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 I have to get a couple teeth pulled in 2 weeks....does it hurt?
i heard that it doesnt but you can hear it come out...i'm gonna bring my ipod so i wont hear it. so what happens?
Additional Details

donna a
How do i get my teeth really white in two days?

brush them.

or put tipex on them


Gram Parsons Returns
white out.

Visit http://toothwhitening.fateback.com for adequate help

chivista de corazon
paint them white

Jasmina Pierro
10,000 dollars and Porcelain Vaneers. You'll be set!

Get them professionally whitened at the dentist office.

go and see a cosmetic dentist...NOT JUST ANY DENTIST.

Dulux One Coat

You should make an appointment at one of these specialty teeth whitening places. I think it costs acouple hundred dollars, but it will be worth it. I've never done it, but others tell me its great, easy and fast!

Aabid L
well i think u should brush with baking soda like 10 times in 1 day

Definitely use Rembrandt 2 hour white kit! I used it and it really worked. I like Crest Whitestrips but they take about 2 weeks. It can be pretty pricey though. In drugstores it is around $30 I think but I got mine off ebay and it was $15. It has 2 mouth pieces, one for bottom and one for top and you heat them in hot water then stick them on your teeth so they form to the shape of your teeth. It comes with little tubes of whitening gel that you put in the mouth pieces. The box says to use a tube in each piece but I have found that to stretch out the supply, you can use one tube for both bottom and top, that way you get more whitening power. I really liked them! The only drawback is that you may feel a little sensitivity if you use it all at once so I reccommend splitting it up throughout the 2 days instead of doing it all in 2 hours.


you have to go a dentist. They clean teeth clearly in 30 minutes.

try one of those strips

....WTF is going on in 2 days?

Go to the dentist and get laser whitening. Only way to get it done that fast.

white out
i guess you'll need a dentist who'll squeeze you in for zoom whitening

Get Zoom Whitening. Takes an hour or two. It works great but it is expensive - several hundred dollars.

The only way and safe way is a dentist but it is expensive and you may not get an appt. this quickly. The over the counter treatments, some work a little, some not at all. It helps not smoking or drinking coffee and use a teeth whitening toothpaste. Use a little baking soda 2-3 times a week helps, an ole fashion remedy.

See a dentist.

You can't ..... except what you have .... nothing can go wrong with a dynamite smile..no matter how white they are. Just as long as they are not yellow from not brshing, stained like crazy or have exposed cavities on the front of your teeth. Cheer Up!

There are the whitening strips that really work very well. They also came out with teeth whitening dissolving strips that melt in your mouth to help reinforce the whitening strips for your teeth. It makes your teeth a little sensitive but they really are very good and you should see positive results in two days. Good luck!

viva le Eire!
brush with neat bleach, they'll fall out on the third day but they'll be white for those two days!!

Bella Latina, 22 summers
get ur teeth whitened w a professional asap!

Go to the dentist for a whitening treatment.

gargle with bleach!...lol seriously, i'd try whitening strips

i brush with peroxide and baking soda. let it make a paste and sit on your teeth for as long as you can stand it. you may have to stand over you sink and let it all goop out while you salivate but it does brighten up your teeth. and its good for your gums to do this once and a while. brush lightly. you don't want to hurt the enamal .

Go to a dentist and get your teeth whitened.

get Colgate white

brush with baking soda

Hello, you should try this natural method to whiten your teeth:
Brush your teeth regularly with a mix of 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, and just enough Hydrogen Peroxide to make a paste...The paste will gradully lighten stains!!
You could buy the product, "Plus White"...It works because I've tried it...However, you'll see a drastic change when you use it twice a day for 2 weeks.

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