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Whats the best cure for toothache?

see a dentist! take paracetomol and nurofen for the pain and see the dentist asap! toothache hurts bad, i know from experience. dont leave it, it will just get worse.

Huggles [mozzafan]

go to your nearest dentist and have your toothache checked out..

I have had a bad tooth ache for awhile now, been trying to get into the dentist. take Tylenol every four hours. ambesol only works for a few minutes, but if you get some vodka on a q-tip and rub it on and all around the hurting tooth it will numb it for quiet a bit longer

.......There is only one answer to this question.....Clove....It works every time. I can't be believe how effective it is. Then go to your dentist.

I don't know, but my tooth hurts too! i have sympathy for you hun x x

buddy d

get to the dentist and get on an antibiotic.....even if you need a root canal....he can't do it until the infection is gone.....you might try salt water swished around in your mouth several times a day or peroxide done the same way. You will know you have a big problem when the pain gets worse, trust me!!!!

do not out cloves in your mouth as it can burn your gums if you are not asthmatic you can rotate Ibuprofen and Paracetamol say 12.00 take 2 Paracetamol then 2.00 Ibuprofen 4.00 Paracetamol and 6.00 Ibuprofen don't exceed dose if 24 hours max strengh 400mg take 200mg and see how it gos also see a dentist as soon as possable

Ive heard "Oil of Cloves" is a good remedy. I feel for you toothache is real painfull

Dominican rum.
Its very srong so if u drink enough u will not feel anyting for at least a week.
Hope u feel ok soon.

A drop of whisky in it -- or get it pulled out

there are available toothache drops in the pharmacy. I'd use that when I was younger and always had tootchache problems.

If it doesnt get better you should see a dentist.

damien r
bongella seemed to work well for me or lots of alcohol

cutting out sugary things.

a good dentist.

try Ibuprofen, it works for me. also try a warm cloth against your cheek in the area of the pain.

Spaghetti MY
removing it, otherwise, cloves to chew on, and lots a beers.

Orajel is temporary. You need some hardcore pain killers but a couple of Advil should ease it a little.


a dentist!!!!

[email protected]
well you has an toothache: the best idea is use oraljel it numbs
the sore area around the tooth repeat very best only


Pam cooking spray.

Mr Glenn
Remove the tooth, or if you don't have dentist handy, get very drunk. But you'll be sorry in the morning.

A dentist -.- it's not gona get better until you go! SO JUST DO IT!

Get someone to give you a really good kick in the crotch, then you'll forget about your toothache, because you'll be planning your revenge

Maybe a visit to the Dentists. Otherwise some sensodyne tooth paste helps with sensitive teeth.

Oil of cloves

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