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Best Toothpaste?
What is the best toothpaste? I want one that will keep my teeth white, keep my breath fresh, and help remove plaque.

If you have no other problems, ie. sensitive teeth, bad breath etc. I would recommend Aquafresh. If you have any "condition" then go with Sensodyne, one that's designed to solve your particular problem.

if you wanna know which is the best Toothpaste,go at http://www.ciao.co.uk/ratings.php/RatingId/5005284
and there you'll find the answer.

Daniel M


Crest with scope to whiten teeth annnd freshen breath

Ms. Spongebob
Colgate - Total - Mint stripe

I'm in dental assisting school..and we don't mess around. Crest all the way.

I prefer Crest.....but any tooth paste with Fluoride in it is a good choice.

aqua fresh extreme clean. it has a zing to it and it gives you great fresh breath.

Crest Complete


use crest tooth paste

which u like the most ... i'd rather go for colgate

sulaiman s
Of course colgate is the best.But remember young man didn't your dentist tell you that you should brush twise a day or after every meal...It does not only depend on the toothpaste but also on the regularity of brushing.

az man bepors
I think all of them work....you should test and find which one you like better...I like crest.

$ Richgirl $
and dont forget to floss, young man!

Aquafresh Extreme Clean. I love this toothpaste. You have to try it.


priya b
i think pepsodent but colgate is also good...

Aquafresh really does whiten teeth

[email protected]
colgate -

my dentist also recommends do not use alot of teeth whitening ones as the phosphate in them can burn your gums and will cause more problems..

Aquafresh Extreme Clean. It bubbles up while you're brushing so you feel really clean!

black tooth gel from lush.it has charcoal in it and your teeth do come up very clean and white

Toms of Maine without Floride

the crest white night. i saw a drastic change overnight.

There are many but Aim is my favorite. Peace.

My dentist recommends crest!


colgate total!

Colgate, but NEWS FLASH.... the cheap version called Ultra Brite IS colgate! It is their other cheaper brand, but it's the SAME toothpaste, you can look on the tube and it will say "made by colgate-palmolive". So you might as well buy Ultra Brite!

They're all about the same. Some have whitening, some have anti-tarter, some taste like chocolate mint. As long as it has Fluoride and the ADA seal of approval it's fine to use. Anything above that is good depending on what you want to accomplish. If you want whiter teeth, try Crest whitening. If you seem to get your brains scraped out every time you get a cleaning, try the tarter control. If you like chocolate, well, you get the idea.

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