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Do dentists know if you smoke by looking at your teeth?

Additional Details
I only smoke like 10 each week n have only been doing it for like 5 months??

yes they can see the Nicotine stains on your teeth.

They can definitely tell that you are a smoker, what you smoke might be a lil tougher, I'm sure they know if you are a heavy smoker, and if it's some form of drug that does effect the teeth. Brushing and bleaching might only help in the color and the amount, but the evidence always shows itself when you are an specialist in an area.

Collinsville Cookie
Everybody knows if you smoke by looking at your teeth! You don't need a dental degree to figure that one out.

Yes, by the stained smoke teeth.

Probably. They probably smell it too.

mileena g
Yes they do. Because if you go regurley than they can see your teeth turning yellow. You breath will smell. and most of all your eyes will have sort of a high look. Trust me my friend is a dental hygentist and she cleans my brothers teeth.

you are all in my heart forever
yea, most people can tell who smokes by their teeth

Yes, definetly. Smoking is a disgusting habit and it makes your teeth look like they r going to rot out. They can totally tell!!!

Nick S

Yes they can

actually it depends... on how heavy smoker are you... and how would you take care of your teeth after you smoke... some people especially girls or some guys who are smoking yet kinda hygienic... they usually eat bubble gum right after or even brush their teeth...

They smoke with a filter on it... so although some smokers doesn't really care just keep on smoking its gonna be easy for a dentist to figure out if they are smoking... but others who are quite OC... I guess its not conspicuous if they smoke... so if you are one of the OC ( Obsessive Compulsive ) type... and when you really brush your teeth very well right after you smoke then the dentist might not even notice it...

Well this answer is just for a thought you know... coz Ive known some people who smoke but it is not really obvious... they even have really red lips and pearly white teeth... ^ ^

they would have to ask you...if there is a color change, it could be an indication, but the dentist wouldnt care if you are smoking or not...only if you would want your teeth to be whitened...yellowish teeth could be a cause of something else.

not really if you have great dental hygene but just the smell of tobacco seeps into your clothes and hair and skin and that will give it away.
i smoked for 20 years and until i quit i had no idea how bad it made me smell.....the smell gags me now.

they probably do, but don't mention it... they can also see by seeing your teeth fade in colour, turn yellow and have black spots in them, but they don't care

Yes. It stains your teeth yellow due to the Nicotine.

Smokers have yellowish teeth plus cigarette smell on your breath (and clothing).

yep and if you are dipping. Smell of breath, color of teeth and stains on your teeth.

Mizz Chris Breezyy
by your breath and if youve smoked for a while, your teeth are yellow and brittle

Yifan F

YES! they do.

[email protected]
Yes and they know if you drink soft drinks because teeth are softer.

ya smoking turns your teeth a yellow coler. my aunt is a dentest.

yes they do, it leaves stains and discolorations

it depends how long you have smoked and how much
and when the last time you had one was

im sure they do

ilove nick
Because you might have yellow teeth, well you probaly will. And smoking is bad for you!

They can probably guess. Smokers teeth are nasty and honestly smokers smell terrible - I don't think you need to see someone's teeth to know.

ruh.beh.cuh (:
ya i think so.

[tha kid]
Probably by your teeth and breath(if their not wearing a mask)

i went today and my dentist did, and she knew i had been drinking more coffee or tea recently too!

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