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 Do dentists know if you smoke by looking at your teeth?

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 Bad breath?
i brush my teeth twice a day, floss, and use a bit of listerine, but my breath is still gross, in my opinion.

how can I fix this?...

How do I remove mouth odour when regular use of mouth wash and toothpaste have failed?

jacqueline h
there a toothpaste called uthymol brush ur tongue with it its amazing x

First of all it is necessary to realise you may be fixated on a problem that isn't there . Ask your friends if it is truly a problem . Sources of halitosis are seen to be ,certain foods ,chronic digestive problems,and decayed teeth and infected gums due to poor oral hygene . I would recommend a dental exam as a start .


All surfaces of the mouth are prone to plaque, so don't forget to brush your tongue. Also floss, it will shock you when you see what is trapped between your teeth! Small particles of food will start to smell if it goes rotten, (If you put a small piece of meat out in the warm sun, imagine the smell)

try chewing fresh Parsley or Fennel stalks after meals

Chεεrs [uk]
Try flossing - and brushing your teeth more regualary than twice a day - take mints or chewing gum around may help as well. IF this is an age thing i.e. your going through puberty etc... then it may just dissapper with time.

richard g
sounds like have an ulcer

Go to the dental hygienist

Chew mints every time u finish one chew another and when that fails thers always your Dentist!

There are many things that can contribute to halitosis or "bad breath." Smoking, post-nasal drip, food, etc. The main thing to do is to quit smoking, brush 2-3 times a day, floss daily, use antimicrobial rinses such as Listerine or Scope, and most importantly, a tongue scraper! This can reduce the overall bacterial count in your mouth. If you can get past the gagging that tongue scraping can cause, it will be very helpful! Also, chewing gum with xylitol (Trident has it) in it will help. Good Luck!!

Try brushing your tongue way back there. You may have junk caught in your tonsillar crypts. Food trapped in there will cause bacteria and it smells really bad. Also, certain types of food will do it. Sometimes an upset stomach causes it.
Sometimes it is a rotten tooth or decaying tooth. Lots of reasons.

dave s
see a dentist to see if you have a bad tooth,good luck

chew mint leaves or Fennel seeds

go to ur dentist and try using listerine and extra strong mints

julie J2006
best natural sourse is to chew fresh parsley

Halitosis (bad breath) is caused by bacteria on the tongue (which give the tongue a white appearance). Brushing your tongue with your toothbrush can help reduce the bacteria (or better yet, there are new-fangled toothbrushes with orange rubber on the back: specifically designed for your tongue).

Other than that: I don't really know. I brush my tongue and its not completely effective. I don't use Mouthwash though.

it may be in your intestinal tract or gastric. you may want to go to a gastric dr. to see. in the meantime try a cleanse in your body. if it smells like fecal it is. try colon cleanse. aloe vera juice can help also. go to your or call a health food store and ask for the best colon cleanser

the dentist or chew lot of gum =]

brush your tongue as this is where the bacteria accumulates and causes bad smells!! x

try what you been told and go to the dentist as soon as you can.if you have gum decease you will loose all your teeth but your have no pain my boyfriend lost all his but before he lost his teeth he went to so many dentists before it was sorted i tell your breath would smell horried do something you can get other things wrong like loose your gums feel ill tummy trouble ear ache.

DIY non-expert
Go to the dentist, you might have some tooth decay

ali k
Try flossing daily

go to your dentist, there might be tooth decay or gum problems,
or to a doctor -you might have problem w/ your stomach or throat,
or maybe you have to lessen eating onions, hot pepper, vinegar,
stop smoking

The Baron
Chew Parsley. Try different brands of breath mints til you find one strong enough.

Mouth odor is a symptom, several causes, plaque and tartar build-up, sinuses, other health problems. Start with a routine visit to your dentist, (which you should be doing every 6 months). Tell your dentist your concern, he will give suggestions to help you.

bryan b
dentist, Altoids, gum, breath mints

maybe ask the dentist? thats what i would do...! good luck!

go to the dentist. You may have a tooth that is rotten and needs to come out. My friend had the same problem.

Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth and floss daily, in addition to brushing.

You should visit a dentist, if it does not solve the problem then you should have a stomach check up.

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