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Rita K
Does diet coke really work?

No, water is better!

Drink water, or at least drink a sports drink like Gatorade since it replaces minerals you lose when you sweat.

I don't think so.
It basically just has less calories and fat and stuff, but it still has some.
So you wont get skinnier if you drink diet coke. :D

as in a diet? no sutides have shown it CAN make you GAIN weight. water is the answer!!

Scott L
Diet coke is simply a drink that tastes similar to normal coke, without calories/sugar... It's not made for dieting or anything, just enjoyment.

diet soda can actually jeperdize your dieting goal. if you eat other healthy stuff, then diet coke will help you, as long as your metabolism is ready for it. does this help?

What do you mean does it work?

Its just a low calorie subsititue for full sugar coke, pumped full of chemicals to make it taste "nice".

work at what?

They don't cause you to lose weight, if thats what you think....

..For what?

Soda is only good for cleaning the drain, but I still drink soda.

It just doent taste like coke, i dont think it works...

Not for weight loss - recent studies show quite the opposite, in fact: "There was a 41 percent increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day." See the links below for more ... I'm sticking to water! :-)

Work for what? It's good, if you want something to drink.


It's actually worse for you than regular coke is.

Single Brunette Unleashed
it's bad for you... it bloats your stomach and makes you want to eat more.

curiousity <3
work for....?

diet coke keeps to temporarily full, if that's what you mean, but it also makes you bloated and has been accused of increasing your sugar cravings, which may cause you to binge later on. stick to lots of water instead. a diet coke is ok to have once in a while, but keep it to maybe two a week.

ummm,on what exactly?

I don't know what you mean by "does it really work"? In general diet coke or diet drink is a another option to drink and not consume any calories or sugar than regular sodas. Diet soda do not help you to lose weight, but it can help you maintain your weight.

Really work for what?

Matt C
I think what u mean is "does it work at keeping or making you more thin" the answer is no

For WHAT ?

Everything seems to be wrong...
Yes but it's not good to drink to much of it, as it crystalizes your liver.

no... sodas diet or not are one of the worst things..

on the news and my doctor said that if you dont drink a soda at all for a year you will NOT gain 15 pounds like you would if you did... sorry thats kinda confusing... there is so much sugar that you can gain a lot of weight... if you like the caffeine, drink coffee and tea which is better for you.
try to stay away from soda completely though... it is hard but will benefit you

some one told me that it doesn't make you lose weight, let alone gain weight, but makes you maintain your weight......

I'm assuming that you are asking "does diet coke really help you diet?" The answer is no. You see, the "diet" part makes you think that you're drinking something healthy/low fat, so you begin to associate "soda" with "healthy", which is not true. In fact, the only good thing that I can see that you would get from drinking the stuff, is that it does not contain high fructose corn syrup and is caffeine free.

Answer This!
Its nothing but empty calories, if you want to diet drink water, its what you need.

NO its been linked to cancer..it has some known carcinagins in it

still bad for you...drink water

Does it work?

In rotting your teeth, yeah?

Work for what? Causing bone density problems? Yes it does work.

Flower Child
Diet drinks do not help people lose weight. They have chemicals that actually make you hungrier, besides, you don't want to put that cr&p in your body. Try Tea or water.

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