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Do braces hurt??
i might have to get braces do they hurt?
Additional Details
thanks you for you suggestions

^_^k a i t l y n^_^
yes they do. it doesnt hurt when they put them on but a couple of hours after they tighten them.♥

Atlanta For Life
i dont know. But people have told me they hurt maybe the first week you have them. Then after that you get used to them. Someone told me it hurt without them after they got taken off. They said they're mouth was so used to them.

Liarna P
yes they do but only for about 4 days!!!

when they tighten the rubber bands on your braces and when the braces get taken off.

The tightening of the rubber bands is terrible because you may not be able to eat due to the sensitivity of your teeth.

It will be all worth it in the end. Good luck

it depends on how out of place your teeth are, and how tight they make you braces. Most of the time just when you get them on, but in extream fixes you could be in a state of where you feel just a little pain, also sometimes there are wires that hang off, so they scratch the inside of your mouth. Don't fear though the dentist will give you wax to put on the sharp ends until he snips them off. Be careful not to break a bracket or wire they are sharp after they come off, and can cut up you mouth pretty bad. After a while you'll get used to them and they won't be so painful.

Ysabella G

Everyone told me that they hurt before I got mine on. But honestly it didn't hurt as much. When the dentist first puts it on it doesn't hurt for like 2 hours. Then whenever you touch your teeth, or try to eat something solid it hurts, it feels very tender. This feeling only lasts for about 2-3 days, but on the third day it should start to ease off a bit. When you get them tightend it doesn't hurt me or any of my friends that have braces. I think the thought of having them tightend is very intimadating. But seriously there is nothing to worry about.

Good Luck :)

not they dont really hurt but they get alittle sore when you get them tightened, and when you first get them its a alittle hard to eat,
but you get used to it. its not bad

Only the first few days after you get them, or get them tightened. And when you get them off.

Yea ofcourse dey do .
They hurt when ur just adjusting 2 them and when u get them tightened or when u make and adjustment

When They Toghten Them Because Your teeth Are Movin So its Good If They Hurt,,,
Bt Then They Dnt Hurt & It Doesnt Hurt when You Take Them Off,

Greg S
They hurt at first, but after the first couple of days they get better. when they are tightened, they hurt. after a while, you don't realize they're there.

Not to scare you, but ya they do a lot at first. I wasn't able to eat hardly anything for like three days after I got mine. And then when you get them tightened, which can be up to once a month, the pain is renewed! But the good news is, once you get them on, your mouth gets less sensitive to them over time. And having them taken off feels great when they're finally gone!!!
Good luck its not so bad!!!

Yeah, the first couple of days are a little painful, but other than that, it only hurts when you get them tightened. For me, it's more painful knowing how weird and awkward I look in them. Good luck!

They really only hurt for about three days after you get them on and for about 1 day after they tighten them. They really don't hurt like a cut would hurt, but they are more of a sore feeling. They also may make your teeth feel "soft" when you bite down for the first day. For me the most pain I had after they were put on was the cuts in my mouth and my tounge. To take care of the cuts you can try to put wax on the pointy edges and put oragel or ambosel( I think thats how it's spelled) on the cuts to numb the pain. For the soreness of the teeth, you can take a mild pain-killer like Advil. So on the overall it does not hurt very much.
Hope this helped!

Yes. They cut your gums and they make your teeth sore. They sometimes even cut your tongue open and when your teeth start to straighten out it just makes your mouth sore. Every time you have to go get them tightened up they hurt for a few days. Sometimes you cant eat. But its all worth it in the end. You will only have to go through it a little while. You will have your straight teeth the rest of your life.

van kedileri
not as much as crooked teeth

They don't "hurt" but your teeth will probably feel sore for about a week

no, only when your getting them on, they kinda do. But they will be sore for a couple of day (2-3) after you get them on... but it will pass

don't worry you'll be fine

Fff D
i just recently got my braces off...to answer you question...they do hurt a little...they hurt when you get them at first for about 2-4 days and then you gets used to them then they only really hurt when you tighten them or get a new wire...hope i helped :)

Jasmine S
yeah at first, but as time passes you Barley even notice their there. The palet expander is the worse though. Thank God I'm over that stage.

Only when you go to get them tightened, and then for like a day or so. It doesn't hurt when you get them on and just think, afterwards you'll have pretty teeth!
Wax and pain relievers always help!

No they want see I am gettin braces too and i asking the same question and they said no it won't hurt just relax ok

yes but only for a day or so after you get them on and everytime you get them tightened. just takes some Tylenol. they dont hurt that bad

your teeth will probably be a little tender the first few days you have them, but its nothing a little Advil wont solve.
after that you dont even notice them.
so dont worry :)

i've had braces and the only time they made my mouth sore was when they first put them on and then when they would tighten the wire. but other then that they really aren't that bad. :)

im so hott =D
the first cuple ofdays and tightening.

Only when you go to have them tightened.

when you first get them and when you get them tightin

From what I've seen from my friends, yes they hurt when you first get them on and when you get them tightened.

Beauty hurts! lol

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