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Does life begin at 40 yrs?

No. Life begins at about 12 weeks after conception. When you reach 40, you're about halfway through which means you have the experience to do the next half of your life right.

Happy birthday, by the way.

I dont think it has got to do with you age. Age is just a number. It is more down to how you feel as a whole and if you are happy, then age does not matter as much.
Live your life to the full all the time instead!!! Dont wait for your 40-ties!

I wish I was 25 again. (20 yrs ago)

or yes belive it lol

No, it begins at conception.

henry m
Life can begin as soon as you want to take part in human

life to help make this world a better place for our children .

funny librarian
I think your life begins when you are aware there is life.

I think that each second, minute, hour, day, month, year and decade is the best thing that could happen to each of us. I mean it is like winning the multi million dollar lottery that we are here at all...... enjoy every moment!!!

When we are getting older, we are getting wiser, more appreciative and therefore better!!!
so the answer to your question is ...... YES!!!!! it begins every day we wake up...
remember... every day spent above ground is... a good day!

Your life starts whenever you want it to start.
Your only living once you've found something you'd die for.
We all exist, but not all of us actually live.

It begins on your birth date.

I think life begins when you decide where and when .Your life shouldnot be number that someone picks. But the day you deside hey im alive and live life to the fullest because we never know what tommorow brings.Life begins with you.
If you feel 20 then live it up

No it begins the moment you are born (i'm excluding time spent in the womb as this is such a minefield to get into)

weird ken
It begins every morning you wake up buddy

No, at conception

I guess the expression 'Life begins at 40' arose because, in the past, we all married younger, and had children younger, so by the time you got to 40, your kids were leaving home, and you were still young enough to enjoy life. The bad news is that it doesn't really apply these days. The good news is that 50 is the new 40! Live it up.

the second half of it does

Harly Q
My life started at 48......I feel like I am 25 again

Boudica Warrior Queen
Golly I can't think that far back...Oh yes for me it did begin at 40 it began to spiral right out of control at the same time.

Also watch out for the hormone surge at this time ...makes you do funny things. Lol

God No

Kev E
Hey, u trying to say i'm over 40 like? (Well maybe I am).
No life begins at 0 (Or maybe even earlier).
It certainly doesn't end at 40.

I think it begins at 30 yrs :)

No...it begins when you're born :P

Mr. Taco
No, it begins at conception. :-)

no they say that to balm

You can't stay young forever, but you can remain immature for the rest of your life.

58 and still a kid

Definitely for me. My first grandchild was born when I was 40 and she will be 11 this weekend. My second grandchild Alfie was born in January this year. I have and will have so many years of pleasure (I hope) from them. So, yes, my life did begin at 40!

dels replies
Too True and at 50 and at 60 and at 70 I haven't got to 80 yet though .

Tam Tam
If you feel about about yourself then it sure does, it sure is starting for me. When I turned 40, I lost weight and my husband and I started figuring out how to get along, the kids are old enough to be left alone, so I do feel like my life is beginning!

life begins everyday you get up out of that bed it just gets better at 40yrs because your more experienced.

Martin g
No, it certainly doesnt. Im 44 now and its been downhill since i was 40, my body aches, my eye sight is getting worse and i reckon ive only 30 or so years left. Life for me, began when i was 18 thru to about 30, them most definately are the best years of any persons life......

Most definitely. I'm 42 and two years ago was dreading 40. Have had the best 2 years I can remember in ages. You're still young and fit but wise enough to enjoy it. Also you tend to have your values sorted and know what you want from life, plus a bit more financial stability to go out and get it (I don't mean material things, just lifestyle, travel, satisfying job etc.) Loads of people older than me - in sixties - have said that if they could go back to any time in their lives it would be their 40s.

From my experience to go down hill yes!

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