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Why do my teeth bleed so much when i brush them?

You could either be brushing them too hard, need a new toothbrush, have a gum disease or need to floss your teeth regulary.. you could also need to see a dentist..

Ususally it's from not brushing enough...I would see a dentist about that

gum disease

gum disease? you should go to the dentist.

you are not flossing enough

could be gum disease. Go to a dentist. The longer you leave it the more your gums will shrink

Don't Brush So Hard!


Go see a dentist, may have some sort of GUM condition

don't worry. you just have sensitive gums thats all. other wise you are brusing too hard! there is this special toothbrush (i have one) and when you brush, it tells you if you are brushing too hard by clicking. lol. but if it is just your gums then buy some sensodine, it's good for sensitive gums and teeth! good luck! x

Its called vitamin C deficiency; I bet you also get occasional white sores on your tongue too, right? Best to take a suppliment before heart disease follows. Also, look up Linus Pauling on any search engine.

be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you!

you probably have sensitive gums so you will need to buy a softer toothbrush

Niki is right. Gingivitis. Do what she says. Wise lady!

90210 aka Hummer Lover
you are brushing them too hard or you need a softer bristle tooth brush.

failing that, see your dentist as you may have some sort of gum problem.

You probably have a) infected gums b) inflamed gums - sign of an infection or, c) sensitive gums. If you find your gums redder than normal - pink indicates healthy gums as I understand- pay a visit to your dentist/gum specialist, if there is an infection they will give you treatment for it.

It sounds like you have a case of Gingivitis!

This is caused by the action of plaque bacteria on the gums, from areas that you are not cleaning well enough

You need to be sure that you are brushing as well as you possibly can (I'd advised disclosing tablets available from Dentist and Pharmacies to show where the plaque bacteria are on your teeth)

People generally do not brush anywhere near as well as they think they do!. An electric toothbrush is probably better as the heads are smaller and can get in the more awkward spots, you do not have to spend a fortune on one, just go for a rechargeable one the battery ones are useless make sure you step around each individual tooth when brushing.

DO NOT worry if your gums bleed when you do this, but do not let it put you off either, if your gums bleed when you brush it is because you are not brushing well enough not as a lot of people think, that you are brushing too hard.

Next.... Floss or Interdental brushes DAILY this is vital as this is where most of the really smelly bacteria live in the crevices between your teeth, don't worry if your gums bleed at first persevere and I promise they'l settle!

Next..... Tongue brushing or scraping, not as weird as it sounds, a lot of bacteria that cause bad breath live in the crevices and layer of saliva on your tongue. Brush your tongue in long sweeping strokes front to back (or it will make you gag!) or get a tongue scraper from a dentist or chemist.

Mouthwash is limited in it's effect and can actually make matter worse by drying your mouth out, bad breath always smells worse in a dry mouth. If you do want to use one try Dentyl Mouthwash which has no alcohol to dry your mouth. Regular drinks stops your mouth from dehydrating too.

I'd advise a visit to your Dentist and Hygienist, to treat any Gum Disease you may have and remove any hardened plaque deposits (Tartar) .

If you smoke you really need to stop as it has a really damaging effect on the gums.

Hope this helps

this is because you have periodontal disease, there has been so much scale build up on your teeth that the scale/plaque has gone into your gum. i suppose your gums are inflamed as well. the best thing is to go visit a dentist and get some deep scaling done. this is when the dentist removes the scale that is located under your gum using an ultra sonic scaler. you might need several appointment's depending on the severity of your situation. nothing to be too worried about but needs attention as soon as possible

Suzanne L
I am a qualified Dental Nurse with 11 years experience and I can tell you that it's not your teeth that are bleeding it's your gums. This indicates that there is plaque stuck under the gum margin and means that you need to brush more thoroughly and at least twice a day, make sure that the bristles of your toothbrush get right into the gum margin and for the moment try using a salt water Mouthwash after you brush to help cleanse the gums (salt water has antiseptic and healing properties), you should notice some improvement within about 10 days, then it's simply a question of keeping up the good work. If there is no change after 2 weeks, then see your Dentist as it may be something more serious, like advanced gum disease, which will need treatment or eventually your teeth may become loose and need extracting.

if your gums bleed when you brush them its normally a sign that your not actually brushing them properly. try flossing at least twice a week and when brushing, brush the gum as well as the tooth in a circular motion. even better visit your dentist and they will show you how to brush your teeth properly.

iv got this and the dentist said its gum decease iv had it for alot of years go see your dentist

i have been told gum disease (gingivitis) and to help you should floss everytime you brush your teeth. this makes your gums stronger and helps to get the rest of the 'nasty' stuff out after brushing. leaves your mouth cleaner

Honestly Teeth never bleed. Teeth are made of very hard bone and covered with another very hard substance called enamel.
Normally its is the Gums that bleed. there can be many causes for this including Gingivitis, or diseased gums.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums (gingiva) around the teeth. Gingivitis may be caused by a build up of plaque and tartar due to improper cleaning of teeth, or by injury to the gums from over-vigorous brushing.

The condition is generally reversible. Brushing teeth thoroughly, but gently, with toothpaste and flossing with dental floss are the best ways to prevent gingivitis. It is recommended that you see a Dentist before your teeth start falling out.

most likley gum disease.....
brush sides of teeth around gums and rinse with corsodyl Mouthwash also floss regular and after a week it should go. If not see a dentist

You need to see the dentist!!!

Surely you mean that your gums bleed not teeth? gingivitis or infected gums can cause them to bleed but so can just brushing too hard with a toothbrush that is too hard.

I would suggest that you brush twice a day using a softer brush and rinse out regularly with a Mouthwash e.g. corsodyl or difflam

If your gums continue to bleed please visit your dentist or dental hygienist and get them checked out

Good luck :D

Gingivitis can cause the bleeding. Use a good anticeptic Mouthwash before and after brushing.

dont brush them too hard or buy a soft tooth brush

it's very likely that you are not brushing enough! bleeding gums is the first signs of gum disease. the more you regularly you brush your teeth and gums the less likely it is for your your gums to bleed. Use a soft tooth brush or an electric toothbrush, try flossing daily or as often as poss. you should see a improvement after only a few days. if this doesn't help you may need diet advice/blood tests, or see your dentist or hygienist.

Use a soft or medium hardness brush, be sure to brush at least twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes and FLOSS!!!

If it's not gum disease, that should clear it up in no time.

it might be gingivitis. ask your dentist what you should do.

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