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Fairy Nuff
Can anyone give me some words of encouragement?
I've been on this diet, I've done really well and have lost 4 stone, but just recently (the past week) I've lost my willpower, I can't be arsed anymore but I still want to lose 2 stone. I haven't actually cheated yet but I feel it is only a matter of time now. What should I do? I don't want to freak out and eat something terrible cos I wanted to change my eating habits for the long term. The diet I am doing is one where they replace all of your meals with foodpacks, so I shouldn't really eat anything else at all. Argh please some words of support would be so appreciated!
Thank you = )
Additional Details
You guys are amazing, feeling a lot better already! I am (nearly) thin, I look a lot better, I've dropped 4 sizes already, I can do this!! = D
Thank you soooo much x x

MAtt M
ur a *****
yeah go ahead and report me

Tanya N (thesingingbeaner)
you can do it...I recently got back into performing in musical theatre and in the last 2 months I have lost 20lbs. Which is alot for someone 5'2. Don't give up...but be reasonable...not everyone can be a size 2 nor does everyone want to. A healthy self image and reasonable expectations matched with self control and determination will get you through this. It's not easy...if it was we would all look like models...

hang in there....i suggest find a physical activity that you enjoy and it will take your mind off the weight issue. It worked for me I didn't even know I had lost it. When you wake up one day and notice a change...Now that is the best surprise ever.

the best "diet" is exercise. But so many lazy people try to take the easy way out.

Four stone???!!!!!! Wow, I am impressed. I also managed to lose that amount, but I lost it the easy way. I was ill and it fell off within a couple of months. To have the willpower to stick at it for long enough to lose that much is a trait few possess. Well done you. You may have a little hiccup, but that's all it is. Don't lose heart You have come this far. keep up the good work. ~;-}

Dont give up now you have done so well! You have crossed the half way line so you just need to sprint for the finish!

We believe in you, keep up the good work! :-)

OMG!!, you have done so well, but sounds like you are giving yourself a hard time, you need to lighten up on yourself, still have your meal packs, but have a little treat, must be heaps out there that is non fattening, go and buy yourself something, and see how well you look in it, new pair of jeans etc, treat, and reward yourself, you have earned it..... good luck and god bless

you can do it!!!!! keep on going!!!!

Brendon B
You are just awsome the way you are. Your inner Beauty is shining through. And thats all you need.

the moment you start to question your progress is the very second that you need to change your thought quickly! leave the house at that moment and run a lap or two around the block. what you will have done is rewired your brain into quickly shifting to positive thoughts.

here's another technique you need to do....Self Affirmations.

As you lose the weight, you must say to yourself positive statements like... "Yeah, I'm doing it!" "I'm doing great!, I'm losing weight!" "I feel good" there are many more you can say.

The point is to change your thought patterns as you progress....the stronger your mind becomes, the more disciplined. It's like you reward yourself for good behavior. Get good friends and family to help in these affirmations. Tell them this is real important for you to hear.

The secret to all this is the following:

All thought is creative. It is your thoughts that produce effects in the enviornment starting with your own physical being.

Now...go out there and continue your fight! You started this for you and only you. You're not doing this for anyone. Fight, fight and fight. You've come this far and you said yourself you see results. Good! Keep going and NEVER EVER QUIT!

good luck my friend,

why not have one pig out day every month , if you can resist the temptation to carry on after that day why not treat yourself for doing well the rest of the month especially if you loose your goal you have set your self for that month ?
youve done so well and 4 stone is exellent i have no doubt that if you can do 4 you can do the other 2 ...
be strong and dont loose the foucus on why you wanted to do it in the 1st place , did you keep a diary at the begining if so read it to remind you where your going.

hi hon, as with all lifestyle changes, there will be inner challenges that arise when you try to break out of a long-held system of living. you are more familiar with the weight you were than the weight you want to be.so naturally, when certain stresses arise in your daily life, you tend to seek whatever comforts that you are familiar with. try to sit down and re-load you 'new you' program. ask yourself why you went on the diet in the first place. answer. look at yourself in the mirror and see the girl who is worth your effort, ans smile at her, and tell her you won't give up on her. you gotta love yourself, and be your own best friend.it's not food you crave, baby, it's just comfort. if someone would magically appear to us when we feel uncomfy, or stressed out, and hug us, and tell us to look at the real issues we are facing, i don't think there'd be a problem in the world we couldn't solve. good luck, birdy, and be good to yourself.

