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I'm having problems remembering to brush my teeth. Help.?
I get in a hurry sometime and forget. I just rush right out. Help

I <3 Dr. Phil
well just keep a small toothbrush in your purse or something with a small toothpaste XD

You always been my all
Take a good cup of mouth wash, or use some mint gum, or just breath mints. They even have those portable toothbrushes oral b Brush ups. Hope this helped =)

omgsh i have the same problem. just remember. stick a toothbrush in ur pants while u sleep so when u waken ull remember. thats what i do and i NEVER forget to brush them.
this may seem...odd...but TRUST me it works...if u have a lover who u sleep with...dont tell them...lol
good luck

Just make it part of your daily routine. I mean what do you do when you wake up? Take a shower? Drink some coffee? Get dressed? You have to do something.....so just throw it in there. For example, I wake up, pee, take a shower, put my contacts in, brush my teeth. Every morning the same thing. And in the evening I just do it before I go to bed.

Make an agenda in the morning and check off things that you have done as you do them. Put a sign on your door BRUSH TEETH? big so you can see it. Make a reminder on your phone or carry a tootbrush with you as wel as mints.

Crystal :)
I see dead people

i'm motivated
usually people have to pee first thing in the morn. so after you wash your hands brush your teeth. But really try to get up earlier to take care of your hygiene.

if you have to, brush them in the shower.

Well who ever you are to remember to brush wrap a string on your finger or you may make a planner that you learn to read every night. Peoples teeth are important JUST REMEMBER THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO HAVE DENTURES AND YOU MAY NOT LIKE THEM!!! so have fun using dentures when you loose your teeth...

Screaming Meemies
hang it from the bathroom doorway so it bonks you on the head when you go in! can't miss it!

Well honestly I made it a goal myself to improve my smile(I dont smile in pictures haha) so its just natural to do this.

Maybe get a random keychain ornament and place it on your keychain to remember, or even just plan to brush your teeth when you wake up to use the bathroom or right after your shower/bath when your still in a towel.

Cassie L
put an alarm on your phone or watch or you could try doin it at the exact same time everyday so that it would be routine..

Create a routine and keep with it.

Sox=2005 champs Cubs=hmm when?
carry a travel sized tooth brush and tooth paste with you incase you forget.

Put a huge sign on the back of your door that reads...BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

make it the frst thng in "thng to do list" after u get up.......just leave ur bed and st away go to brush ur teeth........u gonna find it difficult for frst few weeks but later it will becum ur habit and u will nt forget........hope tis will help u........

guy with a keyboard
leave a note on the door that sais brush ur teech

Micah B
leave yourself notes by your bed

Savana D
This will seem strange but try to remember to always go to the bathroom before you go out or go to bed, when your in there it'll pop in your head, "hey I need to brush my teeth." Of cource thats just a suggestion.

keep a toothbrush in your pocket

Dawn D
Buy some brush ups and keep them in your car. That way they are there when you forget :)

Put a huge sign on your door that says "BRUSH TEETH." Trust me, it helps.

Or on your mirror, or somewhere where you will see it.

lol put notes anywhere you look when your in a rush.
eg. bedside
shoe cabinet

Big TOm
Keep a toothbrush/toothpaste in your car and brush at work. If anyone asks, just say you were running late.

You could try waking up earlier or if you do forget just try some breath mints or gum. Just keep multiple packs on you at all times.

Hope that helps

Artificial S
take a toothbrush and toothpaste with you in a bag.. or just remember

make brushing them the first thing you do when you wake up


Just remember to brush in the car. I guess it okay to miss a few mornings even though I never experienced it myself.

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