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Can't eat in the morning..?
I wake up at 6 o'clock every morning to go to school. I really want to eat in the mornning because i don't have lunch until 12 so I get really hungry. But the problem is everytime i make a sandwich or have some cereal i really want to throw up. I am so disgusted of food in the morning. What should it do?

I am the same way. I never eat breakfast, but I know I should.

Don't eat!

omg i have the EXACT same problem! anyways, heres what id did
every morning, i would force myself to take a certain number of bite, even if it was just 2
the next day, i would increase it a little bit

soon youll be eating breakfast every day, and enjoying it

another option, if you cant do that and cant wait for lunch, bring a snack with you to school/bus like a pop tart!

Have a small glass of milk blended with a banana or peanut butter before you leave, like 6-8 oz max. Or take with you a granola bar of some sort and pick at it over the first few classes of the morning to keep some sustanance in you until lunch. A smoothie of another sort could work as well, just make it light though, perhaps with water.

Kristina 123

Maybe you should contact one of your family members to help you. I truly do understand how you feel!
Enjoy and Good Luck

If I get up too early I can't eat either. What about fruit juice? Also, take a banana or a breakfast bar to school and eat it between lessons to give you an energy boost.

Have you always had this problem or is this just recently? If it's just recently and assuming you are female then you may be pregnant. That's just the first thing that popped into my head.
Also I know people who just don't feel very well until they get out into the fresh air for a few mintues. Maybe you could step outside for a few minutes and then try to eat something.

ensure drink !! i an EXACTLY how you worded it . my nutritionist suggested it and it works! and at 12 i'm hardly hungry! plus i have energy in the morning.

I know what you mean. I have been like that all my life until I tried boiled oatmeal. I know it sounds not so attractive cause it doesn't have any spices or calories, but it's soooo filling and you can actually lose pounds on that. The best part about it is that it almost has no taste. A bowl of oatmeal last for like three hours

Jackie "Boo!"
Breakfast is very important. It will give you a jump start. I know it is difficult. Eating breakfast was the last thing I did before leaving for school, (except for brushing my teeth, lol) I couldn't eat that early myself. Find some food that your stomach can take that is not sugary, as it will get u going but will crash soon after. Try some protein. Maybe protein bars. Eat just prior to walking into school if that helps.Trial and error on what will work, but don't listen to advice to not eat at all.

try and eat something that you like, like a bagel or a candy bar, or try some different type of cereals. Eat in small quantities, stop before you feel like the way you are feeling.

Also, sit in the open air, like in a patio, or something and then have your breakfast.

claire w
try eating protein bars ,or getting a sports shake or smoothie,to supplement for breakfast,that is the most important meal of the day .If you skip it your body will stop burning fat and start storing it because it thinks it won't get any other food

yah i have to get up really early for school too. i wake up at 6 but i dont leave until around 7ish. so maybe you could wait until the last couple minutes before you leave to go to school. after youve gotten ready and have moved around then you may feel more hungry then when u first wake up. i usually just grab something on the way, even if its small like tea or a granola bar or something. also, beverages, other then water, ive found to help hunger in the morning. like tea, coffee, or a smoothie is really good. so those are my suggestions. hope they work. good luck!

lol i know what you mean. I used to do not eat in the mornings either. I think finding the right food to eat in the morning will only work. For me it was Ramen Noodle Soup.

if it bothers you that much then eat something at about 9? you can eat before 'lunch time' ya know, just take a cereal bar, go on, be a rebel, eat in class, you know you want to!

amir masoud
You can eat what you always eat and get used to it or you can eat something else, like you can pure tea for yourself and pure sugar in it mix it up and get some bread and cream cheese and put it on bread and eat it with the tea that is mixed with sugar.If it doesn't work eat dinner less then try it.If it still don't work don't eat dinner.If it still don't work then I don't know what to do.

Anne "Ravince"
try these:

1) have candies or small little chocolates handy.. so you can have sweets before lunch (just something you do so your stomach acids won't do much damage until before lunch).

2) Have you tried eating an apple in the morning? It wakes you up more than what coffee does to your body and it's healthy...

3) Eat really really light on the first week you're having breakfast at home.. then increase the food intake every week until your body gets used to it...

You could always bring food to school and eat it there or on the way to school. That is what my friend does. Or if you walk just eat it then. I don't start school until 7:20 and my bus gets there at about 7:10, so at my school we get 10 minutes. What about your school, does it offer breakfast?? You can eat at school. I hope some of these idea's work.
Good Luck

Eat a fruit or a shake.

you know, something funny, it sounds weird what you said, but i'm actually the same way! i hate eating breakfast, it makes me feel sick, the only thing i can deal with is french toast. i understand it's pressing for time in the morning to actually make a nice breakfast, but try eating a Cereal Bar on the way to school, or just eat something real quick. breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but i will be honest, it's my least favorite lol. yuck. maybe try eating some fruit or something, or yogurt. yogurt always made me feel sick, but many people like it. or just find something small to eat, to hold you over till lunch. hope this helps. gl

Michelle K
i have the same prob
i bring a gronola or something to school and eat it when im hungry

Go Bears!
Are you allowed to have snacks at school? If so, maybe eat a granola bar around 8 or 9 in the morning... That way your stomach shouldn't be getting upset and you will not be starving come lunch.

You should try and start having something small before you go to school to see if you can't train yourself to eat breakfast at home. Start with a glass of juice before you leave and if you have have that and feel ok, add a piece of toast. Work your way up to a normal breakfast of whatever you like - I like a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk and a glass of Cranberry juice.

Buy some nutrigrain bars or protien bars and when you get hungry snack on them during your break. Protein shake is also very good.

Nikki H
I have the same problem...I am never hungry in the morning and if I try to eat something as simple as a banana I feel nauseous but around 12 i'm extremely hungry. I think you should take a granola bar or something and take bites of it in the morning and during class. Find something good that you like. Maybe some grapes or other kinds of fruits.

I feel the same way. You should never have to force yourself to eat anything if your stomach isn't up to it. Try packing a small snack to to eat at break (maybe 9-10 am) that way your body is not too weak, and you are still getting nutrients.

Andrea D
I am like that too. I couldnt eat until at least 10am for the longest time. Start by getting enough sleep so that you're not tired the next morning and start off by eating small amounts and work your way up. Start with a apple or a shake or even a small cup of ramen noodles and work your way up. That's what worked for me. I'd eat fruit that i really liked until i taught myself to eat before 10am. Good Luck...

Dark ~ Dreamer
You should bring a breakfast bar or a granola bar with you to school and eat it between classes. That way you aren't eating anything to early in the morning and you are able to have it some time before lunch so you won't get as hungry. I think you may just have a very sensitive stomach in the morning time. I used to be like that when I was younger to. I could never eat anything for breakfast because my body wasn't fully 'awake' yet as my doc told me then.

Lorin Margo
grab a nutrigrain bar on your way to school and eat it at around 9:45 or 10.
your stomach just isn't awake at 6 AM. you're trying to stuff food in your stomach and it hasn't even had the chance to tell your body that it wants something. so it ends up feeling like you're eating while full.

How about a protein shake?

A little Southern Comfort
Can you take something to school for when it's like 9am or 10am your stomach is a little more tolerable. Eat like baby carrots, a banana or some yogurt while changing classes. Tell your teacher whats going on and see if she cant allow you to step out if you get a little hungr to much something down pretty fast if you cant do that while changing classes.

I'm like that in the morning too, I have never been able to eat that early, if I do end up eating I feel really sick, so normally I put something in my pocket for later.

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