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Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled?
Does the emergency room pull your tooth for you if it is that bad? I have had this cavity for quite some time now & it is just starting to hurt me right now & it has been 4 years since I first found out about it?

Dannielle S
It is not that bad if you have it done by a good dentist if you do it yourself it will hurt a lot.

yes it hurts. but only for a little sharp second of shooting pain. then its more just dull pain.

i dont know about the ER but pulling is less painful than a root canal

The emergency room may do it if they have a dentist available. Not all hospitals have one on call.
Usually they will numb your mouth up pretty well so you won't feel much. Just think of it this way: it can't hurt nearly as bad as it does now. And it's over with before you know it.

You just feel pressure on your gum because they make it num.If you r going 2 get it pulled have something cold like icecream right after.

No N
i really do not know.....


the actual pulling out the tooth process doesn't hurt... but the numbing process hurts like hell.

notre pain quotidien

If they numb it, you should be okay.. Good Luck!

A friend of mine says it hurts only a little. They numb you. No, the dentist will do it. And if you have a cavity, chances are, they will give you a filling, and if it is bad, maybe a root canal. But if you'd rather have it pulled maybe they will do it for you

it shouldn't hurt at the time because of the anesthetic but it will hurt for a couple of days after being pulled...especially if they have to cut it out.

No it will happen at the dental office and they give you some numbing stuff

emergency room probably won't do it, go to a dentist and get it done there. The extraction does not hurt a bit after they numb you. The needle just feels like a poke with a toothpick for 1/2 a second and you go numb after that.

Peter P

If the anesthesia works properly (and if enough is given), NO, you shouldn't feel any pain, however you will feel some pressure. It's pretty simple and pain-free if you see a good dentist. The only thing that will hurt a tiny bit are the Novacaine shots, but it's minimal.

Good luck...

er wont do anything for you
my bros teeth were knocked out
we went to the er and they said get him to a dentist asap!
and keep the teeth in milk
same goes for pulling a tooth I'm sure
you just have to go to the dentist man
if its there for a while then it isnt really an emergency is it?

charlene f
you may be able to get e root filling?
if not, a tooth pull may hurt if there is infection under it, this is relieved as soon as the tooth comes out, u may feel pressure durin the procedure, ask the dentist if u need it pulling as if u leave it to get worse it will hurt x

Well, if you HAVE to get teeth pulled and you have the opportunity to choose between being knocked out and just getting Novocain, go for the Novocain. The dentist is forced to be more cautious if they know you're awake!

puffy puffers
No, the emergency room won't pull it. You might want to have it checked for any abcesses before having it pulled,the dentist will prescribe antibiotics for you to take for a few days

To answer your question. Yes, it hurts like crap!!! I got novacane, but it didn't do anything for me. I heard the cracking and it felt like my jaw was being ripped off. Once that tooth was out, I let out a sigh of relief, it was WELL worth it.

You might want to ask the dentist to give you laughing gas or put you out for a few.

Mike P
I am the King of Dental problems--I have caps, fillings that have been replaced---you'll get some pain killer (a needle which they carefully use) and your mouth will be numb for awhile.

I'm guessing it's your wisdom tooth. As a matter of course, teeth being pulled aside from wisdom is not typical these days. My doc has never pulled a tooth--I got caps though.

I have never heard of an regular emergency room pulling a tooth. Most dental universities have dental emergency rooms, but they're not usually open 24 hours.

Go to the dentist. Having a tooth pulled hurts less than letting it abcess in your mouth, but pulling it may not be necessary. It can probably be filled. In worst case it may need root canal, but only a dentist can make that decision.

It don't hurt and it's fast.

I have had 4 teeth pulled out and the thing that hurt the most is the needle to make you numb. And it don't hurt a lot.

But the weird thing is the fact that they remove it with the same tool that you repair yout car with and you hear some nasty noise. Too, you will be surprised by the needed strength to remove a tooth (if you are young).

Then, it starts to hurts more when the drug in your mouth is no longer active. But you will have some medics for that.

Ray Ray
no,they numbed my gums and i didn't feel a thing.i was awake for the whole thing,its hurts afterwards,and you wont be able to eat solid foods

You really need to just go to the dentist. The emergency room would be a lot more expensive.

my dentist pulled 2 of my teeth out and it doesnt hurt at all they gave me novicane tho....the only bad part was that it bled for a long time and you have to hold this thing on it

very very painful my dear!!!

Not for me, they injected me with stuff that got me so high I didn't know I was missing any teeth till the next day, lol...it'll feel a little sore and might bleed a bit but it's not that bad...

like hell..

Usually the ER won't pull your tooth, but they will call an emergency dentist. I think you need to go to the dentist ASAP. Don't mess with cavities.

But to answer your question, it's not fun to get your tooth pulled, but you are so loaded with numbing agents that you won't feel any pain until the meds wear off.

Guess who
Yes of course it does. LOL and It seems to me the hardest part, the true hurting, is after it is gone, the healing, especially if it is a molar, or a wisdom tooth. If you are really afraid of it, then you might have to be put to sleep . but if you can just have it filled, and not pulled, if it is a cavity , you might be able to save it, You will be glad later if you do, yes it will cost more to save it, but you will be glad later. good luck

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