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Do you floss?
I don't. but I just want to see if other people do.

Bekki. :D
It depends on what I've eaten. If I had previusly eaten something like an apple, then I don't, but if I eat popcorn I do.

my aunt and uncle own a dentristry, so I floss by nature =)

everyday at least once a day.
seriously once you do it for like a week it feels disgusting if you dont do it. and not doing it leads to gum disease!

sometimes, if i have something stuck in my teeth, i should probably do it more though.

Yepp. I use the disposable ones, like the ones on a stick with one little thread of floss, and you could toss them out once your done.

cristian c

I do, if you would do it and see the crap that came out, you would be compelled to keep it up. Some gross stuff lives between your teeth!

yo mama!!!!!
nuh uh

Mr Renee
no we run out as usual lol

yea it takes food out of ur teeth so u dont look dumb hehe i hate it when tht happenes

Stranger In Portugal
I am 22 years old and have never flossed because my mouth is small and my teeth are close together so it is hard to for me to floss even with the ones that have the handle. I have never had cavities since I don't eat sweets.

No. My teeth are really close together. I even hate when the dental hygienist flosses my teeth. Sometimes trying to force that floss between my teeth can hurt.

✿∞Recklessly Amazing∞✿
I try to every now and then.. like before dentist appointments, but it is hard. I still have braces and it can take up to 30 minutes to do it.

Yes! My dentist told me that I only have to floss the teeth I want to keep. So I floss all of them every day.

do i dont, and i only brush once a day.

Krystofer P
yes i have braces and i find little foodies and plaque lodged inside

every month

Tonya G
Yes I do, every day.

no, but i do brush my teeth, 3 times a day every day. still have my own teeth at 53.

Yes! Everytime I brush (2-4 times daily).

yes i do. it might not seem like it, but it makes your breath A LOT fresher naturally and gets rid of plaque that toothbrushes cant reach. you should floss too.

yes, i use the plastic things.

Joe C
Yes, and here is why:


Floss, floss, floss ---- way more important than brushing ! Do both but floss every day-----

Not as much as I should. But you SHOULD floss at least once a day. I do it like once every two weeks =(

Never! Only if there is something stuck in my teeth, otherwise it seems like a waste of a lot of time.

Dear Anna...
I have to for food gets stuck in my teeth so easily and cavities come easily too... Floss, floss, floss.. every time you brush

I dont but now I regret it. My teeth are killing me!!! More my gums then anything because thats what happens when you dont floss, food and bacteria accumlates in between the teeth into the gums and does alot of damage... You dont even know its there believe me... Im going to the dentist tomorrow and promise to floss for the rest of my life.

I do now! Last time i went to the dentist i got a rude shock when i paid the account. The cleaning fee alone was ridiculous, because they have to dispose of everything they use in your mouth so you get charged for it. And not the prices you think you would normally pay, its all used in fancy dental words so you and i wouldn't even know what they meant.
So i have started doing it due to that fact and now that im doing it its quite bizarre at the amount of food that gets stuck in between the teeth. So to save yourself some money in the future i'd recommend flossing from now on. In saying that its so much easier if you've had your teeth cleaned from the dentist before hand, that way you can now keep control of the tartar and build up.
Hope that helps.
Take care

Yes. Try it you'll like it. I hate the string floss so I use a Flosser which is like a toothpick on one end and floss on the other.
They come in different flavors.

That Girl

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