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I'm 13 and weigh about 90-something lbs. I'm 4'11 so is that normal or should I lose some weight?

definitely not. you sound really healthy.

Always Be Happy
No, that is good, when i was 4'11 i was around 90lbs too.

You sound like a healthy weight to me!

ok, go here.
go to google, and type in am i obese? one of thoses things will be a BMI calculator. For me it was the first one!

also, i did it on your height and weight, and it said your UNDERWEIGHT!!

PLEASE, dont lose any lbs!!

For your age that is pretty normal, your not over weight or under weight, just prefect!

Terry O
Please do not lose any weight. You are already at the minimum healthy weight, and you don't want to risk exposing yourself to infectious diseases which are common in underweight people.

It is definetly normal, but you should gaim some weight, I mean you don't need to try to, but you know. Ou probably haven't have you growth spurt yet, so when you get taller, yiu are goping to get skinnier, because you are stretching out.

not if its muscle

Rebekah B
Depends on your bone structure. Id say u are fine. If your ribs are showing maybe gain sum. If you have big rolls on your tummy lose them. Simple as that.

well.. im 13(boy), i way about 85-90 lbs and i 4'10 and 1/2 i say your fine

definitely not. you sound really healthy.

to me that sounds fine or even underweight if you diet when you are growing( which at 13 you very much are) you should eat when you feel hungry and not starve yourself or you will stop your growing if you dont fulfill your calorie needs

Sarah Townen
if you are really concerned i would ask your doctor about it
they are medically able to tell you what's healthy

i bet you are devloping normally
i wouldn't worry about weight at this point, BUT if you are worried get some answers so that you can do something about it...then HAVE FUN!

tyra b
you are fine don't let any one tell you that you are fat. because you must be realy skinny because i am 12 and i'm 85 ib

NO! YOU SHOULDN'T LOSE WEIGHT!!!!! you might wanna think about GAINING weight instead of losing it!

kate/ mrs.cullen =D
no u should definitely gain weight! when ur thirteen and 4'11 u should be lyk 100 pounds. dont worry ur definitely not fat

no! 90 lbs is nothin

Yes you should worry. Because you are too SKINNY! Here, have a burger.

Oh Lord hun please don't lose weight! You are fine for your height and age and could even stand to gain about 10lbs. You lose weight, you are going to be anorexic.

dude my DOG is 90 lbs

Girl, you've gotta gain weight, not lose it!

that is kinda normal you should if anything gain some wight

A. Pumpernickle
do not loose wwight
im afew years older and i weigh that much and im same height

if anything gain some!

best answer plez :)

you dont need to lose some weight. YOU NEED TO GAIN SOME!!!!!!! thatt whats wrong with kids. im sorry but your fine just gain some and try to lose any

You are 13 stop worrying about your weight and have fun.

EAT SOMETHING!!! You are to skinny!

No your Body Mass Index is 18.2 and the average one is 18.5 so your actually underweight.

definitely not

usually people around 13 -15 should be around 115 - 140

but i guess form your height ur alright

but yeah losing weight is the last thing you should be worrying about

Mama Mel
EAT EAT EAT...You're too thin.

hello beautiful
No, if anything you should GAIN some.

♥Remedial Girl A.K.A answergirl♥
you sound really skinny. wouldn't worry about weight

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