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My teeth r a bit yellow , i brush my teeth twice a day !?
I've used colgate,pepsodent nd other herbal pastes! Can someone suggest me a remedy?

just brush your teeth with pinch of salt daily atleast twice.
this works out.

Ashutosh M
you can use ayurvadic toothpaste & you used toothpaste two times in a day.

I use colgate + whitening and i reckon it works.

sprinkle some burned toast on you toothpaste and then brush this helps to whiten the teeth also take the burned toast and rub it on ur teeth it will whithen ur teeth and it works too.

Sridhar G
1. Go to a Dentist and get a thorough checkup. Do follow as per her instructions.
2. Avoid Caffeinated drinks
3. Goggle ur mouth after a snack, drink or meal.
4. Brush ur teeth twice a day.
5. Chew Gum(Chewing Gum) like Orbit once a while to keep gums and teeth clean

Do rate me if it helped ya.

muhsina k.s.
use salt and mango leaves for brushing .rub your teeth with your fingers with salt.you will get a positive result.because i got a positive result when i try this .so please try this also

Kamala R
half tea spoon of baking soda + pinch of salt + lemon juice, to make it into a smooth paste. rub the paste on your teeth, with your finger. do it every alternate day for 10 days and if you get good result much before then stop. however after that also you can use atleast ones in a week. also rule out the causes like genetic / floride water/ excess coffee tea/ tobacco / cigarettes etc. good luck

Go for Cosmetic Dentistry . A highly effective way of lightening stains without removing any tooth surface. A gel is applied to your teeth and the bleaching agent is activated using laser or intense pulse light. It is a painless procedure and results can last up to 3 years.

There's an age-old home remedy for it: Put table salt to a lemon rind [juice slightly squeezed out] & rub on ur teeth, it 'll reduce the yellow color.... apply it for few days & notice the difference!!!

i can tell you a simple home remedy. Mix cooking soda with your tooth paste and brush well. do it 3/4 times a day for 3 days and you will find the difference for sure.

rubina q
Hey you can try take salt & mix baking soda in it , brush teeth with that mixture. Trust me it works. you can feel the difference.

eating the whole day continuously also increases it . try eating at fixed hrs. n wash ur mouth thoroughly after eatin anything

Cut a lemon into half and rub it on your teeth.It simple and it works too!

You have to visit a Dentist for cleaning and bleaching.

dont worry abt tat..
jus go for a scaling session once a year .nt more than tat. plus gud brushing of teeth is essential with this.

Aside from whiteners. Your teeth probably need more Calcium. If you add more to your diet, your teeth will be whiter.

Priya R
Take salt,tulasi , crampu and you mixe these thing like powder and brush your teeth regularly then see your teeth is how beutiful to see

Arun S
The Neem provides a popular traditional tooth cleaner... try it...

rajendra s
There can be many reasons:- a] may be genetic-what about your father's, b] may be using tabaco i.e. cigrates, pan masala or even beatels, c] may be due to long illness of jaundice or some other illness, d] may be due to tooth decay i.e. paria. Only brushing twice or thrice or changing tooth paste will not help though it is good you brush twice daily. Try to curre it if within your reach.
At night before going to bed, gargel it with a pinch of salt in luckworm water. Early in morning after getting up use ' Lal Dant Manjan', do not spit it out immidiately, but keep it in mouth for three minutes let the herbal medicines in it (mulethi, lavang,salt,geru etc. etc.) work. After three minutes spit out with water.
You will notice the diffrence after seven days.

Chris H
the crest strips work pretty well, they will however make your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold though.

sanjay g
It is not possible by using any type of Pasts available in the markets ,It is possible by using root of an Ayurvedic herb.Mostly Sadhu / Saints used to clean their teeth with this herb , I do not know the name of this Herb but I can recognise the herb.It is very effective and answer to your question.Any type of problem in your teeth can be remove only by using this root of the herbs.



nikhil m
use a lemon to wipe your teeth it will definitely help you as it have helped me

use close up dear

hey u hav 2 options..
1)if it is too severe u could meet a dentist .he can remove that.and will prescribe some good alopethic tooth paste for u..

2)or else u can use tooth floss.ORAL B has realeased tooth floss in india too.see too it that u clean the gap b/w the tooth properly rather than cleaning its surface.and brush twice a day that must solve ur problem

Colgate TOTAL is best one try...................................

brush with Neem stick

Hey..... avoid coffee and tea.mix cooking soda and idiozed salt in equal amount and brush ur teeth then u wil find the result

Brushing teeth doesn't make them whiter. IAlthough you should always brush at least twice a day, regardless, for the health of your teeth.
Teeth aren't supposed to be naturally white anyway, they do have a slightly yellow tinge. Just like your bone.
If you really want to get them white, I suggest you visit the dentist and ask for some stuff; or certain chemists and pharmacies can supply this bleach that will whiten then over a few weeks. However, be warned they can be expensive, may not work for your teeth, and may cause very sharp sensitivity on your teeth when you eat certain food. That can be painful, and may not go away.
Is it really worth it?

tooth color can be the result of genetics, what you eat and drink, effect of certain drugs, or cigarettes.

Your dentist may be able to whiten them.

John X
you should also floss and Mouthwash

buy some whitening toothpaste

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