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 Do you think its too late to get braces at 20?
Ok I am 20 and I wanted to get braces, do you think its too late? I just personally think it will well worth it in life....

 I got to have my 4 wisdom teeth taken out in hospital,are you put asleep or are you awake?

 Is the tooth fairy real.?

 Do you floss?
I don't. but I just want to see if other people do....

 I got surgery on my mouth 4 days ago, do you think it is okay to smoke now?
all four of my wisdom teeth were surgically removed, i haven't smoke at all in the past four days, and i need a cigg, if your just going to tell me to quit smoking dont even bother to answer ...

 Should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
The bottle doesn't say. And yes, I could be an idiot for not knowing....

 How many times do change your toothbrush in a year?

 Braces- do they hurt, can i go 2 school the day after i get them?
i get braces in 3 weeks and im a little nervous. HELP!...

 Why do my teeth bleed so much when i brush them?

 Do braces hurt??
i might have to get braces do they hurt?
Additional Details
thanks you for you ...

 What causes bad breath and how can I cure it?

Additional Details
Watch me in a video about this question on Answers on the Street: http://answersonthestreet.yahoo.com/question/13/W...

 What is u favorite thing about life?

 What do you think when you see a sophomore girl with braces?
i just got braces and will be an upcoming sophomore. but it seems like everyone already got there braces off. do people really care and does it change how they think of me because i have braces? and ...

 Did you brush your teeth today?
Tell the truth.
Additional Details
Gross!! None of you flossed or used mouth wash....

 Does a root canal hurt?

 How Do You Get Rid Of A Bad Toothache?
i have had a toothache for 3 days now and i have tried everything to salt bag, tea bags, advil, asprin, nurporexen, bc powder, and crushing any advil or asprin and putting in my tooth! i need ...

 My friend has bad breath and realy nasty green teeth how can i tell her with out hurting her?

 If u had braces how long did u wear them for?

 Is tobacco good or bad?
for your gums
Additional Details
would you try it if put under pure ...

 I got a tongue piercing and it's infected. Can't tell my parent so what do I do? I'm terrified, advice please?
I got my tongue pierced, and now it's infected, and I'm terrified it will grow huge and deform my mouth, or spread to my brain, or any of those other horrible possibilities. The infection ...

Name something a dentist tells you to do?


bite.(on the bite paper)

brush your teeth

Pay me. "That'll be one arm and one leg, please."

open wide

ordered insanity
take off my pants and breathe the gas

"son will you please take out the trash and clean up your room".....my mom's a dentist

"This might hurt a little bit!"

Chew Trident gum since 4 out 5 recommend it.

Depends on if they're telling you what to do while you're in the chair, or what to do when you get home.
In the chair:
1. Open wide
2. stay still
3. Wrinse and spit
4. Relax
At home:
1. Brush at least twice a day
2. Floss daily

Come back and see me in ____ month(s). He not just a dentist, he has to be a salesman too.

Open you mouth wider!!

sit down and relax ...

Brenda F
Don't drink soft drinls its like pouring acid on your teeth

the dentist tells me to brush my teeth everyday and make shure i use toothpaste

Take off your clothes and sit in the chair


though i always swallow

elrayes m
not to brush..
not to floss..
and never use a moutwash
cose if u did so, we'll never find anything to do!!
i'm a dentist by the way :-)

Mine always tells me I need to "think about getting rid of my piercings." In the past, I've chipped teeth & whatnot on them...but not in the last couple of years.

A friend of mine said she married a dentist because he was the first guy who told her "don't swallow it"......... ;-)

Duh, floss

Brush after every meal and then floss

Please stop by and pay the receptionist on your way out.

give him back his pomeranian.

Dr. Rahumika
Brush twice

Floss for radio trivia... hmm.. my dentist recently told me this.

Don't swallow! LOL!

brush 2 times a day


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