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How old do u have 2 b 2 stop having 2 go 2 the dentist?
im 16 & i was wondering if im old enough 2 make my own decisions on if i wanna go or not..

You need to go every 6 months regardless of how old you are...what did you think, once you're 16, your teeth have magical powers and never need tending to?

keep up with your teeth! trust me, i have absess & have to have oral suregry

~*Your Name Here___*~
YA BIG WEIRDO. Why are all teenagers doing the whole "Rebellion" thing. Your probably just afraid. Someone who is afraid of the dentist, Seems just a little immature. Never trust an immature person to make decisions for themselves. If that did happen, the world would fall apart. Two more things. stop writing 2s instead of twos. And try sedation dentistry. It makes you feel all happy inside...

dev j
that is a ridiculous question. You should always attend a dentist biannually for the best possible self hygiene .

u should go at least once a year (recommended is twice a year) no matter how old u are. it helps ur teeth because the dentists clean away some plaque and its gonna keep ur teeth healthier for a longer time

Rachael N
You have to be 18 to make those decisions. Why don't you want to go to the dentist? I assume it is because you are scared or you just plain don't like it. I know the feeling believe me! I stopped going to the dentist when I was 18 and didn't go back until I was 29. DO NOT DO THAT! When I did go back I had to get a number of fillings, one tooth pulled, root canal and one crown can promise you that it would have been better just to go every year like i was supposed too. Do not get me wrong I still HATE going but I don't want a stinky rotten mouth either and that is what happens when you don't go and get a cleaning and make sure you don't have cavities.

Well many adults still go. My dads turning 49 and he still goes..
My brothers 16 and doesnt have a choice.
Im guessing its up to you when your 17 or 18.
I suggest you keep going though, thats just my opinion.

If you know how to take care of you teeth, then you really don't need to go. But if you're the type to skip a few days on brushing your teeth, then I recommend you still go just to make sure you don't have decaying cavities and such.

You're old enough to make your own decisions (:
if you parents deny, then.... explain to them!!

You're old enough, but you must go forever!!

Island Hopper
To stop "having" to go to the dentist, you have to be dead...even when you have dentures, you still have to have someone work on your mouth.

I'm Just Me ♥
you have to be dead, i would say. unless you want cavities

Dan H
If you want teeth, good teeth, that is, you need to continue to go to the dentist.

Rick B
HUH!?!?! You go to the dentist twice a year no matter how old you are.

Why on Earth would not want your teeth cleaned?


XD (loves JB's)
it doesnt matter how old you are you have to go to the dentist =)

Coco C
You should always go to the dentist at least once a year to get a cleaning and a check up

uhh you have to go to the dentist all your life unless you want nasty teeth. believe me, just keep going to the dentist

I am 18 and I go all the time when I need to. You won't ever stop. If you do...have fun with no teeth

Denise M
as soon as you understand that you could lose your teeth and you will have to pay for it all as an adult.

go to the dentist. Or possibly face rotten and missing teeth, bad breath, and a dirty smile.

People of all ages should have their teeth cleaned every 6 months. Better to do that than have dentures.

you should never stop going, you should still go to get a check-up and a cleaning yearly.

Will P
You're not mandated by law to go or anything. It is a decision left for you and your parents. No one is forced into going. But regular check ups (twice a year) is a good thing, and is definitely recommended.

when your teeth fall out thats when you can stop going

NEVER! My grandpa is 84 and he still goes to the dentist (not that he has any teeth). ;-)

old people still goes to the dentist

rovontae t
never stop

Connor M
you dont stop

Momma Jo
You go till your dead, or all your teeth fall out.

Real Estate Guy
if you are asking this question, then you are not old enough to make the decision.

You are old enough not to have to go when all your teeth fall out.

Can you gum an ear of corn?

Besides, how many guys will want to kiss you if your teeth are all black and rotted with the stench of foul pus oozing out along your gums?

You don't stop.....
Unless you want your teeth to fall out.

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