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My gums bleed when I brush my teeth...?
...and have for the last 20 years, almost every time I brush. I don't know why, they don't particular hurt. Maybe twuice a year the swell a little, but nothing serious. What's going on?

Start dental flossing everyday and brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day. Probably a good idea to go to the dentist. The dental flossing with toughen your gums so that they dont bleed.....you want to be buried with your natural teeth when you get old? Then start dental flossing and brushing and Go to the Dentist.

you gotta floss. :) flossing will make your teeth bleed too but after a week a week or so it should stop. it will make your gums healthy and firm so when you brush, it wont bleed anymore.

I too had this problem.
The best answer i can give you to stop this bleeding is to increase your Calcium intake. Your gums need a boost!
I always had the soft gums; and of course they never tell you what to take to prevent gingivitis or periodontal disease.
Just to keep brushing and flossing. Once i started the Calcium I no longer have that soft gum problem.
In fact, they are a nice light pink that no longer bleeds.
I hope this helps you out.
Take Care

You have gingivitis. I'm surprised if you've had it this long that your dentist hasn't mentioned it to you. You do see a dentist regularly, don't you? I recommend you mention it at your next appt if they don't, and that you make an appt. if you haven't seen one lately!

In the meantime, switch to the softest toothbrush you can find. They usually say soft, med, or hard on the pkg at the store. Also, you can try applying Tea Tree Oil to your gums with a cotton swab. This is supposed to help with bleeding gums and swollen gums. I had this briefly and tried it and it worked for me; within a week after starting this treatment no more "pink in the sink".

Better not ignore this symptom. Severe gingivitis can lead to tooth loss and other oral problems. My MIL is going to have to have some oral surgery done for a moderately severe case of this. They are trying to save her existing bone and gums; otherwise she will eventually lose all her teeth.

Kelly C
See a dentist and let them know your symptoms and that you suspect you have gingivitis (Inflammation of the gums). In the mean time, get a toothpaste and Mouthwash designed to treat/protect against gingivitis and start flossing. Flossing may hurt a little at first until your gums get used to it. Also, I would recommend that you switch to a soft bristled toothbrush and try not to brush so hard. Hope this helps :)

Dr. Quimby
Your probably not flossing. The bleeding is caused by bacteria living at the gum line. You need to floss at least once a day for a while and I'd recommend Mouthwash as well. Brush 2x a day and in about 6 weeks you should see little to no blood.

Danielle M
You have gingivitis..floss!! everyday! then follow w/ mouthwash

I Love My Airman!
your gums bleed when you brush if you have gingivitis

gail w
maybe u are brushing only twice a year

Some bleeding is healthy but not much. You may have gingivitis and that can lead to periodontil disease. See a dentist asap. They can give you this special Mouthwash that will decrease the swelling. I had that problem after I got my braces off.

You need to see a dentist. When you brush, brush your gums, too and floss. You need to toughen your gums up. You have gingivitis.

You really need to visit this site or see a dentist if it worsens.

great days with you
1.Are you brushing too hard?
2.You may have gum desease.
3.Brushing ONCE instead of TWICE a day?
4.If not see a dentist!

maybe try a brush with softer bristles, it will say on the front wether its hard, medium, or soft. If that doesnt work get it checked out at the doctor.

You need to floss or floss more.

Kimmy is a hot babe
You should brush more often, use a soft brush.

You should slosh mouth wash in your mouth for 60 seconds after you brush.

You should floss every day.

You should get your teeth cleaned at the dentist at least once a year, twice is better.

If you do all this, you may keep your teeth. You have gum disease, and you'll lose your teeth if you don't take action.

Lyn B
Is an indication of poor health. Try eating a more health diet.
fruits and veggies, limited/no meat, no dairy, nothing white, lots of water and exercise. I also take a food supplement and that makes your diet easier. http://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/pages/Home.soa?site=Lb53116
By law I cannot tell you that this will end your bleeding gums but I have been it happen in 2 friends of mine.

Sign off computer, goto dentist. Now.

you could have a gum infection or disease, get an appointment made to see your dentist

UMm you need to see a dentist. It's called Gingivitis!!

Yep, this is a pretty good indicator of gum disease. Go see a dentist and also use Mouthwash regularly. I use Listerine myself. Rough stuff, but it gets the job done.

Better see you dentist. Do you floss? We all should floss daily

Rich Z
You have a gum infection called gingivitis. It can be treated bv a dentist. It is not caused or cured by how hard your brush is.It can't be ignored. It does not go away on its own - it just gets worse like other infections do.

Eventually you will lose bone mass around your teeth where the gums have rotted away.and then you will lose your teeth. Go to a dentist and get them looked at.

Sounds like you have gum disease. I am surprised your dentist hasn't addressed this if you have had this for 20 years. You need to call your dentist and get seen ASAP as this is serious. Also consider changing dentists as your dentist doesn't sound like he is very concerned about your health if he has done nothing for this all these years. You see a dentist every 6 months for 20 years and he has NEVER addressed this???? Something is wrong go see a dentist ASAP.

See a dentist...Gingivitis. You need to have this checked out.

pebbles is magically delicious!
Brushing too hard. Or ur toothbrush should have softer bristles. Possibly gum disease. Ask ur dentist.

Gingivitis or peridontal (gum) disease. In addition to brushing/flossing every day, rinse & swish with Listerine 30 seconds each day. You should get cleanings 2 x per year also.

youre brushing too hard. Buy a special soft brush from your dentist or whatever else they reccomend

Most likely you have gum disease. You should speak with a dentist ASAP. You may be at risk for losing all your teeth.

Mine do the same thing even though I brush everyday. I even use the special gingivitis toothpaste but it doesn't do anything. My dentist never really says anything helpful about it. The only thing I can think of is try getting a softer brush, since they sell them in different softnesses

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