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Haley F
I'm 13 and i'm trying to lose 20 ponds in around 3 weeks..what is a quick way to lose weight...?
I've always been over weight and when i come back to school i don't want to be called "fat" anymore....HELP!

Posion Oak
you can try to get a trainer

Thats not a healthy time-frame to lose that much weight.

Eat healthy, eat smaller, but still balanced proportions and go for a walk once a day. It's the healthiest and safest way.

You want to do it the quick way or the right way? The quick way is to stop eating, the right way is to exercise, drink lots of water, and avoid fatty/sugary foods. The quick way will probably land you in the hospital. The right way will get you in shape and make you feel good knowing you worked for it.

It's not healthy to lose that much weight that quickly. If you want to lose weight though, eat healthy - 5 evenly spaced small healthy meals per day will speed up your matabolism- and excercise - cardio such as running, anything that keeps your heart rate up.

Bonnie S
Very bad idea to lose that much in that short of time especially when you are only 13. It should take 2 to 3 months to lose that amount and remain healthy.
You need to eat 1200 calories a day and exercise. Cardio will help burn calories and fat.
Bike riding
Climbing stairs
A minimum of 30 minutes a day. More will burn more fat.

exercise alot and take all of the carbs out of your diet (like bread sugars pizza)

for breakfast try and egg or granola nd yogurt

lunch? a salad, or a no bun hamburger

dinner? more salad some fruit and maybe stir freid veggies

remember exercise and noooo sugar or dessert! if u want a small sweet treet try quakers carmel rice cakes. one of those for dessert every other day

30-45 mins of cardio every day

whats d use
â–º3 tuna sandwiches with lettuce and tomato wheat bread 3 times a day. season the tuna any which way you like with mustard or red pimentos or onions or pepper and remember that you need oils so use a tablespoon full of mayonnaise or miracle whip for all three sandwiches.
â–º3 glasses of milk with or without flavorings.
â–º3 fruits a day.
â–º water
Stay active and the pounds will drop.

I lost a pound a day! ♀

No more computer, electronic games,TV or sitting. Do something from the start of the day 'till you drop at night. From cleaning to dusting to biking, walking to the playground, swimming if you can, bouncing a ball any ball of a wall or up and down, playing tag with friends. Just stay active. If you have no one to play with groom yourself, nails all 20 of them , brush your hair 100 times, clean all around the house even the baseboards need cleaning; your Mom will love you and you will drop them pounds and feel GREAT about yourself! Plan some activities ahead like today you would say to yourself " I clean all the fans in the house then go for a walk then jump rope, play yo-yo, heck!,become an expert on yo-yo I did and 'till today in a group I'm always the best at it. Prepare your food yourself.

well start jogging/walking its a great,fast and easy way to lose weight i lost 15 so far and i started 2weeks ago

I don't think it will be possible for you to do that in three weeks, but you can definitely jump-start it ..

you really just have to eat healthy and move around a lot. it takes a lot of willpower, but you should go jogging in mornings, maybe sign up to a nearby gym and go a couple times a week with some friends or maybe even your mom .. it's actually proven that exercise and better eating habits must go together, because if you do them separately it could take something like up to nine months to lose a pound.

so yeah .. eat better and like walk after every meal or something and you should be ok. there are these great things called negative calorie foods, and what happens is that it takes more calories for your body to burn these foods then the food has to begin with; so you actually lose calories by eating them - and mixed with exercise this can help you lose a lot of weight. these foods include:

Vegetables:carrots,broccoli,beets,cucu... peppers,Chicory,Celery,endives,lettuce,c... beans, Garlic, Asparagus,turnip, spinach, radish, Onion,zuccini,and bean sprouts.

Fruits:oranges, apples, strawberry, watermelon, raspberry,pineapple, peach,blueberry, Cranberry,cantaloupe,grapefruit,honeydew melon, lemons, lime and mango.

just whatever you do, DO NOT diet, and eat in SMALL amount MANY times a day. Because if you stop eating, what happens is that your body turns down the metabolic flame to save as much of the fat on your body as possible until the starvation period is over. so basically your body starts thinking 'ok, wel i don't know when i'm going to eat next so i have to save up so i don't starve' and it deposits a lot of fat instead of getting rid of it. if you eat in small amounts like five times a day, you get the opposite effect.

just remember .. you're doing this for a healthy lifestyle, not because you want to be anorexic someday, that's not healthy, lol, good luck!

and dont forget to eat your proteins (lean meants) and get your Calcium if you start living off salad ;)

tyuuy w
do muscle training to lose fat. youll be able to lose fat fast cuz you will boost your metabolism. Metabolism is a part of your body that burn fat and calories while you are sitting or doing exercises

i agree with everyone except nobody. eat but eat with limits

eat healthy
drink ice cold water

<3 ily....
ok i know how you feel wanting to lose weight

1. dont use the scale. (i know this sounds crazy but your gonna end up exercizing and get muscle weight so your gonna lose and gain some.) go by jean and shirt size.

2. go on a strict diet.

yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast

1 or 2 pieces of chicken and ranch/bq sauce for lunch

meat and veggie for dinner

if you get hungery inbetween eat fruit and drinkwater

wal a mile and + every day

im 12

i wasnt really overweight but i wanted to lose a little for ballet and i lost belly fat quick and feel soo much better and its only been a week!!!!

well first think... What's your favourite sports? and if u don't know then try all of them out! and like me I don't like to excersise alone, so I get some of my friends to go jogging, swimming, horseback- riding, basket-ball, or any of those kinds of sports with your friends!:)

Hope I Helped:D

L'amour Ordonne Tous♥
lower your standards a bit how about ten for three weeks?

