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 Should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
The bottle doesn't say. And yes, I could be an idiot for not knowing....

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thanks you for you ...

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 Did you brush your teeth today?
Tell the truth.
Additional Details
Gross!! None of you flossed or used mouth wash....

[email protected]
Do you brush your teeth when you get up or after breakfast?

ronnie m
As soon as I get up, I rinse with cold water then brush my teeth. After breakfast I rinse with Mouthwash.

I'm Bored...................
After breakfast because theres no point brushing them if you are just about to go and eat something and then brush them again! I always brush them at night just beore I go to bed so they are still clean in the morning because I don't eat in my sleep!

After i eat breakfast

When I get up after my shower.

When I get up, and after lunch at work. If i forget after lunch then I do it when I get home.

after breakfast. no point brushin ur teeth then gettin food stuck between them straight afterwards

Kango Man
Before I go to bed, and after my morning bath. I have breakfast later, when I get to work.

After breakfast, and after other meals if I can.

After I shower....I don't eat breakfast.

I brush when i get up and I dont eat breakfast til I get to work and I usually just have yogurt and drink a bottle of water.

right after getting up. i need a fresh mouth to eat breakfast.
but when i had braces i brushed both times.

If I have breakfast, then certainly after, as I don't want to have bits of cornflakes stuck between my teeth all day. If I don't have breakfast, I'll brush them when I get up. Sometimes I do that anyway, eg if I have a bit of a hangover or I feel like freshening up my mouth for some reason.

Sea Mist
when I get up, and before I sleep. ok?

right after getting up. any longer is gross!

When I get up - don't ask me why, it should be after I have had breakfast.

i brush my teeth after i have eaten. My hygienist said it was best to brush them before and after

As soon as I get up because my partner always wants to kiss me!!

Good question. Everybody is different. It looks like its 50-50. I brush when I get up during the week because I don't really eat breakfast until later in the morning. On the weekend however, I eat first, then brush. If you brush, floss, rinse, and scrape your tongue before you go to bed, you shouldn't really have bad morning breath to spoil your breakfast.

water brush and rinse before brekky(otherwise it tastes crap) then minty before i leave

I always brush first thing, before I eat, and last thing before I sleep.

// Smile___bb**   ツ         
After breakfast because my toothpaste don't work could I have to have gum all day!

i always brush mine when i get up after a shower, then i feel clean

after, otherwise my breakfast wud taste nasty

Chemical Jelly
after breakfast

I brush when i get up before breakfast. I think it's gross to eat a morning mouth.

Sandy R
as soon as I wake up and after eating breakfast

***** is Back
After breakfast

After breakfast. What's the sense of doing it twice?

After breakfast, sort of pointless doing it before.

during the week before breakfast
weekend after


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