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No one
I have to get teeth braces do they hurt?
I have to get them can you please tell me what they do and if it hurts.

And I'm scared that people are going to make fun of me with them on, do you think they will?

Whats the longest and shortest time you can have them on for?

I'm nervous.

John D
they hurt for about a week, then u get used to it. No one made fun of me, because there were lots of kids at my school with braces on. The longest time is probably about
3-4 yrs., and the shortest is about a year, depending on how good/bad your teeth are.

it will hurt for the first few weeks. You might have swelling in your mouth and cheeks for a week or two, but maybe not. When your wires get changed periodically, it will again hurt as increased pressure is applied to your teeth.

Hopefully no one will make fun of you. So many people have braces it seems dumb to make fun of someone.

well you can have them on for as long as you need then i got mine off like two weeks ago and the results are so worth it... i had then for 3 years... they dont hurt DONT LISTEN TO PPL WHO SAY IT DOES! they just wanna scare you!!! if you have alot of space in between your teeth then you weont have them longg but if your teeth are sorta squished then .... well you will have them for lkonger.... it depend i know someone hoo had them for 10 years... but she was messed up!!! and then i also know someone hoo had them for 3 months .. it all depends!!..... somtimes in the beggining you might get headeches so take Advil or tynanol....... but its soioooo SOOO worth it!

xx LoveDis xx
sorry to say but yes i had them and i constantly cried i felt like dying but dont over react maybe for you it wont hurt cause that is the way for some get Tylenol if it does . the orthodontist will give you tips too

some people only need them for a matter of months, others years.

Chances are that nobody will make fun of you. Braces are really common now. I had them and the majority of my friends did, too.

They 'cement' these little things to each of your teeth that they can attach a wire to with little elastics. It really isn't a big deal.
as for the pain: It takes a few days to get used to having extra stuff in your mouth - it just feels awkward and your mouth may get a little irritated, but they give you wax to put over them that make them more comfortable.
When you go to get them tightened your teeth may be sensitive for a few days, depending on how large the adjustment was. Usually the pain is easily controlled by taking a few Advil or Tylenol and laying off really hard food for a few days.

It'll be worth it.

margie ♥'s you!
It doesn't hurt to have the braces put on. The only thing that might be uncomfortable is that the glue they use doesn't taste that good. But it doesn't hurt. A few days afterwards your mouth might be a little sore, but you can just take Advil or something for that.

People shouldn't make fun of you for having braces, because almost everyone has braces! Seriously, in my class, every other person (if not more) has braces. It's totally normal.

I've had mine for over a year. They say that I get them off this summer!

It doesn't hurt when they actually put them on, it just takes a while to get used to the braces. it is painful to eat at the beginning. but in a while, your mouth will be completely back to normal. just eat soft foods the first few days. and i think they put them on different ways - mine they glued on. ask your orthodontist. How long you have them on depends on how bad your teeth are - ask your orthodontist about that too. they told me about 2 years for mine, but one of my friends only has to have them on for about a year, because her teeth just needs a little readjusting. so don't worry too much, because it's not that bad.

People arent gonna make fun of you! People get braces all the time.

They hurt when you first get them, your teeth will be sore, but Tylenol helps a lot.
I had mine for 2 and a half years. But it depends on what your teeth are like. Some people only have them for 6 months...

good luck!

they don't hurt too much. they will hurt for the first few days but then they will get better.

people didnt notice mine much even when i was talking.
people are used to braces now so they dont say anything.

and think of this: in a few months or years(however long the braces are on for) you will have gorgeous straight teeth that people will ency [:

hope i could help!

It only hurts when they tighten them.

No, they do not hurt. At least a good ortho who knows what they are doing would not make the procedure painful. I had them on for three years, but it depends on individual cases. People will not make fun of you, most will probably had it as well, other than that, there is no point to making fun of someone with it.

I sure was nervous too. But don't be. The pain hurts a little. It goes away after 2 or 3 days.Make sure you stock up on cold,soft foods. such as ice cream, yogurt, etc. Only really mean people would make fun of you. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I didn't have one person make fun of me. And after a got them off everyone complements my teeth and my smile. I had mine on for 2 years but i don't know how long or how short they could be on. Ask your orthodontist he should tell you. Oh get some pain relivers just in case.

CSI: Miami Fanatic ♥
The actually don't really hurt that bad. when you get them tightened, they are sore for about 3 days. Usually people have braces for about 1 1/2 to 2 years. People won't make fun of you at all. I first got braces on in 2nd grade, and SOME people made fun of me. Now, in middle school, 2/3 of the school population has braces.
Good luck, and pick out cool colors! :)

mine didn't they just feel uncomfortable and awkward
I had a few sore teeth and pressure on the jaw
its hard to eat for a while
its not that bad

Your mouth is really sore afterwards, but in less than a week the pain subsides. Seeing as braces are common in middle school/high school kids, I doubt anyone with a heart would tease you for them. ;) I think the shortest I've known someone to have them is a year...but then they didn't wear their retainer and they need to get braces again. :O

I have braces, and they ONLY hurt the first week you get them. For that first week, you shouldn't eat anything hard (pretzels, apples, or anything crunchy). I suggest yogurt, and other things that you don't really have to chew. If you are in middle school, normally most people have them, and no one will really make fun of you. Depending on the straightness of your teeth, the time you have them on differs. Have a meeting with you orthodontist and ask a bunch of questions, of course including what foods to stay away from, and how long you will have them.

