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Explain why?...

 Why do people see people who over weight as lazy?
Because if you met me face to face you wouldnt say it....

 How can i lose 15lbs n 5 weeks?
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ok i wanna know, because i'm 13 and i am very uncomforatable with my body, i try to avoid mirriors, i know retarded, but i would like to to what, or which kind of dancing will help lose the most ...

 I'm really fat...please help?!?!?!?
I walk more than a mile a day (1/2 mile home from the bustop, +walking around my humongous school all day) and when I get home I usually dance, do situps, pushups, and squats.
I'm 13

 Does life begin at 40 yrs?

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ok i need help im 16 and i weigh 70lbs. and im taking diet pills and im bolmia + i think im fat but evrynody says im not. none of my family knows that only my bff knows and i told her not 2 tell any1 ...

 Is it cruel to send a childhood obesity DVD to someone who has an obese kid?
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 Am i fat?be honest?
im 13, 14 in august
im 127lbs (about 9stone1)
my waist is 30inches
hips are 35inches
thighs 22inches each
wrists nearly 6inches?


 Im 5'3 and 90 lbs now , but i want to be 80lb?
is this ok , do you think? i ave already lost 2 stone to get to ehere i amnow , but i still want to be lower, can i do this ??

xxxx im 16 and in need of help ! ...

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im 15 5'6 and 104 pounds. i think i need to lose weight wat do u think?...

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 I need help! am i fat??????
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Am i too skinny?

nope ur between the correct range of wieght for ur height 120-125

not at all

No you are average.. are the people who are calling you anorexic over weight..just out of curiosity

i am 13 and 100 lbs but i am only 4.10

You're healthy.

jay R
no your good :)
its probably that there are so many FAT/obese people these days that normal looking people are a growing minority

For 13 years, your's is correct.

dont worry about them.. one day you will gain a bit of weight and look perfect and those people that tease you will be FAT! they are just jealous... enjoy being able to eat what you want.. i wish i could!

Don't worry about what people say as it is your life live it the way you see fit. tell them to get a life

Buddy Satan
you're fine just dont become anorexic

dont worry too much about what people think of you

You aren't too skinny. Go to this website, and do what it says, that should help you out. Just learn to be comfortable with who you are.

Ashley Cavanaugh
ur fine alot of girls your age are skinny which is good because eventually as you get older you can still eat alot and not gain as much weight as everybody else

when i was 13 i was 5ft 4in and weighed 115 then when i was 19-20 I weighed like 100 pounds now that was to skinny.So I guess NO YOUR NOT TO SKINNY !

ஐ.:xOpheliacx:.ஐ™ †☽

You are at an ideal body weight.

No if you are honest on your weight, then you are not too skinny or too fat. Just right.

[L0V3D 0N3]
no when i to be skinny i was about 120 125 && im 5,4 so thats pretty good

they're just jealous. your 13, and that sounds like a totally normal weight for your age and height. you probably have a high metabolism. when i was 13, i could eat and eat and i stayed thin as a rail.

[email protected]
is all your weight in one place and not your abdomen if so then they may call you that but 125 is perfect for a girl your age and your height

You're at a healthy weight.

It All Matters.~☺♥
It sounds like you have a high metabolism. Don't listen to them.
You are perfect for who you are. They are just jealous. Tell them you are small boned, as compared to their big bones. Be happy with who you are little lady. Don't let them rag on you.

nope not at all.

♥ Xite ♥
Ur fine!

No, you are right in the middle of the healthful weight range. Remember, good weight is not just a number but it is a range. You are fine.

U r just right.

Eat only when hungry and not more than three times a day. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in ur food. Eat slow, chewing each morsel at least 32 times. This activates ur body to send signals that u have enough. No snacks or drinks in between except water.

Take light exercises and walking for about 30 min every day preferably twice a day.

Be patient to see the results in hassle free mode in reasonable time.

No that's average size. Maybe the people who call you that are overweight and jealous.

no way
there obviously jealous

You are not anorexic. In high school, I was the same height and weight because I participated in sports. You're not skinny, just healthy! Don't listen to other people, as long as you are content with your weight/figure that is all that matters

I need Answers
you are fine... don't listen to anyone and don't let anyone push you.. as long as you are healthy ... then you are fine..

nope. ur just right

lacee rachell <33
uh, definately not ! 125 is a normal weight especially for a 13 yr old. i'm 14 & i wish i was 125, lol.

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