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Should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
The bottle doesn't say. And yes, I could be an idiot for not knowing.

i do it before and after it loosens the plaque before and freshens your breath after and protects from more plaque and bacteria

You can do both. The first wash to lossen some of the bacteria and one after to really freshen up. There is no standard rule really, just what floats your boat

i always brush, floss, then use mouth wash. it may be just me, but i like to think that im gettin out as much bacteria as possible by doin it this way, but thats just my guess!

Kyle A
no u will just wast the mouth wash

Toan X
after brushing and flossing

after because it kills what ever germs are left

I was taught by my dental hygienist to use traditional Mouthwash AFTER brushing to get rid of leftover residue.
The rinses that are specifiaclly marked as pre-rinses are used as such.

Good luck & Happy New Year!

Adam K
After, this way you keep the fresh breath and kill the last of those germs brudshing doesnt get

Rock On

Of course you are not an idiot for asking this question. Mouth wash can be used before or after brushing your teeth. If you use it before brushing your teeth, you will not get the affect of the germs being rinsed away because you will use your toothbrush right after which has a great amount of germs on it.
But if you brush your teeth first and then use the mouth wash, you will get the all in all. First, you will bring about the germs in your mouth after you brush your teeth. Second, you will rinse your mouth with the mouth wash and gargle for about 30 seconds which will kill just about most of the bacteria in your mouth.

You should do if after. I don't think it really matters but if you brush your teeth after, your basicly washing the mouth wash out of your mouth. so your supposed to do it after.

You're not an idiot. My dentist advised me not to rinse my mouth after brushing because the toothpaste is still dong it's work in killing bacteria.
Check out the link below.

Mrs. Channing Tatum
after, b/c you brush your teeth and you get the little food bits out, but 1. there could still be some food in there and 2. you could still have bad breath. so Mouthwash kind of washes all of those extra food bits out, and gets rid of bad breath.
good luck

After you brush your teeth! First, you scrub, then rinse!!

Anna M.
After. Don't worry, you're not an idiot, it took me forever to figure it out.

There are a couple of types, ones for using before brushing to Loosen plaque and then one for after to to keep your mouth fresher for longer. It's really up to you if you want to do it before and after.

Sabrina K
Rinsing after you have cleaned allows the Mouthwash to get at any of the free floating bacteria you have dislodged. It also allows the Mouthwash to have an effect on those bacteria that, while not dislodged, have become exposed due to the disruption of their dental plaque colony.

After you brush your teeth.

some are to Loosen plaque that u then brush off
and some are just to get rid of excess germs
so look on the bottle, and if it doesn't say, after

larry c
normally after

after. the swishing motion helps to remove any chunks or residue left behind after you brush them loose.

Michelle G
well i rinse after i brush mah te3th

there iz no such thing as a stupid question

after your brush....


The older style mouthwashes are for after brushing, but now they have other things for your oral health.

There are no stupid questions.

No one is expected to know everything there is to know, at least you want to educate yourself, and your health is a good topic to dedicate to.

Though I use a water pic regularly (which are expensive but worth it to me) and brush when in a hurry or out and about, I use a "pre-brush rinse" with a foaming action that helps Loosen plaque. It is supposed to make your brushing more effective, since most people rarely brush long enough or properly. (Softly, slowly)

After wards I use an anti-cavity Fluoride rinse (Mouthwash) to disinfect and "kill bad breath".

I use a complete treatment because I am older and the ravages of gum disease runs in my family. There are much better products to use now, than when I was young, so please do look into it.

Your teeth and eating habits affects your health far beyond "whiter teeth and fresh breath".

Phoenix Princess of Darkness
After. Get all the gunk out with the toothbrush first, then finish the rest off with mouth wash.

You can use it without brushing, too, if you want to.



After; to cleanse any particles from brushing out of your mouth.

after..brush floss then mouth wash

Stoned P
woohoo an idiot question I love it! j/k

haha, I swish after I brush.

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