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Nite 4
How Do You Get Rid Of A Bad Toothache?
i have had a toothache for 3 days now and i have tried everything to salt bag, tea bags, advil, asprin, nurporexen, bc powder, and crushing any advil or asprin and putting in my tooth! i need something else because i want the pain to go away!! and please do not say a denist because i can't get one of them right now i am looking for home remedys! thank you!

numb it up with orajel

If it is causing swelling around it or blistering on the gums, you may have an abscess, in which case you will need to take anti-biotics.

allison b

Free Range Chicken
Ambasol orajel.

Orajel. One dab and the pain is gone.


Oil of clove

Fo Sho!
You can try oragel, but the effects don't last very long. If you've had pain for 3 days and nothing is working, theres some type of problem. ie. a cavity, or much worse, an abcess..

You may want to consider seeing at least a doctor, and/or a dentist if you can. If it is an abcess that could get very serious.

You can use over the counter pain relievers such as anbesol, or Ibuprofen. But your best bet is to go to the dentist. More likely there is something wrong with the tooth and if you don't get it fixed ASAP it'll just get worse and cause more pain.

I Demand Answers
difflam is good, or even better, i dont know where you would get hold of some but piercing places use a numbing solution that leaves you unable to talk for like 15 minutes, even then its sorta hard.


Jaime P
A tooth ache is usually a sign that a nerve is dying or abscessed, You can either ignore it and it will probablly go away or at least lay dormant for a while but it will return and when it does it will probabally be worse... then you will have to see a dentist. Just avoid chewing on that side and take a nasal Decongestant to rule out sinus pressure giving you deferred pain. Good luck!

Tanya Lynn
Rinse your mouth with Salt water, take Ibuprofen around the clock every 6-8 hours, and keep a good supply of oragel.

If you wait too long you may need a root canal and those are more painful than a filling.

Hope you feel better soon.

Julie L
If you have an abcess or anything like that you definitely need to see a dentist. I know you don't want to hear that but it is necessary.
Otherwise, whiskey works.

there isnt really anything you can do is take Advil
but if it is still there after a couple of days...
consult your dentist

Try gargling out with salt and chew on a piece of Ginger ............normally the dentist wont touch the tooth till the pain disappears...........if it is cold weather cover your face and keep that cheek warm

Orajel nighttime formula it lasts longer. Trust me i've used it on a toothache before.


karen w

Deja K
You need to get origel that have to say takes away masive pain. You should get the orange one tht you need the cotton swab. And you really need to go to the dentist because it can be serious. That happened to me 4 over a week . I used the origel it took the pain away.But i still needed to go to the dentist to see if I had a cavate.
TIP: You should go cuz if u have a cavate and leave it will get bigger and bigger until you tooth is gone.

use a littel rum

i had the same problem,try Clove oil.it comes in a little bottle and all you have to do is use a q-tip and apply directly to the tooth.and you shouldnt crush the pill and put it on your tooth because it can eat away at your gum.or you can crush up some Clove and put it on your teeth.i hope you feel better because i know how you feel.=]

Lorena P
try orajel it freezes tooth and presto pain gone. find at any drug store like $4. available in extra strength too! try it. I have a bad tooth ache too. a corner of my tooth chipped off and I can't get to a dentist right now either. and this is what I use also helpful: a heating pad right on the spot that hurts!

Antibiotics from the ER would be your best bet. The infection is what causes the pain, they also give you pain killers. As for home remedies, I heard real vanilla works, the flavoring but not imitation.

clove oil!

Matthew M
pull it out

A door and a piece of string....but if you want a less agressive option, there is a painkiller called cocodomol (sp?)which is good for toothache.

I do not know why you cannot go to a dentist immediately. But, I strongly suggest that you do so as soon as possible, because no home remedy will really ,ever cure your ailment, On the contrary, home remedies could cause you more harm, not only to your tooth or gum, but to your other organs.

find some pliers and yank it out. really though there is nothing, call dentist and make earliest appointment to get pulled.

You have an infection and the nerves are reacting causing you pain .Try to save the tooth before they have to pull it out and you become toothless if you keep that up.See a dentist now go to Sears dental they got payment plan they may help you.Meanwhile Orajel,Tylenol and ice pack around the jaw area to reduce swelling may temporarily help but not for long.

It sounds like the nerve in your tooth is dying.

Other than a dentist, or putting a hole in your tooth,
I would suggest getting an RX for some kind of Antibiotic.
there is an active 'infection' going on.

The pain is from pressure of the gasses that the dying nerve tissue is giving off. . causing an 'enclosed' area to become painful from pressure.

You should also try to alternate the kinds of pain relief.
Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, naproxin. . .sounds like you are building up a resistance

try to get to a doctor of some kind. . .a dental school or charity, good luck

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