight) so I suggest refraining from dieting. You should also make sure to get in 3 meals a day (even if it's just a quick bowl of cereal) and will not be getting enough nutrients on a diet under 1400 calories. I suggest creating a free account at www.mypyramid.gov and and use the food tracker. It will show you whether or not you met your daily value in each food group.

1stly you're NOT fat and hating yourself isn't going to improve your body image in any kind of healthy way
2nd your body is still developing right now and you really should not be so focused on your size/weight when it can fluxuate so rapidly
3rdly as stupid as it sounds your mom probably knows whats best for you (up to an extent) if she says to eat the pasta don't argue...

first of all the biggest mistake your making is skipping breakfast cause that's what jump starts you metabolism for the day ( makes you start burning fat and calories ) something small and healthy. second thing is that you skip lunch... never skip a meal just don't over eat cause the less times a day you eat the slower you'll burn calories

Sweetie, you aren't fat. In fact, you weigh too little for your height. But, you might have fat on you that bothers you. So do I! Everyone must have fat on them to live. You need to work out more and raise your caloric intake majorly. What happens is this, when you only eat 200 calories your body goes into panic mode and says "Ah!! We aren't getting enough to eat! Store everything that she eats on her body." Not only that, but your body is eating up your muscle because it needs protein, leaving you with something that looks like fat thighs and buns. But if you raise your caloric intake to, at the very least, 1200 and your protein to around 48g then you will see that your body will start to look a whole lot better. Trust me on this. K?

EDIT: Good things for you to eat and feel good about are Chicken breasts (the kind I eat has around 24-26g of protein), tuna, salmon. For calories - fruit. Bananas are wonderful for dieting. They have all kinds of essential vitamins.

Jad H
dude my friends 13 and 120lb DONT FREAK OUT!

Im ok now
You need help. You have an eating disorder.

your not fat you idiot im 14. and im like 5'4 and i weigh 115. what is wrong with you. im like pretty skinny sooo i guess your just stupid

listen to the first 3 posts!!!

Lover Girl
That's disgusting you need help. You are aware that this will kill you, right?

Damn, you're anorexic. You even got the whole reality weight distortion thing going on. 99 lbs is underweight, it's unhealthy.

Please eat 3 meals a day, or this is going to kill you on the long run

you are not fat. I am worried you have a self esteem issue. Please go to this site ,and get some counseling: http://psychcentral.com/

Amanda S
You're anorexic, please seek help.

¸.•*´`*♥♥Never Been Nice♥♥*´`*•.
Less than 100 lbs is not fat and if you are only consuming around 200 calories a day you need medical treatment. That is very unhealthy.

You are deffinitely NOT fat, infact, you are under weight.
You're BMI is 17.5, whereas a normal person's is 18.4-24.9, and also you are more at risk for health problems than an overweight person.

You must have anorexia, please tell somebody and get help!

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