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I kinda prefer people who know a lot of about health and nutriution to answer this question.

I'm 17 and I need to lose a lot of ...

Allie N
AM I OVER WEIGHT PLEASE HELP!!! i nnnnneeeedddd help!?
I am 5ft 2 and weigh 312 im 17 how do i get out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u realy got to cut back on eattin an do a lot of road work or get lifeo suction

kay kay
go take a shyt a few tymes a day

oh God.
idk eat better exersize!! do somethin thats terrible!!!!
good luck=]

less cake, more leaves (salad)

i do not like to judge people or label anyone, but yes i think maybe your only chance now to become a healthy person is to see a doctor.

I like the book called "Body for life". It calls for six days of diet and exercise and a seventh day of rest and dietary 'cheating'. The seventh day is a great reward for a week of virtue. The weight will really come off! Plus you will learn how to eat properly. Check with your doctor first since you are only 17. Good luck and dont give up!

Curtis R
get off your butt from the desk and get active

Annie M
There are different ways to lose weight.
(1) You can join an organization such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.
(2) You can have a gastric bypass operation.
(3) You could set a goal of 3-5 pounds a month. That way, you can still eat modest portions of your favorite foods. Also, if you can, walk a couple times a week.

See a doctor. You need a drastic weight loss plan that will need a doctor to constantly monitor.

Macuiare S
Well if you think your overweight id sugest instead of driving just walk or if your bored instead of sitting on the couch and eating walk down the road or do what i do when im watching tv i nthe ads i starting doing push ups and situps it sounds werid but it does help

Michael M
exercise slow process at your weight and height.
in fact see a doctor
you may need a diet and exercise

good luck and good new year

Ed M
I AM SORRY FOR THIS ANSWER AN THIS IS COMING FROM A FORMER OBESITY MAN FORMER Marine MARATHONER .E X E R C I S E THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN LOOSE IT AND KEEP IT OFF AND LIVE THROUGH IT. You can get surgery lipo and a dozen other or pills an when you're finished you have screwed up you're system and if you're not dead in 5-10 years after you have put the weigh back on plus 100 more and in misery. Cut youre food intake and hit the road

Porcelain Sky
Hun there tons of information out there about weight loss. Tons of support groups. You need to do your homework. Someone can't just give it to you in one answer on here. Theres a lot of tips out there that would take me page after page to tell you. After you find a diet and exercise plan that suits you then you must find the motivation and the strength to better your life and get on the right track to be healthy. Thats the best advice I can offer. Things don't always work for some but don't give up you are young and you can do this without surgery. There is no quick fix. I think the hardest part to extreme weightloss is setting yourself up for it and sticking to it, its more than physical work.

get a hobby . which involves moving around alot. TV is aa huge NO!!! and offcourse avoid soda and fast food. and u dont need to eat grass like a cow to lose weight ... just be balanced and limited with the stuff u eat......... :) good luck... send me a few pics when u get fine!!

ooh one more thing dont expect to lose weight overnight ..that cauzes stress which also cauzes fat build up.

Last Son Of Krypton
all i can say is wow. but its not too late. there are great diets and personal trainers out there. u can come back from that

not your girl
just slow down and start eating healthier!

Keith H
You are way overweight. go to your doctor and start exerzizing and eating the healthy choice. only eat vegatables and fruits

If you have a medical problem, then if you see your doctor, then you may be able to get some drugs for your condition. If you are just generally overweight, then just cut down on the choco bars, and eat 3 healthy meals a day (no snacking), and walk or cycle, rather than driving your car. if that doesn't work, then you may want to consider seeing your doctor (If you havn't already)

sry but ya your overweight....

i would recomend more exercise.

i recomend going to the doctor

Start walking in the park or going to the gym. Eat good. It will be hard but just think of how you will feel after you get all that weight
off! I hope i helped good luck!

Mike W
dont panic, just start your self on walking, then running, or cyling for like 20-30 mins a day, eat less food, or less fatty foods, and most of all dont painc, im rather overweight myself and the worst thing is to panic, bc u start eating more to sooth the feeling of hatred towards yourself. IV BEEN THERE,
Its not going to be an overnight thing but soon you will notice.
Good luck

If you honestly weigh 312 pounds at your age and height, it isn't healthy for anyone. Talk to your parents about taking you to the doctor and maybe the doc could suggest a diet for you. Don't be down about yourself. Get out and walk when you can and drink lots of water. Eating fruits and veggies helps.. and cut out the junk food. Best of luck to you.

ask your parents to help you get a counseler for your disorder and dont feel ashamed to ask if thats what your feeling inside everyone deserves to be happy

Start with walking 1,2,3 miles a day. eat no sugar our any bread (at all). It is not that hard you just have to want to change GOOD LUCK.

The good thing is, you're young. Most likely its not just that you like food, but you feed your emotions (which soooo many people do, unfortunately it affects each person differently when it comes to weight gain). So really change needs to begin from the inside. I would recommend seeing a councelor if you have the availability to one. Talk to your parents and see what your options are. Maybe find some books that address overeating due to emotions.

Also start eating healthy. Chicken, fish with steamed vegi'is such as squash and cawflower or the frozen variety vegi packages. Salads loaded with vegi's and lean protein with just a little dressing. Oatmeal or healthy cereal for breakfast with a fruit. Lots of water through out the day... lots and lots of it. If you do end up eating out just only eat half your meal or less. The portions at resturants and fast food chains are way more than you need. For snacks reach for fruit or those nabisco 100 calorie packs or 100 calorie pudding packs. Anything with 200 calories or less for snacks.

Start working out. Even if you only start out with walking, do something! A good idea would be to hire a personal trainer and start doing cardio and weight training.

Just remember you're still young, and you have the rest of your life to look forward to, but not feeling good about yourself can steal from the years that you're supposed to be carefree hanging out with friends and going out on dates and so forth. So for motivation just think about your future and what your future goals are and how losing the weight will impact your life. :)

Best of luck to you.

You may have a Thyroid problem.

I am 5'1" 230 pounds & an adult.

I just ate a bowl of ice cream. I eat when I am nervous.

You could also see a mental therapist to see if your eating your emontions like I do.

Bless your heart. Homestly any changes you make you'll see a difference. Begin by walking and add on from there. Also be honest with you self and write down everything u eat. Cut out the junk food, foods high in fat and empty calorie stuff. BEgin learning how to prepare your own food. Eat all the food groups its really popular to just follow a south beach diet or atkins but honey those are gimicks. I have a son with prader willi syndrome and he eats a balanced diet and that's how he stays thin.

Good luck youll be in my prayers.

umm if you want you can email me and i could show you some ways to loose the weight im tryin to loose weight too

Drink water, eat salad and start exercising.
No more desserts.
Good luck.

Its M
You're super morbidly obese, at this point the only way to get out is to see a doctor, and quick.

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