Mishelle W
put a fat photo on your fridge that stops breaking willpower! and buy yourselves some new clothes because your doing great, 4 stone is a tonne!


Pale Rider
Congratulations !

Loosing the weight you did already has got to be admired.

Best of luck to you :)

Hang in there!

It is tough, but what you are doing is good for you and for your health! There are always times where falling back into old habits comes up - you just need to get through them as best you can.

Try and think of the good things - that you are feeling better, that your clothes hang nicely. (That you can fit them!) and don't focus on the future too much! Just make it through THIS meal or THIS craving - don't worry about the next one, just one at a time!

and CONGRATULATIONS on losing 4 stone (even though I'm American and not really sure how much that is in pounds, I know it's quite a bit!)

You go girl - i wish i had your willpower!!!!

Jay Jay
You are an amazing person!

4 Stone is a fantastic amount of weight to loose!

Maybe your diet has just got a bit boring at the moment. Is there anyway of making the foodpacks more interesting?

I have to admit, I've not heard of this diet at all. Where did you find it?

C'mon, girl!! You've had the power to make it this far-- why stop now? You're awesome at motivation it seems; if people were already as motivated such as you are, think of the better health rates there'd be! Wow! So, keep on going-- strong AND beautiful!! You're nearly there and then you just need to maintain the great loss which I'm sure you'll be able to do. Just... fantastic. ;)

Congratulations already!!! Seems like you're a true winner in advance!! =D

Whit E
sweetheart good for you keep it up i promise that if you stay in a habit of doing your diet that it will be almost a routine for you Congratulations on the 4 and just keep shooting for the other 2!!!!!!

wow, I am so impressed!!! Keep trying to loose weight but don't get past the cravings, I am sooooooo weak. Well done you. Find something to motivate you, a new outfit, time away, make it a challenge for yourself but don't forget to love yourself, pamper yourself, congrate yourself because you deserve it. On a practical note; keeping yourself busy helps, I knit and you can't eat while knitting. Good advice, pity I don't take it myself, oh well that's life.

that's right
Chin up little one, you know what some times change is gradual.

try drinking smoothies, they are all druit and healthy, they give u part of ur 5 a day, they also fill u up, also joing a gym, as when u lose weight, u'll end up with stretch marks, so the gym will help tighten ur skin, plash out on a blender and then u won't have money to spend on junk food, try soups, they are filling too. it's hard not to slip, but think of it this way: one week with out junk, will help u lose at least half a stone, so four weeks will get u to ur goal, (that's only an estimate) u know deep doen u can do it, once u get into a routine u will find it easier, it's all about discipline, i wish u all the luck and happiness.

Jane S
well done you have achieved so much, give yourself a huge pat on the back and a little treat then go back to your diet. good luck

Level 3
your doing great keep it up, we all believe in you.

angel 36
i think your great i once lost a lot of weight its soooooooo fantastic when you reach your target your almost there dont give up now we are all here for you just think of the shoping trip you can go on when you reach your goal and keep the weight off do it for yourself you will feel and look fantastic you no in your heart you can do it believe in yourself

charlie r
Get rid of your telly and start concentrating on things that matter not Tom Cruise's pay cheque, not XYZ going into therapy start concentrating on you. If you are fat it is because of your life syle. Change your lifestyle this might have to include who you hang out with. Ain't no easy way but the longer you stick at it the easier it becomes. Food packs is not an answer you need a long term sustainable solution. Cut out meat and bulk up on veg. Sorry if you wanted an easy answer there ain't one - only you can control your looks. Keep at it

Well done sweetie, I know how hard it is, I lost two stone in two months on the 'Special K' diet - 2 bowls 2 meals 2 weeks! I hate cereal, but it really works and that's what keeps me going. If I need chocolate (for the week before that time of the month) I have a bite size chocolate bar, that helps also cos I'm having my chocolate but it's just a small piece so I don't have that 'guilty feeling'. I also look in the mirror NAKED and when I see the difference it spurrs me on. Try it and remember what you looked like before to how you look now and be proud of yourself. 80% of weight loss is through eating, a couple of body classes a week will help you tone up. I do body attack and legs, bums and thighs twice a week it's hard but enjoyable. Good luck sweetie and keep it up, it is so worth it x

Go try on some of your old clothes..feel the difference!!!!! You know you won't want to go back to how you were!!! Look at yourself in the mirror and realise how good you feel

Good luck

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