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Can anyone tell me a good way to lose 10lbs?
Just wanting to lose 10 lbs, to get to my target weight. Anyone have any good suggestions?

weight watchers is proven the most effective and healthy way to lose weight, go for it.


1200 calories a day

couple of good poops should do the trick.

eat healthy meals and hardly any snacks/smaller portions/exersize/keep busy to stop thinking about food

Distorted Vision
Drop all sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners form your diet. My wife did and with no other changes dropped five pounds in a week without even trying.

You'd be amazed how many empty calories you eat in sweeteners.

After a little while being sweetener free, you lose the desire for excessively sweet foods, and when you reintroduce sugar, you'll find yourself using a fraction of what you had in the past.

I swear by this stuff! I tried it and it works like a charm!!!


Good Luck!

a quick way to lose 10 pounds of ugly fat? cut off your head.

Oh this isnt the jokes & riddles questions?

Scott C
Eat less calories than you are expending...SO eat less or excercise more

eat good! And a lot of people say to eat less, WRONG eat more in small portions. Carrots and SUGAR FREE stuff. Stay away from sugar no pop. and excersise.

that girl in the corner
I do weight watchers and I lost 15 lbs. (of course that is in like a year) but its not the kind of diet that you gain the weight back easy! :-)

drink a lot of water....eat salad instead of fatty foods and exercise!

Good nutrition, lots of exercises and (eww) add Grapefruit Juice to every meal. I can't explain how or why but when I needed a jump start that bitter juice was my hero.

You should check out this website. It has all the popular diet cookbooks, recipes, and weight loss tips. You should find something there to help you. Good luck!


Walking has got to be the easiest way to trim off the fat. Walk quickly, build up a sweat, get your heartrate up. The link below is a very cool site, the activity calculator is awesome it tells you how many calories are burned for like 200 different activities for any amount of time you enter , activities include housework, walking, jogging , rowing, coal mining, sitting in your ofice, bicycling, dancing, painting, gardening, child care, ironing, firefighting, sitting in class and many many more. Target training your abdominals won't be nearly as effective as a brisk walk everyday, with crunches and leg raises you will certainly tone your abs but you still wont see them because they will still be covered in fat. Walk walk walk its much easier than crunches or leg raises, when you trim the fat off then you can target train to tone them up(but I bet you wont need to). Please trust me on this. You wont need to walk many many miles, I live on an old radar base (pine tree line) and it takes me 16 minutes to do 1 lap around it. I sacrificed some TV time at night to get rest so I can get up earlier in the morning(6am) and go for 1 or 2 laps before breakfast(gonna make a commitment to do 4 laps in less than an hour every day) I have 2 kids whom I spend alot of time with so I have to "sacrifice" my own time at night to "invest" in my own health and longevity.

eat veggies and fruit for a few weeks and chicken and brown rice, no beef, popcorn for snacks and diet pop, that works for me and dance class:)

In my opinion, the best way to lose ten pounds is to not say you are on a diet. If you say you are on a diet, it doesn't work. Drink as much water as you can. Walk alot. Try eating some fruits and veggies. Get alot of sleep and try to keep active. Go upstairs even if you dont have to. Walk around your house. Vaccuum often. Do stuff like that. And try to find things that make you happy. Try not to be sad or depressed. Good luck.

Make small lifestyle changes. Weight lost fast, comes back on faster. Drink more water, try to get 10 more minutes of exercise a daily, eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large.

Fast walking with lots of liquids works fastest - bar none!
Start with a short distance, (maybe a mile or two), then progress up to five or more every other day!
(Oh yeah, if ya want it faster, drink water with a tablespoon or two of apple-cider vinegar in it as often as you can!.. it's natural, it burns fat quickly and... it sterilizes your digestive tract as a nice little aside!).

Arizona Chick
Allot of water and sweat your butt off. I know how hard it is to lose weight and the last few pounds are always hard to lose.

I have a friend that recently joined Jenney Craig and lost 8 lbs. in 2 weeks just by eating the food they recommend.

cut back on your calories, portions, increase protein, increase water intake and exercise...good luck

Cut Carbs

Green tea works. Also eat low fat or fat free products, get rid of the sugar, and eat only a limited amount of carbs.

One sure fire way is to eliminate processed sugars from your diet, allow yourself one cheat day a week if you have a real weakness, but eventually the desire of sweets will disappear. It has worked for me thus far. I started this about a month ago and so far I have lost about 8 lbs. Good luck

Angelo's Mommy
Eat more often, in less amounts (this will keep your metabolism running throughout the day, and will help you burn more calories from what you eat rather than just store it for fat).
Eat plenty of complex carbs, fiber, and protein.
Eat good fat (found in avocados, peanuts, etc).
Avoid salt and alcohol.
Drink plenty of water.
Exercise (I'm not talking running 2 miles a day. Just get out and walk, or lift some weights. Go out dancing, do something physical.)

That would be a way to lose 10lbs and keep it off for good. It's all about changing your lifestyle, not necessarily about how much you eat. Most other methods and fad diets might help you lost weight quickly, but it will be very difficult for you to keep it off (you will probably gain the 10lbs you lost, and then some, a couple of weeks/months later).

Good luck to you and stay motivated.

You could go to Weight Watcher you lose three pounds a week, YMCA, or go on a regular diet.

jean l
Eat less carbohydrates, replace with lean meats diet.
Exercise a lot. If you lack of motivation, try walk anywhere if distant permitted. I walk to work from uptown to downtown 5 days a week for the last 15 yrs and 1.5 hr per day each way. I drive only weekend when cottage is 3 hrs driving distant. For the last 15 years, only sick twice and see doc only once. My weight is always constant. I hope that may helpful hint for you, especially losing 10 Ibs is pretty easy thing.

tuff luv
Read tips & articles on different types of diets, exercise programs, yoga & much more....

All about weight loss, weight watchers, Tea diets, easy home exercises to name a few

cut you're right leg off.

Eat less. Exercise more.

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