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Braces and Pain?
I am 32 and my daughter is 11, we are both getting braces this year - we have great insurance and I have always wanted to get my one crooked tooth fixed! Anyway, I'm wondering how painful it actually is. I have to have a tooth pulled and then the braces put on, my daughter only has to have the braces put on. Do they give you anything to take for pain or do they tell you to take Advil or Tylenol? I ask this because I am also trying to get pregnant and you cant take pain pills while you are pregnant. Appreciate your input!

The pain is actually way overrated. There is only a dull pain in your head for the first 3 or so days. When they tighten them, it only hurts for some people. The day I got mine tightened, I took some Advil the pain never came back. Make sure the 1st and 2nd day you have them on you don't eat and hard foods. Example: torilla chips, steak, ect. But don't worry, what people tell you is just being exaggerated. I got mine off back in June and was like, "Well that was nothin!" But the thing that hurts most is the day you go in. They take a clay impression of your teeth and it takes only 45 seconds. That is probably the most painful part, but it's worth it in the end!!!

They aren't as painful as you would think most of the time. There are some incidences where I would take Advil for the pain after I got them tightened(nothing too bad though).

Some appointments (not all) will cause little to moderate pain. Nothing to bad. I would ask the orthodontist his input BEFORE you get them on.

I remember very well my braces. The pain is never really severe, just sometimes a dull ache after an adjustment for a day or two. The hardest part was having to learn to chew after each adjustment, after your teeth start to move!! It's really not as bad as all the horror stories make out at all.

rapping tomato
hmm well my friend isabel [we're 13 yrs old] got braces and she said the dentist told her that it hurts more if youve had your period. idk why.

Yeha, it can hurt a little but it isn't that bad. After you first get them on, it won't hurt all that much and you'll be like "oh okay!" but even if it doesnt hurt right after, take a pain Reliever. Or you can take one before you get them on and then one afterwards. Eat BEFORE you go get your braces on because you might be hungry afterwards but you won't really be able to eat much (I couldn't even eat soft fries). Anyway, most Orthodontist places will you give you this stuff that you stick on to your brackets that helps ease the pain and make them not scratch up against your mouth.

All in all, it'll be worth it.
Good luck! ♥

when i got a tooth pulled they gave me a shot to numb the pain but i don't know what the effects are if your pregnant. However gettting braces, having them, and taking them off is really pain free so that won't really hurt.

I just got done with braces. It hurts when you get them on and when you get them tighten. But the pain will go away. I hated braces so much, but i am SO happy I got them because i LOVE my teeth now. Its worth the pain and money.

Putting the braces on hurt a little bit, but the week or two after that hurts more. I didn't take any pills, and I lived through it. Sometimes, your orthodontist might tighten your braces, and that could hurt too. >_<

dont take pills ( i have braces and the pain goes away). I have gotten 5 teeth pulled, one was a wisdom, 2nd time for braces ( 1st time was short) I just have soup helps ( the heat) jello.

Shanmin D
Honestly, it doesn't hurt that much! Definitely not enough to need pain pills! It just feels rather sore after they tighten the braces!

You're so lucky; you only need to get one tooth pulled out!! I had to have four teeth removed!! Gaahhh!

:D Really, you won't need pain medication.

Don't be nervous! ^__^

It hurt, but the pain was usually temporary- maybe the first couple days I had them, so i never really needed pain killers

It hurts, but only for a day or so and until your tooth gets closer to being fixed. They tell you what you can take. I didn't take anything with my braces and I had to have a gap fixed. It hurt, but I lived through it! Good luck!

eat♥dance.sleep repeat
the first few days are painful when you chew, so try eating mainly soup. other than that, they do hurt, but not too much. you can take Tylenol or something if you want, but you dont have to. i didnt need it when i got my braces

I had braces a few years back. So I speak from experience,

It hurts the first week you get your braces on to the point where you cannot eat solid food... even semi-soft foods like french fries. You will be eating a lot of soup and ice cream for a bit. It varies from person to person depending on their sensitivity to pain but if you press your teeth right now as hard as you can and feel pressure, that will be the constant pain you feel for a while (give it a few days to a week) Then you will get used to the braces and it won't hurt no more (not until the first few times you tighten your braces)

Also be on the look out for metal wires sticking out cuz they can scrape your mouth and irritate. As for pulling you teeth, depends how they are going to do it. If you put under laughing gas, sleeping gas or something to numb your mouth. It wasn't too bad for me tho. You'll survive!

My orthodontist simply told me to take Advil/ Tylenol for the pain and nothing else. Your Orthodontist may have something different, I am not sure.

Merilee L
First of all you are lucky to only have to have one tooth pulled. I had to have 11 teeth pulled. 9 baby teeth and 2 permanent teeth. They put me to sleep but they only recommended Tylenol for the pain. It was easier getting the braces that was easy. Only painful part is when they tighten them.

