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Braces! Good or Bad??
Hi, Im young ( i dont want to say my age)
and i just had a dental check up. My teeth are apparently fine, but i have a gap inbetween my two front teeth. i really dont like it and i want braces, but my dentist says i dont need them. I haven't told anyone that i dont like the gap tho. What should i do.

also can someone give me a few things about having braces on and off.
Additional Details
LOOK: well yeah my gap is as big as vansessa paradis but my teeth are perfectly straight. so i was thunking that there isn't really a point in getting braces which will only be used to move my two front tetth together

tell you parents and they will let you know if they can afford them or not. They are REALLY expensive!

hi m young too ( i dont want to say my age)
I have braces and it s not that bad but it does hurt when the dentist puts them in!Some ppl think it looks nice and tell that dentist that he should do something with that gap between your teeth!
good luck!

Braces will leach heavy metals into your body and make you stupid.

bob K
Unless it real bad don't do it. It is a pain and really really expensive. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Get braces. If you don't then it'll look real bad when you're older. And if you get braces when you're older, it's going to hurt more.
I've had braces. It hurt the first few days, but it was worth it. After a while, I got used to the food getting stuck in my braces (just brush your teeth more thoroughly) and it didn't hurt anymore. Once you get em off, your teeth will be a bit yellow, but a few days later, after brushing, they will be fine.
Just get them. I'm watching Dave Chapelle.

well i have the same prob but the thing is i need braces the thing if the denist says you don't need them don't get them but if you want them then you can just get them to fill the gap in
braces are strange when you first have them but after a while you get use to them so yeah it's your choice really if you don't want to wear braces then i suggest fill in

Liz Lovely
Hm, if that's the only issue, then talk to them about it. maybe they'll be able to give you braces on just the upper row to get rid of it, without it costing thousands of dollars and taking years.
I had mine for 4 years, and it was so worth it. But then again, I'm obsessed with my teeth, and LOVED going in for the cleanings and watching them get straighter. There was definately some pain when they did something drastic (like something called a chain), or when the person working on you was new or careless...but otherwise it wasn't bad. Tell you what though, it's super important that if you do, you MUST brush them very well atleast twice daily, because they can get nasty real fast, and its easy to get a crapload of cavitities under them.

Anyyyway. You should make your decision on a couple things 1-how bad is it, and how much does it bother you. 2-can your family readily afford it, or will your insurance cover it.

And on the brightside, you'll get to miss school :D

well i'm native american and my tribe paid for my braces so financial issues weren't a problem for me. but yes they are a pain AT FIRST. but after that you hardly even know they're there. i like mine though. it's pretty neat. i think you should unless you have to pay like 15 thousand dollars. ^^

I'm a Waste Like You!
Hi!! Im kinda young too , and i had the exact same problem with braces!!(same gap too !)

Firstly, it will pain. a bit, but after a week it feels like its not even there. You should get only UPPER BRACES if you want the pain to be less.

Go to http://www.pickron.com if you wanna know more about those stuff

I know firstly you will feel bad because, you dont look cool.
But trust me after a year or two when its removed it will be much better. Because you will have better teeth.

You might think when you have braces you wont get a gf/bf. But after you get em removed you will have even better chances of getting a gf/bf.(PLUS ANYWAYS, MOST GOOD PEOPLE WILL OVERLOOK THE BRACES)

I reccommend you do take the braces, because you dont want to have bad teeth for life, just because you dont want braces for a year or two.

Braces is good for the long run!

Hope that helped :D

Even though you go through a lot of pain and cash to get braces...it is totally worth it!! Ask yourself this question--Would you rather have braces for a year or two and have straight teeth for the rest of your life or just stick with the gap and hate your teeth for the rest of your life. TRUST ME!! Get braces. It will be the best decision of your life. People will find you more attractive, you won't dread further appointments to the dentist, and you'll be very very happy. But, only you can make this decision. Good luck! =]

Don't worry about it - the gap will shrink when your wisdom teeth come through. Braces are expensive and hassle!

Okay I had braces for 4 years at first i hated them but like you i had a gap and a couple other problems. I kept telling my dentist i dont need them ill leave my teeth the way they are but the put them on anyway. But now that i look at pics of me before my braces and look at my teeth now im soooooo happy i had them! If your gap isnt that bad dont worry about it a lot of people have gaps in their front teeth and just leave it but if it really bothers you talk to your parents and ask for braces( i say talk to your parents cause braces are very expensive!) Good Luck!

Buff Me
Saying your age would help, why dont you want to say your age, we can't see you?

Get the braces. You have to feel good about you. When your 30 years old you wished you did it.

