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Tell the truth.
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Gross!! None of you flossed or used mouth wash....

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Luisa W
Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

♀ woody ♀
dont want to kiss a girl with mount smelling like do doo head

I brush twice. Before and after. I know that it's weird but I can't eat anything with morning breath and I usually brush after I eat.

after otherwise it smells like waffles!

after. i always brush my teeth after. it would be useful to brush your teeth after every meal. but if your out just have gum or mint.

Alex Biancardi
After. Otherwise you have worse breath and your breakfast tastes worse.

after, i dont see a point to brush them before you eat. And then your food tastes like toothpaste if you brush before.

I suggest after breakfast because:

1) The tooth paste messes with your taste buds and everything you eat/drink with in about 30 minutes of brushing will taste different.

2) Brushing before doesn't get the food and plaque out of your teeth after a meal.

after, if you brush then eat, whats the point in brushing them in the first place? :)

Ally T
After and sometimes B4

My Isabel is here! (9/25/08)
after. orange juice and tooth paste are a horrible combination!

Some Dude


before and after

Jill T
After if your brush them before breakfast doesn't taste as good, you have breakfast in your mouth, and your breath smells all over again.


▌║││█║▌│║▌║ ™

♪RaIn DaNcEr♫
definatly after

i ususally bruish my teeth after i ate breakfast that way my teeth can be clean after eating w.e u had for breakfast. also sometimes after u brush ur teeth if u eat something u might still have that toothpaste taste when u eat. i suggest eat after breakfast. and remember brush 2 times a day =]

i think ur supposedm to do it after breakfest datws wat i read in a magazine but ma momz alwayz says right when u wake up

After breakfast.
Why would I brush before?
It would undo my brushing.

Bamby t
After :P

♥♫I Sing From My Heart♫♥
After. It gets the food chunks out of my braces.

b r e a n a
I brush and floss my teeth afterwards because who wants nasty breakfast gunk in their teeth for school?


AFTER. you gotta brush after u eat

after, its pointless to before

/ Br3n /
after -- i cnt stnd th taste of toothepaste n my mouth w/ food

YOU MUST BRUSH EM IN THE MORNING, AND BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP ! MUST! but it is only up to you if you wanna brush em any other time, before or after ! whatever...
the right way the very first that i said and to brush em after every meal ( if you want)

I do it before and after use mouth wash.

Kevin G
Before and After.I don't know why just seems right.

i try to do it after, but sometimes i forget and do it before i eat :(

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