We'll I've had braces for 2 years now..They hurt for a little while when you first get them on, but it also goes away pretty fast.. Just take some asprin and you'll be okay.

It also hurts when they are being tightened but..that also goes away within a few days. So they really aren't all that bad..it just depends on how well you can take pain.

But like I said after awhile, you won't feel the pain and you'll be really use to it all.

Also, I know some orthodontists that give you this thing, idk what its called its almost like a baby toy, you put it in the freezer and then take it out and can chew on it and it numbs your teeth so your not in pain..

Mine didn't hurt. I'd describe it more so as sore. They are sore but that's it. I'm not sure as for having the tooth pulled. You need to talk more about that with your OB Dr. I wouldn't have that done without meds.

well i actually got my braces 4 1/2 ago.. its really no big deal... just make sure right before they start to put them on make sure you take an asprin and afterward your teeth will be swore.. you might want to buy foods like instant mash potatos, or grits, or icecream.. for about 4 days it will be hard to eat much of anything... after the first 2 weeks you will barely be able to telll you have them!!
P.S. flossings a real pain!
well hope that help!♥☺
and dont eat hard food

It hurts, but I never took painkillers. It's not unbearable and it's worth it in the end.

when I had my teeth pulled they put me under anasethic (however u spell it) as I had to have 4 pulled, however I think it it's just one they give you one of those mouth numbing thingies and I don't think it hurts that much after.

As for braces I don't think they hurt at ALL!! I had the flip out one (do you call it a retainer or somethin?) which was weird and made you have a lisp for couple of weeks (but it goes) and then the train track one which didn't really hurt either, when they put the littler rubber things on the front it's kinda weird but I wouldn't say it hurts.
Hope this answered your question

ok im 14 and i just got braces not that long ago...

I would suggest taking a couple of Aspirin before you go in to get your braces on. They will giive you a list of stuff that you cannot eat. The first day it hurts a little bit, but for me the second day hurt the most. It's not an incredibly bad pain, its more of a nagging pain that lasts all day.

Just make sure that you don't eat anything gummy or crunchy, especially crunchy!!!
Hope that helps!!!

It isn't that bad. i got my braces as an adult. It really only hurt for about the first two weeks, then I got used to them.

Lady Alyk
I had a tooth pulled before I got braces and that was fine. Thhe braces don't hurt being put on but about an hour after they will hurt a little because of the pulling. So eat soft foods. If it hurts too much to leave it as is take Advil/ tyenol/ Motrin, basically a pain killer.

If something is poking into your gum or cheek you can put this gel like stuff on it, the denists should give you a pack of it.

It will hurt after tightenings but it's not too bad. Like it hurts a little bit more than the first time (sometimes not always) but that's because each time they're making it tighter to slowly bring your teeth into place.

Don't worry too much just keep brushing and flossing well because that's really important. Also do not use whitening tooth paste! That's very very important because if you do you'll end up with little squares on your teeth (after braces) because parts got whitened and the square didn't.

Well i am 13 and i have braces. And it only depends on how Badly your teeth are crooked or spaced out. i only had a bad overbite and they didnt hurt that bad. but i would wait to get pregnant until you get your braces off. or wait until after your pregnant to get your braces on.

in the valley
i currently have braces and they did need to pull some teeth, it wasnt painfully but the dentist can give you some Tylenol for the pain. once the braces are on you will feel discomfort, i wouldnt call it pain, it just takes some time to get used to. You will probrally be on a liquid diet for the first month, cause chewing takes time to get used to. but after that you will not feel as much discomfort only when u have to go in and get them tightened, and its only felt for the remainder of the day. If its any compisation, you will probrally lose weight during the time you have braces. its a good investment and it will all be worth it cause at the end you get a pretty smile.

I can be quite uncomfortable and painful at times.

When you first have it fitted it will hurt for a few days because it is pulling your teeth into the right position. Every so often you will need the wires tightening and then it will hurt for a few days after that again.

Its more of a uncomfortable pain, your teeth and gums will sometimes feel tender especially when eating . A brace is more uncomfortable than painful, it takes a while to adjust to the braces stuck to your teeth, and the metal bits sometimes rub your gums and cause ulcers.

Good luck with it.

i had them when i was younger and i don't remember them hurting more than an Advil/Tylenol and a nap could take care of. getting them on didn't hurt it was just weird getting comfortable having all that metal in your mouth. the only thing that hurt enough to need to take Advil/Tylenol is your monthly appointments where they tighten them up. otherwise it's not bad at all.

its not that bad at all. i had the same thing, i had a tooth pulled then got braces, its nothing. just make sure they give u lots of novicane, and even if u can barely feel anything, say "omg i feel that, i think i need more novicane". and i think they might give u Vicodin for the tooth-pulling, but getting braces on is not painful at all. u just have to get used to eating with them, thats all. no biggie. and having braces for like a year is sooooooo worth not having crooked teeth for the rest of ur life. no matter how old u are. :)

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