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I am getting braces tommorow do they heart when you put them on and after?

expect lots of needles, pain, and blood...lots and lots of blood...It gets better after a few weeks...Nah, not really, but you'll have nice teeth someday

Asha C
Yes they do! as a matter a fact they hurt because ur teeth are actually being puled in acertain shape or form.(making them more aligned) but in the long run the results are marvellous so look on the bright side at this point. All the best!!!

they hurt but the doctor shoul be able to prescribe you someting eat warm tings lots of liquid

yeah yeppp yeah
heart?!? lol its hurt. yeah they do i dont have braces but i have friends that have braces and they said it hurts when you get them on and when you tighten them

It hurts a little but I didn't think it was very bad. It might make your mouth a little bit sore when you go for monthly adjustments but you can take some Tylenol just before your visit. It's worth all the pain...your teeth will look great when it's all done. Good luck!

It's not the nicest of sensations but remember this picture if you ever feel like giving up wearing them or not brushing them well:


A great smile is one of the nicest things people can comment on, trust me I had bad teeth until surgery and it's a life-changing thing.

Hope this helped and good luck!

a lil discomfort...
eat soft foods n pain killers if u feel pain.

not when you put them on but you might get headaches and your teeth might hurt but the Doctor gives you mint wax to stop the pain

When they put them on it tastes wicked bad!

But the next day your mouth will be sore.
A tip from experience, wait a few months for gum and sticky candy. They say you cant have it but you will want it...

Real bad!

I would not say that braces really hurt. Certainly, the installation process is not painful. OK, it is a little awkward to have hoses and hands in your mouth. But really pain is not involved in the process.

Once the wires are installed and tightened, you will probably feel some pressure, as your teeth are pushed gradually into the desired positions in your mouth. This is what corrects your bite and your smile. But it is not a sharp pain, like a cut or a scrape on the elbow or knee might be. It is more like having something heavy set upon you, so that you feel pressure or weight.

Your orthodontist will likely instruct you to eat softer foods for a few days, as your teeth and jaw may feel a little different. You might have some Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (like Advil or Motrin) on hand, in case your mouth feels a little achy for a day or two.

That's it. Not really anything to fear. And just think of the lovely smile you will have in a few months!

[email protected]
some discomfort , yes . But , no more pain !!

Yes they will make your mouth hurt. They essentially pull your teeth (bones) around on your gums. The pain will last a few days at first and then a day or two after adjustments. I assume you are under 18 so ask your adult for a pain Reliever such as Motrin or Advil. The wires on the braces will also wear holes in your mouth. They make wax for it, but chewing gum works in a pinch!

The most painful part of mine was when the braces came off and the popped in the retainers. THAT was serious pain for about three days.

Hurt. OMG yes. It's worse than having a baby. Putting them on AND taking them off!

jolly - joker

u mean hurt?!? lol...they dont hurt when u put them on...just feels sorta weird-ish...lol...but u get used to it...it might hurt later on that night and maybe for a few days...my advice get lotsa sleep and take Tylenol or Advil...something to stop the pain...and be sure to buy lotsa pudding, ice cream, and other soft foods cuz u might not feel like chewing anything hard..but trust me you'll get used to it...good luck...and have fun!!! :D

When they are first put on, at least my experience hurt a lot. I don't feel like eating. Touching things with my teeth hurt. They shock your nerves a bit. They will hurt, I can almost guarantee it.

my sister had braces for a year and a half..she said that they dont really hurt when they put them on but later they hurt a little because of the wires that r tightened...but have no fear...Tylenol or Motrin help a lot...

Sorry to say, you will feel them the first day. They will be sore for about 4-5 days, depending on how much you test them and try to be "brave". But I am getting mine tightened next week, and I have had braces for about 8 months, and they hardly hurt when I get them tightened now. Stick to mashed potatoes and ice cream my friend. And become well acquainted with Tylenol. But stick to 4 hour intervals; otherwise this could become a problem. Have fun.

sorry 2 hear that good luck

Well sometimes. When i got mine on i didnt think they had put them on yet. He just said your done. There is nothing to worry about. But after your mouth is going to feel sore. It is hard for you to eat. Try and eat very soft foods. But after a week or half you mouth will get used to eat. Good Luck

Mine didn't hurt at all, but the inside of my cheeks kind of felt like canker sores. Definitely use the wax on the ends of the wires, and if something hurts, let them know.

Honestly, mine hurt like hell. I got both rows on at once and i couldnt eat Cinnamon toast crunch that was soaked in milk for any length of time. After probably a week maybe 2 your mouth will feel normal. A couple teeth may hurt but the rest is fine. As for after; whenever you go back to the orthodontist to get a "checkup" it is more like a tuneup. They put tighter bands on and it hurts again but not as much or as bad. So basically it hurts initially and then after you go back it will hurt again.

Congratulations! Your teeth will look great afterwards! They do not hurt when they put them on, but a few hours later they do. If they give you special wax, put it on wherever it hurts, because they can scratch up your gums at first.

Rebecca H
well i have friends who have braces and gotten them off they hurt wen u get them on at first u cant really eat that much stuff but ull get used to it some times they cut ur mouth so be careful but once u get them off itll all be worth it.

B. D Mac
Your teeth will be sore for a few days as they start pushing them right away. You will get used to them quickly. Each time they are tightened they will be sore a bit. If the pain is too extreme tell your Orthodontist and he/she can tighten them less although this may increase the time you have to have them on.

Make sure you really do the things the Orthodontist tells you to do and do not do the things they tell you not to do. This way you will have an easier time with them and less pain because if you eat things you should not, things break and must be replaced which costs extra time, money and pain!

It did not hurt at all when they were removed.

It is worth it in the long run. It will seem like a huge pain in the butt but when they come off you will realize it was really worth it!

Good Luck!

They do not hurt when being put on unless the orthodontist pokes you with the wire at the back of the mouth by accident!

Afterwards there is not much happening in terms of forces on the teeth so they should not hurt, but the brackets might scratch the inside of the mouth so use the wax they provide.

They hurt onlu a little bit but they are mostly just uncomfortable for a day or two until you get used to them. Don't worry about them hurting tons.



†ΪċКĿěď pїиК ¡ň L♥νέ w¡Ťĥ ☆Mᆆ☆
they Dont hurt putting them on.. the only pain is after when the tighten them.... it is just soar if you talk some meds, youll do fine

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