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 Bad breath?
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how can I fix this?...

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 Im getting braces tomorrow and im really scared.?
any one have advice? and what color should i get?...

Can i get my lip periced if i have braces?

Tati T
um...i really dont think its a good idea... lk there are so many hazards that could happen....i think its worth the wait

Only if you want to emit electrical charges every time they rub together. Just kidding of course. Ask your orthodontist, because one might be fine with it where your ortho might not be, and it is best to keep that cooperative relationship so that you are doing nothing to interfere with the progress and movement that the braces cause.

Brandy B
yupp[[[i have experienced that but i already took it off as well as my braces[[but yeah you could but your gonna be talkin kinda weird [but it will still look kool!

I think you could but it would be safer not to. Have it as a present when you get them off. You will be more excited then and you will probably like it more. It might catch on the brackets and cause irritation.

Best not to.

Hope i helped bye xox

♥Crystal♥ ♥LeAnn♥
i think you should just wait after you get them off. There is a chance that your lip rng is going to get stuck in the wires

yes, I think so...but it could cause some problems, I think...maybe you should just wait until you get the braces out!

U can!
But I would prefer not to!

you can but mind you, if the barbel/ring you'd be using intertwines with the braces, you will have a hard time removing it...

Candi J
yea but its not the smartest idea. your lips would look nasty.. and swollen and ewwww

Niamh O
I wouldnt chance it!

no because if you get it periced on your toung or lip you cant eat until a serten time and it will efect it with your braces on

i luv my nieces
proaply not

Tina K
Why would you want to? Are you trying to give yourself a scar? People do still get connected just by kissing. So what do you think

you prob can but it might be a bit much metal,
around your mouth.
lip ring and braces?
uhh, i would wait.

i suggest waiting.

wait tll you get those braces off when you smile and stuff your ring will kinda pop out not of but the braces...... let's just say one thing don't peirce tem yet till oh whatev tell me if i helped

Nick Nack

no but i have them on now and my old wires was pokeing me on my gum so i went and they put on new wires you have to buy some wax

Technically, you can, but if I were you I'd wait. You are more prone to infection from food stuck in the braces and the post/hoop and braces micht get caught and cause a gum or lip tear.

yeah but it'd be smarter to wait.

..some kid
you can...

I wouldnt though, you dont wanna be the dork who gets his own lip ring caught in hsi braces...

if its away from braces it wont hurt braces, BUT, putting 2 different metals in the mouth may give a very weak electric current, its so annoying, and gives metallic taste in the mouth, it may cause corrosion in the ring or braces, keep it for after u finish

Don't you think you have enough metal hardware in your mouth? what are you trying to catch some distant radio frequencies? How about you take one step at a time and WAIT. Maybe if you wait long enough, you'll grow up and realize how ugly it is and NOT do it.

Icy Sweetheart
I wouldn't do that, because what if the lip ring gets caught on the braces? Also, it wouldn't look very good if you saw someone with braces with a lip ring, ya know?

Yeah you can but I suggest waiting because it will be more of a hassle to take care of and it won't be cute with so much metal around your mouth

Shannon S
You can, but you'll most likely break a bracket. Plus a lip-ring and braces together will make you look EXTREMELY prepubescent. You should wait until they're off!!

its not reccommended because the ring and the braces will grind against eachother, possibly resulting in a broken bracket.

it will look pretty horrible and weird with braces

To be safe... wait. It can be a "getting my braces off" present.

I would seriously wait...
You can do it to celebrate when your braces come off!

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