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 Do think im weird i sleep only 4 to 6 houres a night !?

 I am getting braces tommorow do they heart when you put them on and after?

 Getting braces tomorrow!?
Tomorrow I am getting braces. Top braces first & then a couple months later bottom braces.

Should I get GRAY or PURPLE?

I just want one color.

Do you know how ...

 Braces and Pain?
I am 32 and my daughter is 11, we are both getting braces this year - we have great insurance and I have always wanted to get my one crooked tooth fixed! Anyway, I'm wondering how painful it ...

 What Color Braces Should I get?
well.......I'm getting braces.....SOON......I'm really scared, and I don't know what color braces to get. So what color braces do you think is the best.

Please Help!...

 Whats the kind of toothpaste you use?

 I'm shy to smile because my teeth are yellowish :(?
The thing is I talked to the dentist and she said my teeth cannot be whitened, plus it’s my natural color of teeth – yellowish. I’m trying to smile less as I’m getting older, plus I’m ...

 Do braces hurt and do they bother your mouth?
Well i'm getting braces on the 21st and I don't know about them that much. I don't no what 2 eat or what. i was wondering what colors i should get too. i like maroon and black would ...

 Do you think its too late to get braces at 20?
Ok I am 20 and I wanted to get braces, do you think its too late? I just personally think it will well worth it in life....

 I got to have my 4 wisdom teeth taken out in hospital,are you put asleep or are you awake?

 Is the tooth fairy real.?

 Do you floss?
I don't. but I just want to see if other people do....

 I got surgery on my mouth 4 days ago, do you think it is okay to smoke now?
all four of my wisdom teeth were surgically removed, i haven't smoke at all in the past four days, and i need a cigg, if your just going to tell me to quit smoking dont even bother to answer ...

 Should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
The bottle doesn't say. And yes, I could be an idiot for not knowing....

 How many times do change your toothbrush in a year?

 Braces- do they hurt, can i go 2 school the day after i get them?
i get braces in 3 weeks and im a little nervous. HELP!...

 Why do my teeth bleed so much when i brush them?

 Do braces hurt??
i might have to get braces do they hurt?
Additional Details
thanks you for you ...

 What causes bad breath and how can I cure it?

Additional Details
Watch me in a video about this question on Answers on the Street: http://answersonthestreet.yahoo.com/question/13/W...

 What is u favorite thing about life?

Do u own a toothbrush?

The Weasel
I'd hate to get stuck next to the one that says no

~*cHaSsInG RaInBoWs*~
yesss....... do you?!

Er, yah

Duh =P


I own a few

Janie J
Yes an Oral B electric lol, anyone who does not brush stay away from me lol

i own like three. do you??

this got to be only of the most interesting question ever.
Yeah own one and I also use it twice a day too.

this is a stupid question...yes

Almost everyone owns a toothbrush, I you don't, I suggest you to buy one unless you like to show your teeth with traces of food. And if you're wondering how many would answer this, you have no idea.=)

I use my bow.

gillian b
why don't you


David A
I hope everyone does. I do not want to be stuck in a small elevator with the one who does not.

yeah why?? mine plays music...lol

Yes and I hope so does everyone else.

Yes. I use it to polish brass traction engine parts
The electric ones work really well

Sheila W
um yes i do

Who doesn't?

I have several

**~Maybe Love Is Not For Me~**
ummm.... yup!! Do U??


wee B
no i put mine in a glass of sterident ...haha

cool is a [∂αмsєℓ.ιη.∂ιsтяєѕѕ] ♥
Do you own a brain?

ღღ Sazii__♥
tooth tunes -queen xx

no but i rent.

(cue humourous drum noise)

Friendly Stranger..
oh no I don't own a toothbrush, I really want cavities and bad breath......................

if we can afford a computer and internet to read this, i think everyone here can afford a toothbrush.

Love Never Fails
Uh, yeah. Don't you?

Why wouldn't I?

jerry toad
i find it much eaisier to use a hair brush

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