U should of started at the start of summer you cant lose 20 pounds a healthy way, try jogging or walking in the morning or /and after dinner and try swimming to . Try to play a lot of sports if you can . Make sure to drink lots of water and at healthy

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables pretty basic tho effective....... go for a walk and make sure you get plenty of execise.....

Caroline C
Ok so im just going to let you know that last summer i was going through the same thing, not wanting to go back to school fat. I was 14 going into ninth grade and just determined to get my weight off. I was 5'1 and 140 pounds. Now im about 105 and the first thing i can tell you is its longterm DO NOT EVEN TRY TO LOSE 20 POUNDS IN 3 WEEKS. that is crazy, and if you achieve it (which you most likely wont) it will be unhealthy and you'll probably crave food so much that you will want to go back to eating terrible again and probably end up gaining more than you were in the first place. It took me about five months to lose 35-40ish pounds and once you get the hang of dieting and exercise it will become a habit and get easier and easier.

A good idea would be to take in about 1500ish calories a day. Take in healthy foods that will satisty you (fiber and protein) 20-30 grams of fat a day is best and make sure you stay low in saturated fats. and defintely NO trans fats. Along with that exercise (whatever you like to do) swim, run, lift weights a few days a week (start of light and work your way up) just constantly stay moving and if you keep on your diet you will be losing weight in no time. BUT...its not gunna happen in 3 weeks ill tell you that much.

All i can say is that i hope you acheive your goal SAFELY because thats the best way to do it :) Ive lost my weight and kept it off for almost a year and i feel so great. And remember once you lose your weight you cant just stop dieting and go back to old habits you have to make your new lifestyle a new habit (but of course you can occasionally splurge) actually once you begin losingw eight you should give your self one day a week where you let your self off your diet (dont go completely crazy but just indulge a little bit more)

i dont know how much help this has been but your question attracted me beacuse i know ive been close to your age and acheived losing a serious amount of weight so good luck :)

you can run jumprope and swim these burn the most calories also eat 5 small meals a day also dont lay down or sit down after you eat walk around and if you can poop alot it sounds funny but if you poop alot youll lose weight also sleep 7-8 hours a day and actuall sleep you can lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks if you sleep well any ways hope i helped

Not a good idea.
If you take it off slowly, you have more of a chance of keeping it off.
Just eliminate foods that you know are just putting pounds on.
Start eating more fruits and vegetables.
Even drinking a full glass of water before your meals help.
I always thought if it took 9 mos gaining weight while I was pregnant, it will take 9 mos to take it off.
And it worked.

Do you drink a lot of pop? I went to a physical about two weeks ago and I told my doctor I drink about two litres of regular Pepsi a day. (I'm overweight also btw) When the doctor and nurse heard this, their jaws dropped and they immediately told me to cut way down on pop or just plain not drink it. When I heard that, I switched to diet soda right away...however, most diet sodas are very disgusting so I mainly drink water and Gatorade now. I had to go to the clinic again about 4 days later and I lost 3 pounds because I've been bike riding and walking a lot. Doc even said to me "If you switch to diet pop or water and start exercising more, I garuntee you will lose up to 2 pounds a week".

Hope this helps!

well i wouldnt listen to people who call you fat when you are older you will find people can be very nasty for no reason other than they can't help themselves.The world health organisation recomends a sensible weight loss is 2pounds a week if you loose weight too fast you could be left with other problems e.g.ecess skin, so why not decide to set a target of 10 weeks it may seem a long time looking forward but it will be a very short time looking back and you wont feel upset or dismayed when you dont reach your target, talk to a family member or friend and work out a sensible diet with everything you need in it for a healthy lifestyle.

well thats not realyl a healthy amount of weight ot lose in that time but if you want to go for it. Here are some tips!
1. dont eat anything with fat stick to raw fruit and veggies prefferably with no sauces. no breads, cereal, or other carbs. Little meat so you get protein but be sure to work out after eatting protein. eat lots of Celery pick it up when you need a snack, you could eat a whole bag if you wanted to there is no fat or calories
2. workout, try taking a dance class, do at least an hour of cardio every day swimming, running, biking, dance, or rollerblading all count
3. no soda or juice none, drink only water or skim milk

I hope this helps.

yeah I agree. swimming is both fun and a great workout!

ur 13 and wanna loose 20 pounds..that way too much for a 13 year old...start off with about 5....cause when u are a teen its harder to loose weight becasue u need a lot of nutrition..ok well u can start by eating healthier and exercising every day...have some fruit and drink a lot of water...run...lift hand weights or even books...

dude..what i did is i just was always moviing...like i will go outside and play with my dog and then go to the stores and not ride in the car so much and do not eat anything past 8:00PM!! it really works i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks..

dont eat that much food....jogg run up and down the stairs and eat healthy ...o and be active

Brent the Great
Begin swimming. Swimming is a great sport for becoming fit.

If you want to drop weight quick, try the Atkins Diet, it works fast. 20 lbs is a bit much but I lost 8 in 2 weeks. Be warned the first 4 days are so hard, but hold on and stick to the diet. It WILL get easier. Good luck!

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