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Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?
If any bodyz haz any ifo give it to me cuz i needz it lotz thankz

I have worked in dental for a long time, and I have heard this question many times! No, braces dont hurt. I had them myself about 4 years ago. The first day you get them, your teeth are a little bit sensitive. From there, you have your wires changes once a month or so, and the first day after wire changes, you are a little sensitive again. In the end, it is worth it!

Katie Marie
They hurt when you first get them on and a couple days after each time you get them tightened. But if you take extra strength Tylenol you should be fine. I had them for 4 years back in middle school! But you will be soooo happy when you get them off. It's so worth it! Good luck hun!

It will hurt for about two and a half weeks after but then the pain will go away. DON'T WORRY!!

it doesn't really hurt when they put them on, but the first week is really uncomfortable because you have to get used to this new feeling in your mouth. also sometimes the braces snag against the inside of your cheek. the wax helps somewhat, but also i think your cheeks toughen up after a while. don't worry, it's not going to "hurt like crazy" it will just be uncomfortable - sometimes very uncomfortable, but cold soft foods help. good luck. i just got my braces off two weeks ago after having them on for two years, and it was definitely worth it!

Vanessa M
it doesn't hurt. i had braces when i was 12 or 13. your teeth are sore for a few days, just take a Tylenol and use the wax stuff they give you so the braces don't irritate your mouth for the first week or so. it'll be fine. the worst part is the pressure on the first 4 top and bottom teeth, but it isn't that bad. braces are cute anyways. enjoy them and you will enjoy having pretty teeth afterwards.

I had braces and all I can say is they were a god send:p they hurt a little bit for the first 2-3 weeks, the actual teeth anyways. the part that hurts the most are the gums; mine took over 6 months to actually accept the brace but according to my orthodontist most people are okay after about 2-3 months. Anyways, as corny as it may sound, these braces will actually help u so much in things like confidence. So go for it!!! Just be careful regarding ur gums

Justin is HERE~!!
it doesnt hurt when you get them.. but it will make your teeth ache becuase its moving the teeth.. I got mine on 8 months ago... And yes they make my mouth ache sometimes.. But 2 Tylenol take that pain away.. If i were you i would take some Aspirin before going to the appointment.. It will help afterwards.. Also make sure to have some soft foods for the next few days.. Biting and chewing are almost impossible.. I ate jello and pudding and soups and mashed potatoes.. But you get used to the pain after like a week and then they dont hurt anymore... Just hang in there.. its not as bad as what people say it is!

its not painfull its just uncomfterble sometimes it hurts a little but not even enough that orajel wont fix it

lol or just rub coca*n on ya lips

mine didnt hurt til after a couple of hours and rught when they put them on. spacers hurt me worse. its good to just sleep it off. i got mine midday. at about 6pm i went to sleep. woke up a couple hours later and felt pretty good. in the morning i was sore though. probably from clenching my teeth all night.

oh yeah, you need to work on typing. lol. :D

It hurts a little in the beginning. Like it was the first 2 days for me. And all it is your mouth just getting used to be pulled or pushed in different directions. Nothing to worry about. And just think about how nice your teeth will look when they finally come off. :)

They'll hurt initially.. but it's not like a punch in the face or anything... it's the kind of pain that's dull achey... if that makes sense.

They might hurt for the first few days, but you'll get used to them quickly and if they hurt as bad as you were told, do you think parents would subject their children to horrible pain?

You're going to be fine... :)

Oh, and you'll get to eat ice cream, jello and milkshakes for like a week.

Yes, they can hurt and be uncomfortable, but they don't hurt THAT badly. Your teeth shift slowly overtime, so discomfort can be expected when you get them tightened, but it's not unbearable. Just relax and know that in the end you'll have nice, straight teeth!

A Fair Judgment.
Trust me, that's what EVERYBODY said when I was going to get braces. And the dentist kept telling me that it wouldn't hurt at all but I just believed everybody else. Later when I actually put them on I laughed at myself for getting so scared for nothing. When the dentist puts em on for you, it doesn't hurt at all but after it would hurt a bit. And everytime he tightens them for you it would hurt a bit. But seriously believe me everybody lied to you cuz they just wanted to scare you!

♥Brunette Babe♥
EAT A LOT BEFORE YOU GET THEM ON! Then brush your teeth really good before you go. It kinda hurts for a few days but you'll get used to them. I've had them for 21 months today. I don't even know they're on. They don't hurt like crazy. You'll want to take some Ibuprofen afterwords though. But they don't hurt too bad. and they don't make you drowsy and they do not sedate you. They use this cement/glue stuff. And I know your lips will feel kinda funny, but there is nothing wrong with them. lol

It'll feel weird at first once they're on, but you'll definitely get used to them.

And brush your teeth really well, or you'll have yellow squares on your teeth!