If it's not a big gap, I'd say you shouldn't have to worry about it. But if it you really want to get rid of it, then get upper braces only. I think you can do that. When you get braces, there is a bit of pain involved. It usually lasts a couple of days to a week or two, depending on the person. So you can't really eat solid foods for that time period, but it all pays off. The pain shouldn't stop you from getting braces if you really want them. When you get your braces taken off, you're advised to wear a retainer to keep your teeth the way they are by result of wearing braces. You do check-ups every month, I think. When you get your retainers, you do check-ups every 6 months to ensure they still fit your teeth (shouldn't be too loose or too tight). That's all I can remember for now.

sense your young i would say get the braces now if you want to fix that gap cause you dont want to do it when your older
i got braces about 6 years ago and had them on for 2 years, dont worry im sure you wont have them on nearly as long as me, but my teeth look great now

Braces are good if you need them. You can have different colours and they really sort your teeth out. After about a day you dont feel them anymore and after about a week you stop noticing them in the mirror. The down side is you have to have them checked out every six weeks and i found it uncomfy when having them changed etc. You also have to wear them for a year and then a retainer for a while to stop them going back to their old shape. I found the retainer annoying, having to take it out in front of friends just to eat. Another downside of braces is that it restricts what most people eat. My friend was so careful and broke her brace a lot while i ate and drank everything i wasn't supposed to and never broke them once. Talk to your parents and friends about it too because chances are the gap isn't noticeable. Everyone is always overcrtical of themselves.

try invisa-lighn, they are clear tray dentists use to straighten teeth that are less invasive...work great

it depends on what you think about it.if you want your teeth to look perfect without the gap then go for it.if you are fine with your gap then let it be.i'll personaly advice you to wear them if you can afford it.you may look stupid with it or whatever people shall criticize you about it but when they will be removed those same people will praise your goodlooking smile.do what you feel like and don't take any decision under pressure,think about it a lot because your smile shall depend about your desicion.

Look up photos of the French singer Vanessa Paradis. If your gap is as big as hers, go for the braces. If it isn't, ask your dentist to help you find a way to close the gap without braces.

If your only problem is a gap in the middle I would consider what they call "tooth bonding". It is cheaper than braces and they do it in one procedure. They fill in the gap with tooth material - looks wonderful. Try googling it to get more information. There's also a website somewhere on google you can go to that gives you a list of dentists in your area that do it. If they said you don't need braces then consider yourself very very very very - did i say very? - LUCKY!!

p.s. here's the website - check it out!
I had them and they hurt and they are a pain in the butt. They cut up the inside of your lips - not to mention how sore you are every month after your visit. Good luck!

i use to have a big gap in front of my two front teeth too and i didn't like it. my denist too said i don't need them b/c as i get older the gap will close it started to close wen i was in 6th grade but it really depends .......if your still young you still may have a chance of the gap closing but if your in highschool and theres still a gap you need braces
if your gaps are bot that opened you don't need braces for too long it takes about 1 year or 4 years the most to have braces on

Bartemis Crowl
If you are under sixteen, you should get it done for free by the dentist( My sister is not paying for hers. I think its something to do with the NHS, but check on this). so if you go and get it done, you're not wasting any money. Also, its YOUR face. If you really don't like it and feel strongly about it, tell your parents. Ask them for braces.
However, if you do go and get braces, they will be in your mouth for at least 6 months and probably for longer. They will need regular check ups and if the wire breaks and hangs loose, it is such a pain when it digs into your lip (trust me on this). You may not be able to eat toffee or caramel as well.
In the end look at all these things and decide for yourself about what would be better for you

If you really want the gap gone then ask your parents to have braces, But when you get them you can't eat really hard foods like carmel, Apples(you will have to slice them to eat them),and gum, you will feel some pain for atleast 2-3 days don't worry its not that bad,but once you get your braces removed your smile will look BEAUTIFUL, people usually have to wear there braces for ATLEAST 1 year

It really Depends on you if you really don't like that gap and want braces, just ask your parents, im sure they will let you get them ^_^

I have braces and i love them. I don't care how i look with them on, and because i don't care- no one else does. I guess its like anything thats different about your appearance. If you get upset when someone calls you, they'll do it again. But if you reply with something clever and better than the insult they call you, they completely stop it and will never bring it up again.

Anyway, i don't think you wanted to know that :). But braces is no problem, and they make your teeth so much easier to clean. I didn't really need braces but still got them and i can't really stress to you how worth it, it actually is.

Are you going to give braces a try, or stick with the gap that you are very unhappy about for the rest of your life? Then in an older age, you will look back and regret that you never had braces. So please take my advice, and get them! It's totally worth it!

KC Big Ones
I'm exactly the same with you on this even not telling people I don't like it .....However I'm 27 and just had Lasik done before I went to look into braces ,(one thing at a time)....But
you should look into INVISA LINE ~!

Mrs. Maintenance
Unless you look like Mater from CARS, I wouldn't worry about it!

If your dentist says you dont need them, believe him. If you are still young, you still have teeth coming in in the back, like your ten year old molars and your wisdom teeth. When these come in, they will most likely push your other teeth to the front, closing the gap.

if the dentist says that you dont need them then he is right. since you are young then you dont have all of your teeth yet. once you get more teeth then it will push your front teeth toghether..without needing any braces. it just takes time.

Scottish Girl
I had braces for 5 years and they are great for certain jobs.

It depends on your age at the moment but you may find that the dentist is not worried about the gap because it may be closed when your wisdom teeth come in.

If you really hate the gap, tell your dentist and when he/she says there is no point, ask them to expalain why. Easiest way to getting a straight answer is to ask outright.

Remember though, it will hurt.

Tell the dentist you don't like your gap. They have many procedures that can repair a gap without using braces. Braces are good if you need them but your dentist said you didn't. I'd suggest talking with your dentist or seeing another dentist if possible. No one can read your mind you need to TELL people what your feeling. That way the dentist or whoever can help you. Don't be afraid!

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