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My breath always stinks?
ok before i go to school i brush my teeth tounge and mouth wash! then my breat starts to stink at school all day long i have to keep popin tic tacs in my mouth i hate! i dont eat at school nor breakfast could that be a reason HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie G
eat before you eat, and use gum, not tic tacs.

avoid dairy products....

use mouth wash

go to the doctor

you might have halitosis....

I would suggest going to the dentist.

yeah probably try eating normal meals and see if it gets better

Miranda M
Heres a tip:

After you brush and wash, chew sugarfree gum
Spit it out after 10 min, EXACT.
Brush again and eat oatmeal.
It works. 100%

H a y z ♥
wrigleys EXTRA strong mints.

u know wat i have that problem to...
n is more likely to be that u dnt eat... since u have empty stomach all day ur breath smells mines does too even tho i brush my mouth really good but i always chew gum... LOL!!!
but i havent been to the dentist now that i think about it n read the answers ppl posted on ur ???, makes me think that i have to go c one too.....

Kyle H
I don't think tic tac's work at all. Try regular peppermints instead.

Your breath could be stinking because of gingivitus or halitosis.

the eagale (i am a girl)
i get the same thing if you close your mouth
for a long time that hapends i know it werd but
try it

Not eating breakfast or lunch and having an empty stomach will definitely not help with your breath!

Make sure you floss too.

Try and eat breakfast and lunch.

See a doctor AND a dentist to rule out any health concerns. Halitosis can be caused by many things, sometimes internal stomach problems.

You probably have chronic bad breath. See a dentist and he can prescribe specially made products that help with the symptoms and cure your bad breath.

My husband is, of course, much older than you appear to be so this may not help but he was diagnosed with excessive stomach acids which in turn caused bad breath. He was prescribed Prilosec. He also has gall bladder issues which contributes to the problem.

Brush your teeth three times per day or atleast twice. Early in morning late at night and some time between. Use a good Mouthwash-spend a bit of money to get a good one. Also pay some attention to what your eating as this will affect your breath. Aside from that goto the dentists twice a year which is vitally important and with all this in place you will be fine.

nancy s
Sure, if you don't eat all day long your body is going through some chemical reactions called Ketosis. It has a very acidic type of odor to it. People who diet and don't consume enough food get this.....I have myself. Stomach acids can cause bad breath as well as sinuses. Besides brushing you need to floss your teeth at least once a day. If it has been a long time since your last professional cleaning, then get them cleaned and checked. Gum disease and tooth decay will cause a bad taste and odor. The tic tacs have sugar in them. The more sugar you consume throughout the day the higher the chances of decay. Your bacteria love sugar like you do and will create more plaque acids with sugar. Try doing a quick brush or put some toothpaste on your clean finger and rub it in, (while at school) then rinse with water really well forcing the water between your teeth. Make sure you are brushing your tongue really well too. It gets plaque down deep in the crevices and will keep your mouth less clean feeling.

Нас не догонят
rotten tooth + bad dentist

ballet russe
If you still have your tonsils, you might have tonsil stones. They are a very common, but frequently missed cause of bad breath. I have included a few links for you.

In wal-mart or a drug store ask for a thing that helps with bad breath..i remember seeing something that would help.

I feel for you bro...someone at my job has bad breathe too...we pass him mints all the time..not to make it obvious...we always offer them toe veryone when he has bad days. Try mint leaves bro...chew on them. Have you cheked wiht yuor dentist? Coul be somehting wiht your gums.

someday my prince will come♫ ♥ ♪
try to get listerene mouth strips, they are super mint fresh and will make ur mouth smell REALLY good!

But u could have gingivitus, acute or chronic sinustis. Go to WebMD.com/symptomchecker
put ur age and gender and click head, then mouth.
They have all kinds of sicknesses you could have

Hope that helped!

Sarah Townen
sometimes bad breath can be an indicator of something else not working properly in your body

maybe you are allergic to some food or maybe your stomach is having problems digesting some stuff

you could also have some dental problems, like a rotting tooth or an abcess

i'd go to your doctor and be honest
i bet you will get to the bottom of this pretty quick

good luck

Besides brushing, you need to floss and use Listerine Mouthwash. Also, make sure you change your toothbrush once a month. See your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning. You may have an underlying infection.

It could be many things! Do you have any rotten teeth, loose fillings, bridgework, or gum problems? Those could be potential sources of foul smells.If you eliminate these as a source then it could be a problem with your digestion or elimination. Are you "going" every day? Do you have indigestion, burping or sour stomach frequently? Covering up the trouble with tic-tacs is not a solution. See a dentist in the first instance and a GI doctor in the second. Good luck!

could be your not eating or most likely drinking enough. Could be halitosis and you may need to see a dentist for the cure. Could be an infection in your mouth. good luck

Yes, not eating makes certain acids start to form, & the odor could even be coming up from the stomach 1. Try eating something even if it's just a protein bar, milk or fruit & see if that changes anything - (if not, then I advise you to get checked out by your dentist & tell them the problem) - if your teeth check out ok -like no gengivitis or decay, etc.- then it could be something as simple as changing your toothpaste or mouth wash to see what works best. **Also floss your teeth daily b/c you will be surprised at what the toothbrush misses.

You should talk to your dentist about it. It could be something wrong with your gums, or a cavity or something. In the mean time, keep some listerines with you at all times.


No idea, I chew gum all day just in case....

Brenda M
There is a relationship to WHAT you are eating as well. However, there could be something wrong with your stomach as well ~ I would see a doctor.

Try flossing and brush your teeth before you go to bed too. Also pay attention to what you eat because certain foods leave that stench in your mouth. I.E. Garlic, onions, etc. Chew gum too, like dentyne ice, something with a powerful minty taste.

Not eating at school could make your breath smell, because mucus and stomach acids might build up.

When my breath is really bad I gargle Hydrogen Peroxide, it helps alot.

halitosis or tonsil stones probably

there are things to get rid of both.
like things that you can gargle to kill bacteria that is probably chillin in the back of your throat

Never skip breakfast. It's just not good for your long-term health anyway. Instead of tic tacs, chew gum. Not bubble gum, but the kind that will leave your breath minty fresh. There are also long-lasting ones, you should look for that. Yo should also see your dentist, since he may give you more advice and maybe you need a good clean up but don't even know it.

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