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alaska girl 420
I got surgery on my mouth 4 days ago, do you think it is okay to smoke now?
all four of my wisdom teeth were surgically removed, i haven't smoke at all in the past four days, and i need a cigg, if your just going to tell me to quit smoking dont even bother to answer this question, cause im not going to quit...thanks

i smoked the day of my surgery and i was fine, even though i'm sure i took a risk. you should be okay :]

When I got my wisdom teeth out, I didn't even bother waiting. Just make sure you clean it REALLY well after each cigg, and you'll be okay. My mom didn't and got Dry Socket, she was in pain for a while.

Dr. Nima
You should not smoke until your wound has healed completely. I always tell my patients not to smoke for at least a week after surgery. You can also take advantage of this period to let go of your smoking habit for ever because smoking also affects healthy oral tissues.

no. don't smoke for at least another 10 days. or u could infect the empty space, or rip your gums.

If you have gone four days without a cigarette, then your body does not crave a cigarette, you simply want a cigarette.

Do your best to to stop smoking. It isn't good for you or anyone around you.

Smoking Is Bad It Will Make You ILL

I Would Not

Blast past
Good time to give it up. Its been this long. Too many people die an early age because of this. My dad was only 43. why do it to yourself?!!

There will always be an England
I know how hard it is to give up but believe me it can be done...give up now for your own sake

Dan H
I wouldn't chance it. I'd wait a few more days. I know how you feel; I'm an ex smoker but I did smoke when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I wound up waiting 2 weeks, but I did use the patch when I couldn't smoke.

I wouldn't, but that's just me.

what did the dentist tell you? don't bother to ask other if you know their answers you will not listen to.

dont smoke it kills you

Noy sure...you should ask your doctor about when you can smoke again....I, myself, dont think that it would hurt to smoke now.

they say after any surgery wait untill the wound is fully healed because smoking constrics your blood flow. I would wait at least one full week up to two (they suggest two).

susan a
No give it 2 more days i know thats bad to say but if you need one that bad try one more day

no. wait at least a weak. smoking slows
circulation and poor circulation slows tha healing process.

yeah, it should be alright, but not advisable. my doc told me to not smoke for about a week - i smoked about 4 days after all my wisdom teeth were removed. it shouldn't be bad, but then again, its better if you can wait for another two days.

martin fantuzio
why would you want to smoking kills

The Lemur
I dont think it would be a good idea. You should give it at least 7 days. Hang in there.

The suction created by smoking could cause a dry socket.

You don't want that! It's incredibly painful. Go buy a Nicotine patch, maybe this is a good opportunity to quit.

Kailey & Alyssa Mom
The longer you can wait, the more effective and faster the healing process. If you can wait another 3 or 4 days, you'll reduce your chances of problems still further, until you can visually see with a mirror that your gums have initially healed in that area.

I was a smoker when my first impacted wisdom tooth was removed. It was a lower one, and a very difficult extraction. I began smoking again within about a week, and experienced dry socket, but I don't know that smoking caused the dry socket, so much as it probably exacerbated the condition. At any rate, it was awful. Anything that you can do that allows healing to proceed, is greatly in your interest.

I had 3 removed at one time and smoked as soon as I got home.

If you're able to make it through 4 days... you really should quit.

Single Brunette Unleashed
if you want dry sockets, then smoke away

purple rain
probably not and if you quit for 4 days.. really... why not just quit?? It really is horrible for you anyway.

no dont do it. i got my wisdom teeth out and smoked five days later and had to go back because the pain became excruciating. i would wait at least 10 days, at which point you would be smart to quit, im only 27 and i am already having health problems due to smoking.

NO, NO , NO , NO , NO! I was a dental assisstant for years - you shouldn't smoke until the wounds are almost healed or you could infect them!

suzanne g
Call dentist & ask nurse - ask now, before you get into the weekend.
I say this because I did smoke & man did I regret it. Caused dry socket.

Brandon M
it's never ok to smoke

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