Also, a suggestion, to get them off quicker, always come to your appointments. If you miss appointments, you might have to keep your braces on longer!

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

ok, they do hurt at the beginning but you will get used to them. you have to have it for about 2 years but dont worry. kids probably wont make fun of you if your in 4th-8th grade, thats when most kids get them. the shortest is about a year, the longest is about 3.5 years. you probably wont have it for that long it just depends on your teeth. dont worry, lots of kids get braces though. hopefully, your in that age range. if you are, kids probably wont make fun of you because they probably will get them too. i got them in 3rd grade and didnt get made fun of, you probably wont. eat lots of soft foods such as applesauce, icecream, soup, ect. its hard chewing at the beginning. maybe fries and a shake. it hurts for a few days, youll get used to it though. hopefully i helped!

let it happen
They hurt like hell at first. People will make fun of you. Expect around 2 1/2 years. It's a part of life. It'll make you better in the end.

becky m
They hurt at first, but that only lasts for a couple of days. I had braces for three years, and got used to them pretty quickly. Take some kind of over-the-counter painkiller about an hour before every visit...it helps a lot. Give yourself a day or two at first to get used to them by eating soft foods, and then gradually work your way to harder stuff. Most people get braces, too, so its not anything out of the ordinary. I don't think anybody will make fun of you. Good luck!

No it doesnt hurt when they put them on. They will make your teeth as dry as possible then put the brackets on with glue (which i will admit is nasty tasting) but it doesnt hurt. Then they put sunglasses on you and use a bright light to get them to stay then attach the wires. I was hella scared but believe me, nothing hurts. Its a bit sore about 2 days later though, not very badly.

I do NOT Think anyone will make fun of you. So many people have braces these days that no one does anymore.

I need them on for a year and a half and they have been on for a year.

Dont worry hun!

Sammy W
i literally just got them on monday
they dont hurt for the first few hours but then they start to after a few hours...and it hurts reallyyy BAD!!
i know its torture but just go in your room and read or watch tv or something to take your mind off of it. oh and take LOTS of Motrin.
don't worry though, my mouth is feeling much better already, you just have to power through the 1st few days.
don't be nervous, lots of people have/ or will have braces.
if someones makes fun of you...well guess wat..youll have better teeth than them in the end so screw it

i don't think they hurt at all. i had 3 friends years ago that had them, they never complained about them & one of them was my bf.
don't fear, it don't hurt & you will have the most beautiful teeth for wearing them.
if peers laugh, what do you care???you are doing something to improve, you should care less.
please don't be nervous - you'll see, you will be soooo happy later on!!!!!

The first few days that you have them your gums will be sore from them rubbing but then they will toughen up. The doc will give you some wax to put on them to help with this. It hurts some after you get the wires tightned. Because your teeth are shifting slowly. It will be a throbbing pain that will last for a day. A heating pad and Motrin will help plus plan on eating soft foods the day that you get them tightned. Its not horrible but will be well worth it when you have straight teeth!! I had braces for three years and now I get compliments on my teeth all of the time.

They only hurt me for about the first week after I got them on. This is because they are doing the initial pull on your teeth and so they will ache but later on they won't hurt at all.

Okay well TONS of people get braces. If they make fun of you...watch in about 2 years or so they will have to get them. Believe me it's not a big deal.

Shortest- I assume it can be a year.
Longest- I knew someone who had them for 4 years.

The average time is around 2 years. It goes by pretty fast as you get used to them

Good Luck!

I carry your heart with me...
Braces were really annoying when I got them, but I am so happy I wore them because now I have a great smile and perfect teeth. When I first got them my teeth were soar because they were moving.. this lasted a few days and everytime I went to a check up to have my wire tightened again. But it is not unbearable pain. Some people also have pain on the inside of their lip and usually put wax over the braces so it does not cause the inside of the lip to become soar or break the skin.

So many people wear braces now that not many people make fun of other kids. No one once made fun of me for wearing braces.

I wore my braces for a year and a half-- and after 4 months my orthodontist told me I needed to wear them again for another 6!! Which really bummed me out but it was necessary.

Don't be nervous, it is worth it. Make sure you brush your teeth well with the braces so that you will not have any staining and regardless treat yourself to whitening your teeth once you get them off, you smile will sparkle!

Fuh-Q Im awsome haha
umm braces dont hurt when they put them on but after they put it on it will hurt and your gonna get headaches and your teeth are going to be sensative so you need to eat soft foods. The time you will have the braces on for will depend on how bad you teeth are the longest i've heard is 4 years but that usually for people that dont follow directions from there orthodonist just do everything you orthodonist tells you and you will have them on for less time. dont be worried about what people say when you get you braces it shouldnt matter

they do the first couple days, and when you need them tightened or a wire changed. they dont hurt as much as they are a nuisance. i had them when i was 11-14. they werent a big deal.

Gabby The Great
don't be nervous. the only time they will hurt is when they tighten them every month. but tylonol can fix that pain. im sure no one will make fun of you. you do want nice teeth don't you? i've had braces for 5 years. just got them off and it was all worth it. just brush your teeth, floss, and if you have to wear rubberbands wear them! the more you follow the directions given the faster they will get off.

good luck.

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