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Punk S
can you drink soda if you have braces? explain please.

valerie c
Oh for goodness sake, why straighten you teeth, only to ruin them with soda. Soda is responsible for much of the decay dentists see. Its not just the sugars, but the acids that erode tooth enamel. Give up that nasty habit, drink some water. Your teeth and your body will thank you.

yes, but only to a certain extent. If you drink too much sugary pop then it could damage your braces. But in moderation pop is perfectly fine.

wel u r not pos to .. i hav braces and i stil do but i hav like 1 can every 2 weeks .. so it dosent damaged them .. jus control ya suger intake .. for the care of yur braces . x

i have had braces for four years, i have eaten everything from, Popcorn, nuts, candy, drinks, icecream, Gum, gum, and more gum, and i have not broken them one time. Yes the wire popped out once but that's not a "break," The Dentist does give you a list of what to eat and what not too eat, but i've never followed it and i've done fine.
However, soda is very bad for you anyway and i would tell you not to drink them for the sheer fact that they are liquid sugar, diabetes and acne, drink juice...and everyones happy.

Sam S
of course liquids dont matter only sticky tings like taffy are a concern

Crispy bacon, eggs and tomatoes!
Why not - if sipped slowly.

I do not understand your problem.
Elaborate the question please

i had braces and nothing stopped me from eating anything, from soda to candy. Just make sure to keep brushing, because the sugar can get caught under the braces and cause cavaties. If you drink soda, you may want to rinse your mouth with water

I <3 Dr. Phil
no it deteriorates the metal braces slowly so yeah you don't want to drink it and it also makes the process slower anyways it's better for your own health and goodluck

You can drink it as long as its clear. Sprite ,mountain dew ect. I wouldnt drink Coke , or Pepsi to much because its dark and stains your teeth and looks bad after you get your braces off. But yes, you can drink soft drinks(soda). Hope I helped!

i dont see y u cant but u proaly have to brush your teeth when u r done drinkin it

um yeah. the only things u cant do is have stuff that can get caught under ur bracket..or can break the bracket off.
just make sure u brush ur teeth after and its not a problem. u dont wanna get cavities under ur braces

Alyssa M
my dentist told me not to but i still drink soda sometimes and it does not do anything to your braces even if you do not have braces soda can stil wrot your teeth.......

no because the sugars build up around the brackets and it causes a discoloration around the brackets and you will have white spots when you get them taken off.... it is not good.....

Yes you can drink soda. I dont know any thing you cant drink when you have braces. I dont see why you wouldnt be able to drink soda. Do you? There are some foods Id stay clear of, like stringy foods, that will get caught in your braces, but otherwise eat and drink away. =)

Ashley Michelle
Yeah you should get invisilgn though. You can take them out. They cost $5000 which is a lot but you can take them out and also they work in less then 6 months in some cases. 10 alignments are $3500 but for the $5000 you get unlimited alignments and won't have to pay any more. Sometimes there is no down payment and it's like $120-$180 a month. So I would check into that. They are also invisable if you didn't know that already!

Rachel S
You can drink soda if you have braces. However, you shouldnt drink too much of it while you have your braces on because The acid errodes the tooth enamel and the metal the braces are made out of. It wont damage your braces, but it can do some damage if you drink it everyday.

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
you can eat and drink anything. The main thing is keeping your teeth clean! i.e. brushing them properly!

Rockstar in Training
They say people who have braces are supposed to drink it with a straw. Soda can stain your teeth. When they take off your braces, you might be able to see where you braces were. SO drink it with a straw. If your teeth do stain, then you can just use whitening strips, or whatever you prefer. Hope this helps!

well its best not to, because soda CAN stain your teeth!!!
and wen u finally take out your braces you will have marks on your teeth

NIkki Wikki
Yes. However, that should be the least of your concerns. Sticky and hard foods should be what you want to stay away from because they could mess up your braces.

yes. you can do anything you did when you didnt. i had braces for 4 years. i chewed gum, ate starbursts, and drank pop. yes i did brake my braces sometimes, but they fixed it like the next day. so i say dont like braces stop you.

Andrew C
yes it's fine just as long as you brush your teeth afterwards, you just can't eat sticky things that might detach the braces. So go ahead an drink some soda.

P.S. I have braces too they get better trust me

duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u just gotta brush stilll and floss....wow....

Yes you can. Unlike toher metals, the metal that makes up braces Barley rot, or get rusty. Just imagine why would doctors put something in your mouth that can rot?

So go ahead drink it up.

Just nothing hard though.

i have braces - i drink LOTS of soda but i try to keep it diet - less sugar. you are allowed to it doesnt do much but if anyone drink too much soda theyre teeth rot. :D x


But it's just the chewy candy like starburst and taffy that you shouldnt eat.

Comedy Queen
Umm , Yes but u can't drink always because the sugar can make your teeth really dirty with cavities

Erm.. Yep

Protege Chris
Yes.. there are certain foods (gummy things) to stay away from, it should all be explained to you by your dentist.

Yep, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.

Mr. Dental
no relation, but in general drinking soda to much may affect ur teeth with or without braces......
i advice to not brush ur teeth immediatly after drinking soda, just wash ur teeth with water, then after 1/2 hour u can brush

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