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Do think im weird i sleep only 4 to 6 houres a night !?

No, that's not strange, it's actually quite common, although an adult regularly needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

Same here.

Joseph V
join the club!..not at all...there are many of us that can function with little to no sleep...

its essential for the nervous system to sleep about 6-8 hours a day
not less ..neither more

Kail O
No your not weird, for me I get around 2-5... Stupid homework! (Lucky me, none tonight)

Thats probably not very healthy.

ÊxÇUςЄ м∑ ↕'М РіςςЄ?
No, i dont think you are wierd as 6-8 hours sounds about average to me but If you feel your short sleep patern is making you feel tired in your day to day life then you could try taking Melatonin to help regulate your sleep cycle.

Hey, as long as you feel good. Keep on doing what you do

No i do the same but me 5 hrs.

cynthia e
No thats fine so do I

i sleep less than you and im not weird, just angy with myself i cant sleep more ,

no i only sleep for 4 to 6 hours as well mayby were all wierd

Not weird....its not really good for you, but unfortunately that is becoming more and more common. People just don't have time to get enough sleep.

i only get about 6, i really need more though, im addicted to xbox live and the internet so I don't get as much as I need, its now 12:47, i'll be in bed at 1:00, and asleep for 1:30, I'll be up again at 6:30 so thats 5 hours.
I have horrible bags under my eyes and I tend to feel dazed at work, but meh....the day my crappy job starts to dictate the way I live I'll jump off a bridge.

Brutally Honest. :]
So do I! Then I sleep in class all day and fail all my tests :D no not really, but I can't concentrate as well, and I do fall asleep a lot... just get more rest, its good for you

Maybe you should meet up with the girl earlier who only sleeps 3 hours

if u have onsuamnia no

No, people need varying amounts of sleep. Not everybody needs 8 hours; some people need less (like you) and some need more and even much more. If you feel good during the day--not tired--then you're probably getting the sleep you need. But that's the key...as long as you're not feeling tired during the day and can concentrate, etc.

No I'd say you're young.

No, my gf is the same, goes to bed around 3-4am ... gets up around 8am. She is a nurse on her feet all day, been the same ever since I have known her (last 11 years).

It's not weird, I sometimes only have about 5 hours sleep. The only thing is that it catches up with me after a few days and end up feeling shattered. Then, one good night's sleep and I am okay for a few more days.

clever girl
I'll give you my husband's cell number and you could talk to him during the night. He gets the same 4-6.. not me 8-10, it drives him crazy.

Prodigal Son Stuck In 1984
Not at all my friend we all sleep different amounts,
I myself need at least 8 hours sleep just to function.

Thank you,
And don't worry :)

I get around the same amount of sleep each night, about 4 to 5 hours each night. I end up taking a nap once every 3 days since I get so tired. I love it, only problem is im only 16 and my parents hate how little I sleep.

Mom of 2 great boys
Your not weird.
You body may only require that amount of sleep.

No; everyone sleeps different amounts. I sleep about that much and so does one of my art teachers (and he has more energy than anyone I have ever met). The only time that you're not getting enough sleep is when you feel like you're not getting enough and it starts to effect your life. =)

Sounds about right .....I tend to stay awake till the early hours on the pc or watching tv ...20 years ago there was no internet as such and tv used to finish at 12 ...life has changed eh !!

No- you're not weird. I used to do that too.....

~then I got old.

Enjoy it while you can!!!

Gavin T
That's about right apparently, and not 8 hours like we used to be told.

susie h
If you wake feeling refreshed, then its obviously all your body needs. Lucky you

If you can get through the day on that, then I am jealous.

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