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 Does it hurt to get a filling?
Im going to the dentist soon to get a filling on a REALLY bad cavity. Theres like a hole in it and everything. So, does anyone know from personal experience if it hurts? If so, how bad does it hurt? G...

 Does tooth extraction hurt ?
like during and after the procedure. im getting braces in 2 weeks but for that to happen i need 2 fanged teeth to be extracted. can anyone cope with me ?...

 I am 30 is too late for me to study for dentistry degree?

 My breath always stinks?
ok before i go to school i brush my teeth tounge and mouth wash! then my breat starts to stink at school all day long i have to keep popin tic tacs in my mouth i hate! i dont eat at school nor ...

can you drink soda if you have braces? explain please....

 Can i get my lip periced if i have braces?

 How often do I need to buy a new toothbrush?

 "Besides toothpaste name something sold in a tube?

 Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?
If any bodyz haz any ifo give it to me cuz i needz it lotz ...

 Do dentists know if you smoke by looking at your teeth?

Additional Details
I only smoke like 10 each week n have only been doing it for like 5 months??...

 I have to get teeth braces do they hurt?
I have to get them can you please tell me what they do and if it hurts.

And I'm scared that people are going to make fun of me with them on, do you think they will?

Whats ...

 Best Toothpaste?
What is the best toothpaste? I want one that will keep my teeth white, keep my breath fresh, and help remove plaque....

 Braces! Good or Bad??
Hi, Im young ( i dont want to say my age)
and i just had a dental check up. My teeth are apparently fine, but i have a gap inbetween my two front teeth. i really dont like it and i want braces, ...

 What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth she collects?

 Do you brush your teeth when you go to bed?
I am not a kid, but just had some macaroni salad, & corona, wanna go to bed. Do you brush your teeth before you hit the sack?...

 What shoud you do first? brush or listerine??

 How can I get rid of bad breath?
I use mouthwash and brush my teeth regularly, and do not seem to have an unhealthy diet. But my breath smells like something rottern or maybe even like s**t. Is there any medicine or some other ...

 My braces HURT what do i do?
ya i got them tightened and they hurt like heck some1 plz help!...

 Does it hurt to get braces?
i'm just asking ,do orthodonist dentis actually put a shot to num your gum to put braces on?...

 Why are my teeth so yellow?
I have braces and brush my teeth 3 times a day but there soooo yellow, i dont no why? I dont drink coffee i know thats ment to stain your teeth what else could it be?

Also is there anyway ...

If u had braces how long did u wear them for?

A year and a half, but it depends on your mouth.

Christina B
had them for over 2 years

Miles Edgeworth
my teeth were so bad it was from age 12-17 5 years im not joking before i even had them put on i had to have 7 teeth exstracted from my mouth

2 years.

but i didnt wear my rubber bands. so my teeth hit each other.

2 and a half fricken years!!!!!!!!!!! longest thing ever.. they were like-you only need them for 6 months and then 2 and a half years later they were like maybe we should keep them on another 3 months...I was definitely not going for that one!

Hmm i still got mine, had for bout 6 months and still got around six months. They are really annoying at times...and painful.

zach c.
2.5 years.

About a year. It wasn't too bad and now the first thing people notice on my is my smile. Everyone's different though--my sister wore hers for like 4 years.

5 years

i had mine on for 2 years and it was worth it!!!!

i wore mine for two tears, my daughter two and a halve years.

1 1/2.

My teeth weren't bad. Only 2.5 years. Afterwards I used a retainer and still to this day have a retainer cemented behind my lower teeth since June 2003 after braces were removed.

i'm about to get them for about 5 years ugh

3 looooooooooong years

They told my Daughter 2-2 1/2 years but she wore them for 3 years. And her teeth were perfect...So its worth it

♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
If I remember correctly, almost 2 years.

Da ref u hate
I have had braces for 2 years and then had them off for one year. Now i have them and it has been 2 years. They are going to come off soon.

Steeney Maldini
somewhere between 2-3 years...

UGH 5 years

but it was worth it!

well they but a retainer on me for 1 year then braces for 5 years and then a retainer. He was old and I dont htink he knew what he was doing because my teeth were not that bad.

i think braces r 4 detal correction.
so u wear urs till u get ur desired result.

don't stop the music ♪
I had retainers....I wore them for a year I think.

I absolutely refused to get train tracks. The orthadentist said it was the best option, but it would mean I would have to wear train tracks for 2 and a half years and retainers for 6 months AND head gear. I said flat out no, because it was only one tooth that was out of place. I haven't regretted the decision at all, my teeth look normal now.

I was only supposed to wear them for two years, but I didn't do what the orthodontist asked. He wanted me to wear those little rubber bands 24 hours a day, but I only wore them at night. When he told me that I could go to wearing them only at night, I stopped wearing them altogether. I NEVER wore the retainer. My braces stayed on for FOUR years.

Listen to the orthodontist.

im getting mine off this Feb. 25!

iv hade them for 3 1/2.

3-4 long popcorn and caramel and bubblegum less years :( lol
but they have programs now that can be done in like 6 months

Rockztar babii
naa dude neva had but ma friend had for 7 years or more

My teeth were really bad when I went and got my braces on so I had to wear mine for 4 years.

Kacy L
Well it depends i mean i had mine for about 2 and a half years but i had a friend who had them for more than 3 years i guess it just really depends on how crooked your teeth are lol

When I was a teenager - 4 long years.

As an adult - 1 year

Lesson: Wear the stinking retainer!

i still have mine I'm suppose to get them off march of 09' but i get them in Oct. 08' because my teeth shift quick! but all together that's about 1 yr. and 9 months in Oct.

it really is about your or tho as well. do research.
my or tho has an amazing rep all of his patients look amazing
hes a little more pricey and makes you were them longer but he is amazing!

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