Don't be scared.
It doesn't hurt at all getting them on. It will hurt for a couple of weeks afterwards, I'll admit but once you get them off you'll be glad you put up with them. I can actually show my teeth when i smile now!
Make sure you look after them well because its so much easier to get food stuck in them which, believe me, is not a pretty sight.
It also hurts a little bit when they get tightened but its not unbearable.

It doesn't hurt to get your braces put on. Once you get them on, they hurt sometimes, but the end result is really worth it.

The most painful thing I had was headgear with my braces (mine connected to the braces in the back). I had to wear it at night for a couple months and it gave me awful headaches, but if you don't have to do that- you're ok! If so, keep plenty of Aspirin on hand! :)

Here is 10 tips:

1.they dont hurt like crazy

2. just wear Chapstick when you get them on

3.eat a full meal before you get them on

4. They are sore just for a few days so no hard foods

5.get plenty of "wax"

6.Make sure that you ALWAYS 24/7 brush and floss your teeth with braces. you dont want straight teeth but with yellow stains and millions cavities!

7.put aside all the lame stories other people tell you...its not that bad

8.brush your teeth a lot b4 you get your braces "ON"

9.When you first get them on, it feels like your lips are sticking WAY out, but they are not...after a while you cant really feel them.

10.Results are awsome!!!!
*Good Luck*

painful things:

the braces most likely rub up against the inside of your mouth, so make sure you get wax to put on the braces. it will make the inside of your mouth really rough and bleed. that happened to me.

tightening the braces also hurts, depending on how much they do it, make sure you eat something soft after that, if you're hungry.

the pain is worth it, you'll love your teeth after they come off!

sorry, but they will hurt and they'll b sore 4 a while, then they'll get better in about 3-4 weeks. :^ /

its not gonna hurt when they put them on and its not gonna hurt like crazy to the point where its unbearable. you'll be in a pain a few hours after they put them on and a few days after too. But after that the pain should wear down day by day, especially if you try to eat after the second day cuz when i did that the pain was almost gone. But if youre gonna eat try eating on your molars or the side of your mouth cuz it will hurt less than the front teeth will. After that the only time you'll have pain is when you get them tightened and/or rubber bands cuz your teeth and jaw will be moving to their correct places. Hope this helps and good luck.!

My friends have them and they all play intruments like clarinet, flute, french horn, trumpet, sax, etc. and it only hurts like the first week. The wax helps my trumpet friend and my other clarinet friend could care less about wax as they said it doesnt hurt like crazy!! and on the brite side SOON YOU WILL HAVE PERFECT TEETH!!!

It doesn't hurt at all. It's just a lot of pressure for the first few days or so. They're more annoying than anything. It can be a task the first time you try to eat with them though... :p

nah. it douznt hurt like that!
trust me, i had them and i'm ver very sensitive to pain.
if u dont go ahead an get these braces...then u'll stay with those teeth... no one wants that

i love my teeth now!!!

Doesnt hurt, it just aches a little. Dont worry about it, you'll be glad afterwards when you have lovely teeth =)

They aren't that bad. There is some pain, more like pressure for the first few days (and after they are tightened).

The worst thing is that the wires can cut into your cheek, but they give you some wax as a coating to prevent that. So it's really not that bad.

It doesnt hurt at all. When they put them in it is completely painless but then your teeth will be a little soar but it only hurts if you try and eat so for the first week id eat soups and stuff like that - stuff you dont have to chew

but there is nothing to worry about ive been there before!

Amanda Krystan
they only hurt a little because they are like pulling your teeth together. you might get a headache the first day you get them on.
just don't worry about it, you'll be fine.

nic nac
It won't hurt much and it'll make you more beautifull

they only hurt about the first week for me. some people only a day, it depends on you. but after a little while, not that long, you get use to them. i have had mine since the beginning of this year, and im glad i got them. they help a lot! sometimes they get pretty bad whenevr you get them tightened to be honest, but the pain doesnt last. i hope you find them as helpful as i do, and good luck! and ur jaw doesnt grow, it just might shift postions after a little while so that ur teeth are all lined up. and if the wires are cutting ur cheeks, wax never helps me. it doesnt stick, and you end up swallowing it! ew! so you just need to make sure that after they are on, and after they get tightened, thast you tell ur dentist if they need to be cut. once they cut the wires chorter, it will be fine! thats what happens when i get my braces tightened. they do not hurt beyond reason. they will be a little uncomfortable for the first few days, they will hurt a little and be soar, but it's nothing unbearable. take some Advil if you have to. and if you play an instrument, dont worry! you might not be able to participate in band the first day (that only happened to me once) but after that you will be fine to play. usually you can play the first day, i just wasnt able to once, because i had missed an appointment, so they did twice the amount of stuff as usual. even if that happens, they arent unbearably, just a litlle extra soar! dont worry about a thing!!!!!

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